Mission Impossible: Fallout

Even with the Mission Impossible franchise being on its sixth installment, Fallout still shows that the franchise is a long ways away from losing its luster. Not only does it show Tom Cruise’s constant dedication to the franchise, but it keeps the action packed moments that fans expect and want to see.

After deciding not to kill terrorist Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) in the previous installment, IMF agent Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is tasked with retrieving plutonium with his two teammates Luther (Ving Rhames) and Benji (Simon Pegg) to keep it out of an underground terrorist organization’s hands. When things don’t go according to plan, though, Hunt and his crew are seen as slightly distrustful by their superior (Alec Baldwin) and are forced to work with an arrogant CIA agent named Walker (Henry Cavill). So now with the world in jeopardy, Hunt must find a way to work with Walker and get the plutonium back before both past and present threats take him out for good.

Cruise and the rest of the returning cast bring plenty of charm and great chemistry. Pegg and Rhames bring some much needed comic relief, but don’t play too much into it and still feel the tenseness of the situation they’re in. Since being there from the start, Cruise has consistently shown why he is perfect leading man for the franchise and that doesn’t stop with Fallout. Just the fact that at 56 years old Cruise is still doing all his own stunts shows how dedicated he is to the authenticity that Mission Impossible brings.

Even Cavill, as a new addition, brings his own strengths to the film and riffs off of Cruise perfectly. The two showcase their character’s rivalry and issues with one another. Cavill and Cruise also deliver lines that feel more charismatic than cheesy and create some worthwhile action scenes.

Cavill (Left), Cruise (Center), and Ferguson (Right) all come together to bring some epic fight scenes with punches that audiences will feel from their seat. PHOTO: NDTV Gadgets

Fallout even sees some of its female leads pack a punch and show some tough ferocity not see much in other action films. Both Rebecca Ferguson and Vanessa Kirby showcase their character’s confident and tough personalities flawlessly making them both very memorable.

The film greatest strength, to the surprise of no one, is the incredible action sequences that constantly keep’s its audience’s hearts pumping. As said before, with Cruise doing his own stunts, audiences can feel how authentic the stunts and reactions feel throughout the film. With great camera work and an incredible score put behind each adrenaline pumping moment, Fallout is truly textbook in what makes a great action film.

Cruise even did a real-life HALO jump for the film showing how dedicated he is in doing his own stunts. PHOTO: Irmonline

After having so many entries in a franchise, it’s rare to see a franchise not attempt to go in a different direction in order to try and divert fans expectations. Often times, this method upsets fans and deters them from wanting to see any future films. Thankfully, Fallout doesn’t do that in the slightest bit and hits the perfect and, albeit, slightly too familiar story beats that fans want to see. Fallout gives fans the film that they want and watching on the big screen feels extremely refreshing.

Fallout undoubtedly show that the Mission Impossible franchise hasn’t lost any steam and continues to bring action-packed moments to the big screen. With Cruise still bringing his do-it-himself attitude and the rest of his crew following suit, Fallout is a film that feels both authentic and truly for the fans.


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