Avengers: Endgame SPOILER-FREE Review: Everything fans would want and more

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has truly been a cinematic event like no other. For the past 11 years, Marvel has pulled together a series of 22 films that has brought new kinds of heroes to the big screen and created box-office giants that have pleased both critics and audience alike. However, things were set to change after the dust of Infinity War had settled and the fate of many of the MCU’s finest was left to be determined. That’s what made the anticipation and excitement for Avengers: Endgame uncontainable and made people have theories as to how the Infinity Saga would come to a close. With theories about how the film would use time travel to correct the events of Infinity War and who might bite the dust in the process, Endgame was set to be an absolute game-changer for what the MCU has to offer.

Now, after seeing it, I can say that Endgame is not only a game-changer but is the pure love letter that fans could’ve only wished for. Even after a couple days, it still blows my mind how the Russo brothers clearly took a detailed look at the MCU, thus far, and crafted a story that full of greatest hits and moments that are unforgettable. I was constantly blown away by the number of cameos and callbacks Endgame had and the way they are used to create emotional conclusion for certain characters. There’re even some great references to moments from different comic lines and some payoffs that fans wouldn’t expect to see.

Josh Brolin makes an incredibly strong return as Thanos. PHOTO: Heroic Hollywood

Endgame also brings the best of what it’s brought so far and has some of the best performances in the MCU. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans will leave you both laughing and crying at their truly amazing performances. Downey brings new emotional depth to Iron Man and fans will love the direction his story is taken while Evan’s performance is incredibly sincere, and Captain America literally gets the perfect ending that comes completely full-circle and services as an excellent passing of the torch. Honestly, these two put in award-worthy performances that will hopefully be more recognized as the year goes on and they really show why they are the heart and soul of the MCU.

Everyone else puts in strong performances as well and there’s some great moments that highlights certain character’s arcs. I was incredibly impressed with how much Mark Ruffalo brings his a-game to make me laugh and show care towards Hulk more than I had ever had before he took over for Edward Norton. Chris Hemsworth also creates a new kind of Thor that resembles both his deep-seeded drama and care-free humor and, even if I’m not fully a huge fan of it, Thor is going in an interesting direction that I think fans would be interested to see. Even Hawkeye is given more of a spotlight than ever before and I could already hear whimpering just his initial introduction.

What’s even more impressive is how well-balanced the film’s tone is and how it’s introduction to time travel, which isn’t a spoiler as its been discussed for months, is actually pretty well-done. I will admit that the time travel mechanic the film introduces, while seemingly air-tight in the moment, has become more problematic the more I think about it and there’s even a moment in the film’s finale that completely breaks the logic the film sets up. Even some of the plot points and plans the characters have don’t really make a whole lot sense the more I think about it. However, to the film’s credit, these moments still have a sense of heart and meaning behind them that it’s hard to fault the film for it and, in the moment, they’re not even things that got in the way of my enjoyment in the film.


The film is truly about heroic sacrifice and loss and everyone literally does whatever it takes to make things right. PHOTO: Den of Geek

Endgame truly has a striking tone that balances both lighthearted heroism and a gripping sense of failure and guilt that’s impressive to see.  The film feels like a true journey that’s almost like taking a final road trip with friends. There’re fun moments to remember, tough times to get through, and risks that are taken to create a unique experience. I will say that there’re some moments where there wasn’t enough risk taken and that the film makes easier choices instead of hard ones, especially with some of its female characters. However, even some of the issues I had were completely eclipsed once the film’s final act came and some of the MCU’s most tear-inducing moments came to light. Words like “epic” and “perfect” can’t even capture how imaginative and ambitious Endgame’s, well, endgame truly is and it’s worth seeing the film multiple times just on its own.

Though, it’s not truly the end for the MCU and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, fans will be more than pleased with Avengers: Endgame’s absolutely amazing journey. The film is an absolute swell of every emotion that fans can feel and has some immense payoffs that are both surprising and satisfying. If part of the journey is truly the ending, then Endgame is something you surely won’t want to miss.



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