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Come here to get the newest, spoiler-free game reviews. These won’t come back as often, but I will tell you what game will be reviewed next. So check back here to see what’s coming up.

There won’t be a new review for a little while, but check back throughout the summer as I review and create my Top 25 Games of All-Time list.


The Next Game is…


Fallout 76


Call of Duty: Black Ops IV3

Difficulty: N/A Played On: PS4 (Original) It’s amazing to think that Call of Duty is no longer the only name people associate with great multiplayer shooters. Dice has made tidal… READ MORE→

Donut County4.png

Played On: PlayStation 4 (Original) Difficulty: N/A Coming from a “Game Jam,” an ideation session where developers come together to create a game in a short amount of time, Ben… READ MORE→

Fortnite (Battle Royale Only)5

Difficulty: N/A Played On: PS4 (Original) Undeniably one of the most popular shooters of all-time, Fortnite lives up to this high-standard and Epic has even created new standards of their… READ MORE→

Fallout Shelter5

Reviewed on PS4 Difficulty: N/A Bethesda’s mobile turned console hit Fallout Shelter is an incredibly fun entry for the acclaimed series and defies some of the “money-grabbing” mechanics of mobile… READ MORE→

Detroit: Become Human4.5

REVIEWED ON: PlayStation 4 (Original) Difficulty Played On: Experienced (Recommended) Quantic Dream has taken interactive storytelling to a new level with their new emotional take on androids becoming more human.… READ MORE →

Late Shift4

Suspenseful and personalized, Late Shift allows players to literally create their own thriller through the use of choose your own adventure mechanic and well-shot live-action cutscenes. It is well-designed and… READ MORE →

God of War4.5

While it might be a new outing for the Ghost of Sparta, old and new fans of Kratos will be happy to see him now taking on Odin and the… READ MORE 

Far Cry 53.5

Far Cry 5 has brought its players to rough and tough landscapes of Montana and have breathed new life into the long-running game series. It uses its self-righteous antagonists to… READ MORE →