Tomb Raider Review

Similar to her redesign in the extremely popular Tomb Raider video game series, Lara Croft has made her return as a strong, capable, and intelligent female action hero. However, not everything the film tries to adapt from the game series works in the more grounded and realistic setting Lara explores.

Tomb Raider follows the story of Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) as she follows clues to a remote island where her father went missing seven years prior. However, when she gets there, she encounters a group of mercenaries led by Mathias Vogel (Walton Goggins) and is captured. She soon escapes but is forced to survive in the desolate jungle while trying to figure out what Vogel’s true intentions are.

Vikander brings her “A game” when playing Croft; touching on what makes her one of the most well-known video game characters as well as female action heroes. Croft is extremely athletic and is a quick thinker in tough situations. She adapts well to her surroundings and see no challenge too impossible. She’s a great role model for young female viewers and Vikander’s performance brings a more humanizing aspect to Croft rather than just a thinks with fists first action hero.

The film also succeeds in what most video game adaptations fail at; making the film feel like it stays true to game series. Many Tomb Raider fans will notice some Croft’s iconic weapons make their appearances throughout her journey and her puzzle-solving wit that gets her out of dire situations. The only thing that feels absent with this adaptation is Croft survival against elements of nature and the grittiest of the environment around her. She rarely suffers any broken bones and encounters very little wildlife on the island so her epic feats of survival begin to feel a little unrealistic and out of place.

Tomb Raider expertly adapts great action sequences that will keep audience on the edge of their seats and sweating with anticipation. It has great chase scenes and fun, stealthy moments that audiences will love and feel like they are directly from a video game. There are also more bone-chilling moments that add more suspense and mystery to the plot. It also keeps its plot in more grounded and realistic territory which fits more smoothly than the game’s more supernatural tone.

However, outside of Lara, the film’s other characters feel underdeveloped and their relationships are unmemorable. They feel forced and won’t resonate in any sort of unique way for audiences to care. The film’s dialogue can feel a little cheesy and like it was ripped from a generic action flick.

Tomb Raider is exactly the kind of video game adaptation that fans have been looking for. It features a fun plot, an excellent female lead, and moments that will make video game fans feel right at home.


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