Super Troopers 2 Review

The Vermont State Troopers are back, mustache and all, bringing some funny lines and crazy Canadian adventures that will make old fans feel right at home and first-time viewers interested to see more.

After their last adventures, the Troopers (Steve Lemme, Kevin Heffernan, Jay Chandrasekhar) have new law-enforcement free lives but still dream of bringing justice. But when a border dispute finds that Canadian land is actually sitting on American soil, the Troopers must mount back up to help phase out a Canadian Mountie troop to build up a new Vermont State Trooper unit. Once they start though, they realize they might be unwelcomed and have to win over the small Canadian town that might have some underlying secrets in it.

Seeing the Broken Lizard crew back on the big screen will feel like a breath of fresh air. They have such great dynamic that leads to plenty of great one-liners and some really solid comedy bits. They are also just totally themselves throughout the film and definitely take their time to make fun of themselves a little bit.

Now while some jokes will cause a rumbling of laughter throughout the theater, other jokes have dead-punchlines and won’t really resonate with audiences. Some might even feel like they didn’t get some jokes if they didn’t see the original. But those moments are few and far between and Super Troopers 2’s biggest strength is that many who are new to the series won’t feel too out of the loop. It has a few references to the original and past events for longtime fans, but doesn’t alienate someone who seeing the Troopers for the first time.

The film’s plot, sadly, isn’t anything special and really doesn’t feel like it’s there at all. Many who watch it will feel it has more of scenes and skits than a linear story-line. It can make viewers forget that they are watching a movie at times and not really think about what is happening.

Seeing Super Troopers 2 on screen is actually pretty satisfying realizing that is funded through a Kickstarter. Fans really wanted a sequel to 2001 hit and got what they asked for. Even those who weren’t funding the film, can feel a little better knowing that they are supporting something that people really wanted to happen.

The Broken Lizard crew brings the Troopers back in hilarious fashion. Fans will feel like they got exactly what they been asking for and newcomers will want to see even more.


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