Movie Reviews

Aladdin (2019)3

Here we are again with another outing of Disney’s plan to create live-action remakes of their animated classics, Aladdin. However, unlike most of Disney’s remakes, Aladdin has faced a litany… READ MORE→


You know, realizing that were almost halfway through the year, I’ve come to a single realization that’s made 2019 a solid year thus far, women have been killing it this… READ MORE→

A Dog’s Journey4

While touching on some welcomed adult themes for a PG film and some fun dialogue that comes from Josh Gad’s great voice work, A Dog’s Journey also offers a perfect… READ MORE→

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum4.5

When the question comes up about what the top names in action are, who’s generally the first name to pop into your head. Jason Statham? The Rock? Stallone?  Schwarzenegger? Tom… READ MORE→


Delving into the life of legendary author J.R.R. Tolkien and the inspirations that led him to write The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, Tolkien boasts a great performance from… READ MORE→

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile4

While the vicious and cruel acts of serial killer Ted Bundy have been adapted to film and TV countless times, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile presents a fresh take… READ MORE→

Long Shot4.5

If you were ever waiting for the acting powers of Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen to come together to have excellent comedic chemistry and pull off some solid political commentary,… READ MORE→


Although it has bright animation, a decent voice cast, and some upbeat music, UglyDolls is a suitably passable film for young moviegoers, but not much more than that. The film… READ MORE→

Okko’s Inn5

Beautifully animated and full of excellently patient storytelling, Okko’s Inn is a personal and heart-warming film that delves into dealing with grief at a young age. The film follows Okko… READ MORE→

Little Woods3.5

Writer/director Nia DaCosta crafts an interesting, character-driven narrative that beautifully captures the film’s North Dakota landscape and boasts two strong performances from Tessa Thompson and Lily James. The film follows… READ MORE→

Avengers: Endgame4.5

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has truly been a cinematic event like no other. For the past 11 years, Marvel has pulled together a series of 22 films that has brought… READ MORE→

Someone Great4.5

Netflix’s newest rom-com, Someone Great, breaks the conventional rom-com formula and provides a story full of fun performances, colorful style, and a genuine heart. The film follows Jenny (Gina Rodriguez)… READ MORE→

Disneynature’s Penguins4

Disneynature’s Penguins takes viewers to Antarctica to see a fun and care-free adventure of an Adelie penguin’s journey through fatherhood. The film, narrated by Ed Helms, follows a special and… READ MORE→


Even with some flat messaging and disjointed storytelling, Little brings together a trinity of great comedic women to create a fun, colorful, and endearing comedy that’s fun for everyone. The… READ MORE→


With dark comedic wit and incredibly fun characters, Stockholm not only boasters one of Ethan Hawke’s best performances, but an interesting look at, possibly, the origins of Stockholm syndrome. Based… READ MORE→

Missing Link4

Laika Studios, the creators of Coraline and Kubo and the Two Strings, brings another stop-motion adventure to the big screen with Missing Link and creates a suitably fun time for… READ MORE→


Director Neil Marshall and Stranger Things’ David Harbour have come together bring the lengendary, foul-mouthed paranormal hunter, Hellboy, back to the big screen for an R-rated reboot full of blood-filled… READ MORE →

Unicorn Store4.5

In her feature directorial debut, Brie Larson comes together with writer Samantha McIntyre to create an experience that invigorates child-like wonder in its viewers and relays some timeless messages that… READ MORE→

Pet Semetary4

Remaking cinema classic can be a tricky road to navigate as it has the dual task of impressing old fans by giving them clever homages and moments that harken back… READ MORE→

Made in Abyss: Journey’s Dawn2

Anime has always been a tricky medium for me to navigate through. In my personal experience, there is very little middle ground in animes that I enjoy, and I end… READ MORE→

The Highwaymen4

Showing a different side to the classic Bonnie and Clyde story, The Highwaymen is a solid crime-thriller that brings light to the men who took the iconic duo down and… READ MORE→

