Action Point Review

While Jackass star Johnny Knoxville’s new film Action Point carries some of the charm and crazy stunts that audiences expect, it trades comedic moments for a lackluster plot.

While talking to his grand-daughter, D.C. (Knoxville) reminisces about the struggles of owning a wild and lawless theme park with dangerous rides and zero regard for safety. But as a rival park comes to tear his park down, D.C. enlists the help of his stoner workers and his daughter Boogie (Eleanor Worthington-Cox) to help keep Action Park afloat. This kicks off a crazy amount of shenanigans and crazy stunts that audiences expect to see from the guys who made Jackass.

Action Point does have some of the Jackass charm and humor that mostly comes from the insane stunts they pull off, but lacks any of the real laughs to keep viewers and fans interested. There is definitely some charm between Knoxville and fellow Jackass alum Chris Pontius, but the two are the only ones that seem to be genuinely interested in being in the film at all. All of this makes Action Point feel lifeless at times and gives the film no real energy.

The film does, however, include some pretty cool stunts that add some funny moments. Just knowing that when Knoxville slams into the ground that it is real pain adds some weight into scenes that viewers don’t see very often in other films. Sadly, these kinds of moments aren’t seen much throughout the film and audiences are constantly dragged away to watch a plot that isn’t very interesting.


Knoxville attempts to give it his all in Action Point; risking life and limb for the most epic stunts PHOTO: Pajiba


There are constantly moments that are meant to attempt to feel light-hearted and impactful but never really feel genuine in the slightest. It drags the film down and there isn’t much time spent on them either as most of the scenes feel like ongoing montages. The film is always feeling like it can’t decide whether it just wants to have pranks and stunts or tell an honest story and audiences will feel constantly confused.

Honestly, a lot of the issues of Action Point are unfortunate since the film tackles a pretty interesting premise and has some relatively timely themes. The idea of talking about the story of Action Park (now known as Mountain Creek) and having thoughts about “simpler times” when there was less fear and worry is actually worth diving deeper into. If Action Point actually went all in on these ideas, it could’ve given audiences something to think about and kept their attention.

Action Point is a real disappointment for the average moviegoer and Jackass fans alike. Knoxville and Pontius attempt to bring some of their charm to a worthless plot and unmemorable stunts.


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