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Boy Erased

Based on the memoir by Garrard Conley, Joel Edgerton’s Boy Erased is another powerful milestone for the LGBTQ community as it touches on not only internal conflict, but the awful process known as conversion therapy that many are still subject to. The film follows the renamed Jared (Lucas Hedges) as he struggles to understand his…Read More→

50 Years of Zombies

Ah October, the month when horror is under the spotlight and everyone is searching for something scary to watch. This October however, is a little more special, marking the 50th anniversary of George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. So much more than just another movie anniversary, this film is a landmark…Read More→

Halloween (2018)

Bringing one of the most beloved and influential horror films back to the big screen is clearly no easy task, but Blumhouse Productions and director David Gordon Green make it look easy with their new addition to the Halloween franchise. Fans of the slasher genre have been waiting for a strong film that could possibly…Read More→


Bad Times at the El Royale Review

What’s better than a good old-fashioned mystery, right? The thrill of a story that has you constantly on the edge of your seat as you second guess everything, until the reveal of a deeper aspect of a character you thought was good all along changes your whole view. That sense of a smooth ride until…Read More→