Mercy Black 1.5

Blumhouse dropped an April Fool’s surprise on Netflix in the form of a new horror flick, Mercy Black, but the surprise ends up being lackluster as the film’s clear inspirations… READ MORE→

The Beach Bum4

Taking on a role that he feels born to play, Matthew McConaughey teams up with writer/director Harmony Korine to create a positive-minded trip with a freshly fun character that only… READ MORE→


While I haven’t been on-board for Disney’s decision to remake some of their beloved animated classics, Dumbo was the one I had genuine expectations to be great. It’s been a… READ MORE→


Get Out was not only a huge cultural hit when it came out back in 2017 but put Jordan Peele on the map as new name to watch out for… READ MORE→

Wonder Park1

Nickelodeon’s new animated film, Wonder Park, has no substance and moves about as fast as rollercoaster and is about as flat as lazy river. The film follows June (Brianna Denski),… READ MORE→

The Mustang3.5

Touching on themes on masculinity and redemption, The Mustang highlights a standout performance from Matthias Schoenaerts as well as a deep connection between man and animal. The film follows a… READ MORE→

The Hummingbird Project4

With a dark wit and outstanding performances, The Hummingbird Project is a true battle of David and Goliath—in the world of financial trading. The film follows cousins Vincent (Jessie Eisenberg)… READ MORE→

Triple Frontier2

When Netflix dropped the trailer for Triple Frontier, an ensemble heist film that boasts an incredible male made by Oscar nominated writer J.C. Chandor, it looked to be a high-profile… READ MORE →

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind4.5

Bringing a moving story about persevering in desperate times, Chiwetel Ejiofor brings the incredible true story of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind to life with a writing and directorial… READ MORE→

Captain Marvel3

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been more than lacking great female representation and many, including myself, have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a strong leading heroine. That’s what made… READ MORE→


French director Gaspar Noe crafts an incredibly hypnotic psychological horror experience with his new film Climax that will both turn viewers stomachs and give them horror that’s tough to watch,… READ MORE→

Apollo 114.5

Apollo 11 gives the real life take on one of the most historic events in human history with a beautiful remaster of the original footage and an immersive looking into… READ MORE→


With a strong vision and direction from Academy Award winner Neil Jordan, his new film, Greta, ends up being an incredibly fun stalker flick even when it asks for a… READ MORE→

Velvet Buzzsaw2.5

As some who absolutely adores Nightcrawler and the dark visual style that feels bone-chillingly real thanks to an electric performance from Jake Gyllenhaal and the vision that comes from writer/director… READ MORE→

Fighting with My Family4

Sports dramas are always known for bringing great underdog stories and writer/director Stephan Merchant brings another excellent entry with his new film Fighting with My Family. The film follows the… READ MORE→

What Men Want1

Even with some modernizations and a fresh-faced cast, What Men Want is absolutely terrible and plays on every formulaic cliché while also being not funny. The film follows a high-strung… READ MORE→

Happy Death Day 2 U4

Blumhouse shook up the horror genre with countless hits that may be made on a shoe-string budget but has more than made up for it with intriguing concepts and a… READ MORE→

Alita: Battle Angel3.5

Producer/director James Cameron has been working on a live-action adaptation of the popular manga Alita: Battle Angel for over a decade and even handed the directing reigns over to Robert… READ MORE→

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas5

Telling a fresh coming of age-story, I Want to Eat Your Pancreas is a beautiful anime film that’s filled with heartbreak and an incredibly touching story about self-discovery. The film… READ MORE→

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World4.5

Other than Toy Story, it’s hard for me to think of another animated series that has delivered on bringing a consistently emotional story and impactful character relationships other than the… READ MORE→

Miss Bala1.5

Gina Rodriguez’s new action-packed leap feels much more like a stumble as Miss Bala never has anything for its audience to connect to and never leaves any sort of unique… READ MORE→

The Kid Who Would Be King1.5

Attempting to put a modern spin on a classic story, The Kid Who Would be King falls short of being anything invigorating and comes off more as boring and uninspiring.… READ MORE→

Dragon Ball Super: Broly4.5

The world-renowned anime, Dragon Ball, has probably one of the most loyal and fun fanbases of any form of entertainment and is a great show on its own. It’s full… READ MORE→

They Shall Not Grow Old5

Many who know legendary director Peter Jackson would likely associate him with creating some of the most amazingly epic adventures to a little place called Mordor or maybe even associate… READ MORE→

Glass SPOILER Review3.5

WARNING!! THIS REVIEW WILL GO INTO FULL SPOILERS FOR GLASS!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!   Director M. Night Shyamalan has definitely gone through quite a rough patch in creating innovative… READ MORE→

Studio Ponoc’s Modest Heroes5

It’s pretty rare when I get to see a series of short films in theaters and, honestly, it’s easy to just associate the form of filmmaking with Pixar. However, Studio… READ MORE→

A Dog’s Way Home3

Following a similar path to its predecessor, however, instead of tugging at viewer’s heart strings through the dying and reincarnation of one dog, A Dog’s Way Home captures the hearts… READ MORE→


Keanu Reeves’ new trip into sci-fi, Replicas, is undoubtedly terrible and probably one of the worst movies he has ever been in. However, it’s also so laughably bad that it’s… READ MORE→


As a fan of both movies and choose you own adventure games, I was extremely eager to play/watch the new Black Mirror “movie” Bandersnatch and see the two mediums collide.… READ MORE→

The Vanishing4.5

Bringing an intensely dark tone, The Vanishing is an excellently crafted suspense/thriller full of great performances and a sense of physically and mental brutality. Based on a true story, the… READ MORE→

Stan & Ollie5

Stan & Ollie respectfully shows why Laurel and Hardy were truly the best of their time and carry strong writing and performances from its leads to make the film a… READ MORE→


Destroyer puts Nicole Kidman in easily one of the most gripping and gritty performances of her career while also bringing a dark and surprising story of revenge. The film follows… READ MORE→


While it expertly tells the monstrous story of former Vice-President Dick Cheney and how he was able to make big changes in the White House that basically changed the world… READ MORE→

Bird Box2

Netflix’s new film, Bird Box, from Oscar winning writer/director Susanne Bier features a big cast and has big ambitions but falls completely flat in its Sci-fi Horror concepts that are… READ MORE→

The House that Jack Built4.5

Lars von Trier’s new film, The House that Jack Built, has gotten some early buzz that usually comes with a von Trier film of people both feeling sick and booing… READ MORE→


It’s no secret that DC comics has gotten off to a more than shaky start with both lackluster audience and critical appeal. Thankfully, James Wan’s Aquaman carries some fun heroic… READ MORE→

If Beale Street Could Talk5

There’s no one really making a deeper impact in the film industry more than Barry Jenkins. He captured the world’s attention with his breakout film Moonlight back in 2016, but… READ MORE→

The Mule3

Clint Eastwood is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors and director of all-time. He’s created characters and stories that captured the attention of tons of moviegoers and even with… READ MORE→


If you’ve been frustrated by the confusing plots, egregiously bad looking CGI, and films just filled with constant explosions that the Transformers series has brought thus far, Bumblebee is not… READ MORE→

Pokemon: The Power of Us3

It’s pretty undisputed that Pokémon has become one of the leading franchises that continues to tightly grasp the world’s attention time and time again. However, its last couple of animated… READ MORE→


Acclaimed anime director Mamoro Hosoda takes viewers on a magical and heartwarming adventure through a young boy’s family tree in his new film, Mirai. The film follows a young child… READ MORE→

The Possession of Hannah Grace.5

The only nightmare that could be associated with The Possession of Hannah Grace is having to sit through the entire movie as it basically rips off everything from other “exorcism”… READ MORE→

The Front Runner3

Telling the story of how Gary Hart (Hugh Jackman), the true front runner 1988 Presidential race until a scandal had been reported of Hart having an affair, The Front Runner… READ MORE→

The Favourite5

Director Yorgos Lanthimos has carefully crafted an amazingly hilarious film filled with tension, crude humor, and fantastic performances that you have to see as fast as humanly possible. The film… READ MORE→

Creed II4.5

The Rocky series is undoubtedly one of the most inspirational film series in the industry and it only continued once Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky left the ring and Michael B. Jordan’s… READ MORE→

Ralph Breaks the Internet1.5

Taking the lovable Wreck it Ralph from the simple arcade cabinet of Litwick’s Arcade and moving him to the every expanding Internet, Ralph Breaks the Internet is an incredibly flawed… READ MORE→

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald2

While the original Fantastic Beasts was smart, simple, and a solid separate outing in the J.K. Rowling Harry Potter universe, the series’ second outing, The Crimes of Grindelwald, is just… READ MORE→

The Girl in the Spider’s Web3

Taking on material in the Millennium series that isn’t by the original author, The Girl in the Spider’s Web is a solid new entry for the series that feels more… READ MORE→

The Grinch3.5

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas might not only be one of the author’s best stories, but also one of the best Christmas stories of all time. It truly… READ MORE→

The Other Side of the Wind4

Historic strides in the film industry have been made in 2018 and another big step has been taken with the release of The Other Side of the Wind. No, it’s… READ MORE→

Nobody’s Fool2

While not always finding the most success when it comes to critical reception, Tyler Perry has crafted some characters and stories that have made some impact amongst moviegoers. He has… READ MORE →

Bohemian Rhapsody2.5

The time has finally come to give my thoughts on Bohemian Rhapsody, a film not only about her majesty, Queen, but about the life of the band’s most hysterical queen,… READ MORE→

Hunter Killer1.5

Even with its talented cast, including Oscar winner Gary Oldman, Hunter Killer isn’t that great of watch even for having some standout moments. The film follows multiple perspectives as a… READ MORE→


Having a strong directorial debut means everything to an up and coming director as it can really set them on a path towards getting funding for more passion projects. Clearly… READ MORE→


With a title like “Mid90s,” many going-in would probably expect the film to be filled with ton of pop-culture references and rely heavily on being nostalgic. But acclaimed actor Jonah… READ MORE.


MFKZ effectively blends Japanese anime and Western animation themes and creates a dark, fun, and crazy superhero-like story that audiences will love. The film feels incredibly unique in the way… READ MORE→

First Man2.5

Writer/Director Damien Chazelle has seen some massive success in recent years with films like Whiplash and La La Land. Both films not only captured the attention of many moviegoers, but… READ MORE→

A Star is Born4

This year has seen plenty of well-regarded and fan-favorite actors take a step behind the camera and take on directing roles for passion projects. John Krasinski took on the horror… READ MORE→


Look, it’s easy to poke fun at Sony for the flawed attempts in creating great Spider-Man films since, well, it hasn’t been exactly the smoothest ride for them. Spider-Man 3… READ MORE→

The Old Man and the Gun5

Robert Redford has had probably one of the best careers in film as both an actor and a director. He has truly created iconic characters and has impact on film… READ MORE→

Night School1

Look, I know people won’t like this, but I am not a fan of Kevin Hart. His comedic approach of whining, acting like a child, and basically reminding us that… READ MORE →


Looking up into the animated sky, is it Disney? No, is it DreamWorks? No, it’s Warner Bros! Warner Bros. is going through its second animated outing of 2018, after releasing… READ MORE→

Fahrenheit 11/94.5

To say that there’s been tension in the political world in 2018 would be a drastic understatement. Stones are being chucked from both sides of the political spectrum and it’s… READ MORE→

Assassination Nation3.5

In my opinion, the best/worst critique a film can get is that it has a “style over substance” approach. It basically says the film has a unique setting or premise… READ MORE→

The House with a Clock in Its Walls4

Would anyone have ever guessed that if Steven Speilberg’s studio, Amblin Entertainment, was making a new fantasy sci-fi film aimed for kids that they would hire Eli Roth as director?… READ MORE→

White Boy Rick4.5

Telling the strange yet totally true story of Rick Wershe Jr., White Boy Rick succeeds in giving views an inside look into the life of the youngest FBI informant and… READ MORE→

A Simple Favor3

It’s refreshing at times to see a director take on a genre that they are generally not associated with. Often, they can bring new innovations to a genre and even… READ MORE→

The Predator3.5

Making a long awaited return to the big-screen, The Predator brings the iconic creature back in almost full-form and attempts to do something different than the previous films. This is… READ MORE→


Vengeance seems to be a popular theme in 2018. Film’s like Eli Roth’s Death Wish and The Equalizer 2 have garnered very mixed reactions and perhaps shown that “by the… READ MORE→

The Nun2

The Conjuring universe is probably one of the more respected film universes as many are constantly interested in spin-offs and sequels for some of the film’s characters. Films like Annabelle:… READ MORE→

The Night is Short, Walk on Girl4.5

Toho Co. and director Masaaki Yuasa have crafted an incredibly fresh and colorful anime adventure that carries the same kind of confidence and charisma as its main character does. Coming… READ MORE→


John Cho sheds some of his comedic skin to lead one of the best thrillers to grace the big screen in years. It’s modern concept and effective twists create a… READ MORE→

The Happytime Murders2.5

Puppets outshine people in every aspect of The Happytime Murders and while it achieves the vulgar comedic vibe it goes for, it basically copies every trope and story beat in… READ MORE→

Crazy Rich Asians4.5

Crazy Rich Asians blends cultural ties with an excellent comedic cast to create the rom-com everyone needs to see. The film, based off of the acclaimed novel, follows Rachel Chu… READ MORE→

A Prayer Before Dawn5

Gripping and intense, A Prayer Before Dawn expertly tells the story of Billy Moore through emotional moments, excellent camera work, and an incredible performance by Joe Cole. The films tells… READ MORE→


The legendary Spike Lee is back with new joint filled with fantastic characters and performances, a strong sense of style, and messages that feel perfectly balanced within the main protagonists.… READ MORE→

Slender Man1

Based on the iconic internet horror character, Slender Man captures none of the odd and creepy aspects that many fans love and trades in fun and goofy horror for a… READ MORE→

The Meg3

Top-notch action star Jason Statham joins a crew of talented actors to take on the biggest shark in history in a fun, funny, and full-on stupid adventure. The film follows… READ MORE→

The Spy Who Dumped Me2.png

Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon come together for The Spy Who Dumped Me, which starts strong but ultimately can’t figure out if it was to be taken a little seriously… READ MORE→

The Darkest Minds2.5

Based off the popular book series, The Darkest Minds definitely has a solid atmosphere and concept that could set up a film series, but lacks the storytelling and characters that… READ MORE→

Christopher Robin3.5

Disney’s Christopher Robin gives fans an interesting look into an older version of the beloved character and brings Pooh and friends into the real world. However, did Disney fully recapture… READ MORE→

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies1.5

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is far from anything original and its random humor and Meta moments don’t translate well to the big screen. The characters may be derived… READ MORE→

Mission Impossible: Fallout4.5

Even with the Mission Impossible franchise being on its sixth installment, Fallout still shows that the franchise is a long ways away from losing its luster. Not only does it… READ MORE→

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again3.5

Bringing its fun and upbeat songs back to the big screen, the Mamma Mia cast is back and gives audiences a great and worthwhile epilogue to the 2008 original. There’s… READ MORE→

Eighth Grade4.5

Musical comedian Bo Burnham’s writing and directorial debut is an awkward and exciting look into the life modern-day eighth grader transitioning to high school. Its relatively realistic setting and tone… READ MORE→


Even though Skyscraper feels like it diverts from traditional action movies, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s great. It has some eye-catching and memorable moments but ultimately falls flat due… READ MORE→


Bringing both a beautiful animation style and a unique look at young love, Fireworks is a really interesting film with time travel mechanics and fun characters that are worth remembering.… READ MORE→

Ant-Man and the Wasp2.5

Paul Rudd is back as the fan-favorite Ant-Man in this hilarious, yet honestly forgettable adventure with Evangeline Lily suiting up as the Wasp by his side. It definitely has plenty… READ MORE→

Uncle Drew2

The new basketball-star filled film, Uncle Drew, doesn’t bring much of a great or original story or characters. Thankfully, though, it does actually brings some laughs as well as a… READ MORE→

Sicario: Day of the Soldado2

While it may boast two great male leads, Sicario: Day of the Soldado can’t muster up a great plot and lacks the suspense or shock to make it a memorable… READ MORE→

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom1

In its attempts to play up in the clouds, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom falls right on its face with a ridiculous and unbelievably dumb plot. It’s jarring for both long-time… READ MORE→


In its attempts to have more style than substance, Director X’s Superfly becomes a bland film with flashy moments brought down by boring cartoonish characters, a lackluster plot, and laughable… READ MORE→

The Incredibles 24.5

The Incredibles are back in a truly valiant return and its long-awaited sequel is an amazingly super adventure that audiences have been waiting for. The Parr family is back and… READ MORE→

Ocean’s 84.5

Ocean’s 8 is a smart and slick heist movie that uses its top-billed female cast to create fun moments that are only made better with a pretty killer soundtrack and… READ MORE→


Hereditary is a new indie horror flick that brings an inventive atmosphere and uses excellent camera movement to create an eerie and claustrophobic setting to make its viewers never feel… READ MORE→

Action Point 2

While Jackass star Johnny Knoxville’s new film Action Point carries some of the charm and crazy stunts that audiences expect, it trades comedic moments for a lackluster plot. While talking… READ MORE →


While it has familiar sci-fi and action elements, Leigh Whannel’s Upgrade takes those elements and crafts something fresh with truly unique experiences. It’s silly, fun, and has both incredible camera… READ MORE→

Mary Shelley 3.5

For a story that mainstream audiences might not know, Mary Shelley gives them something intriguing and fresh while feeling socially relevant. It can definitely feel abstract at times, but doesn’t… READ MORE →

Solo: A Star Wars Story3

Han Solo’s first solo outing is an admirable attempt at bringing some genuine Star Wars to a fan favorite’s origin story. While its main star does his best to do… READ MORE→

Deadpool 24.5

Back with a boatload of references and Meta comedy, Deadpool 2 does not disappoint and is an incredibly hilarious ride. It touches on emotions that viewers didn’t think was possible… READ MORE →

Breaking In1.5

While it has a sound concept, Breaking In is a thriller with no thrills and has characters that are painfully annoying and dumb. It constantly tries to set up surprises… READ MORE →

Life of the Party1.5

Melissa McCarthy’s new college-based comedy, is devoid of laughs and really has no meaning behind it whatsoever. Life of the Party might be an okay venture for some moms, but… READ MORE →


Tully is a true mother’s tale and gives its viewers a little insight into the real emotions of early motherhood. It has moments that feel grounded and bring out real… READ MORE →

Bad Samaritan4

Bringing truly frightening moments and a cast of unique characters, Bad Samaritan is a true thriller that will have its viewers cowering with each twist and turn. The film utilizes… READ MORE →

Avengers: Infinity War4.5

Ten years of build-up has led to a film that not only celebrates the legion of films that came before, but uses its army of heroes to create moments that… READ MORE →

I Feel Pretty3

I Feel Pretty uses a pretty well-put together cast to tell a funny story with real topics and a strong message. Even if the message comes off too strong at times.… READ MORE →

Super Troopers 23.5

The Vermont State Troopers are back, mustache and all, bringing some funny lines and crazy Canadian adventures that will make old fans feel right at home and first-time viewers interested… READ MORE →


Both boring and painfully cheesy, Rampage is just another generic action movie in Dwayne Johnson’s repertoire and even fails at being a great monster movie. Rampage follows the story of primatologist… READ MORE →

Truth or Dare3

Blumhouse’s new entry blends comedy and horror once again and creates a film with an interesting premise but doesn’t have the characters or scares to make it a great horror movie.… READ MORE →


Blockers brings some raunchy and fun comedy to the big screen while having an unlikely yet talented cast be relatable and incredibly entertaining. Blockers follows the story of a group of… READ MORE →

A Quiet Place5

In John Krasinski’s second-directorial outing, he crafts a true horror masterpiece that is consistently suspenseful and uses sound to create impactful scares and dreadful creatures. After an unknown apocalyptic event occurs,… READ MORE →


Aaron Katz’ new neo-noir thriller, Gemini, is full of suspense, well-crafted and mysterious characters, and a visual style that is both alluring and pleasing to the eye. While managing her celebrity… READ MORE →

Ready Player One4.5

Chock-full of references from various forms of pop-culture, Ready Player One uses these references to take its viewers on a wild ride through fresh new world filled with fun characters,… READ MORE →

Isle of Dogs4

Award-winning director Wes Anderson’s new Claymation movie, Isle of Dogs, is a charming and fresh take on the budding relationships between dogs and people. The film follows the story of a… READ MORE →

Pacific Rim: Uprising2.5

Pacific Rim: Uprising doesn’t pull its punches when bringing heart-pounding robot vs giant monster fights, but when it focuses on its human-sized protagonists it misses the mark completely. Ten years after… READ MORE →

Tomb Raider3.5

Similar to her redesign in the extremely popular Tomb Raider video game series, Lara Croft has made her return as a strong, capable, and intelligent female action hero. However, not… READ MORE →

Love, Simon5

Ever since John Hughes made The Breakfast Club back in the 80’s, coming of age movies have always made its viewers remember that high school kind of sucks. But Greg… READ MORE →

A Wrinkle in Time2

Disney’s new live-action feature, A Wrinkle in Time, is visually imaginative but falls completely flat in every other aspect. A Wrinkle in Time follows Meg (Storm Reid), a quirky, young teen… READ MORE →

The Strangers: Prey at Night


While it may stray very far from the 2008 original, The Strangers: Prey at Night brings the masked strangers back and pays homage to classic 80s slasher movies. While on a… READ MORE →


Death Wish


Bringing a mix of his personalities from both Die Hard and Unbreakable, Bruce Willis makes Death Wish a fun and brutal ride that will definitely be talked about with today’s… READ MORE →



The sci-fi genre often transports us to worlds we couldn’t even imagine existing with societies and creatures that have accomplished things that are far beyond what we have achieved thus… READ MORE →

Game Night


Game Night is the comedy that audiences have been waiting for. It boasts a nostalgic and unique premise that blends a cast that works perfectly together and creates funny and… READ MORE →


Early Man3.5

While claymation may be prehistoric for some, Nick Park’s Early Man shows that it can still be a fun and refreshing experience for moviegoers. Set at the dawn of time, Early… READ MORE →

Black Panther


Marvel’s newest entry in their ever-expanding cinematic universe is a fresh take on a truly classic yet unknown superhero. It’s boasts a fantastic villain but a somewhat lifeless hero. Marvel’s Black… READ MORE →


The 15:17 to Paris.5

For a film that attempts to tell the incredible acts of three young Americans that stopped a terrorist attack on a train to Paris, The 15:17 to Paris is about… READ MORE →


For a film that takes place in the most haunted house in North America, it carries plenty of spirits and atmospheric interest, but lacks the scares to make the film… READ MORE →


The Western genre has seen a recent decline and strong changes since actors like John Wayne made it what it was back in the day. Lately, more modern entries have… READ MORE →

Den of Thieves4

Heist films have been flooding the movie screens in recent years and have been slowly gaining traction with movie audiences around the world. Many would sit in anticipation to see… READ MORE →