Dragon Ball Super: Broly Review: Everything great about Dragon Ball wrapped into a film that’s perfect for anyone to enjoy

The world-renowned anime, Dragon Ball, has probably one of the most loyal and fun fanbases of any form of entertainment and is a great show on its own. It’s full of great characters with solid motivations and fun personalities, animation that is both unique and iconic, and action sequences that are undoubtedly the most absurdly epic amongst any other form of entertainment. All of this is what made me curious about the new film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly. After seeing it, I can say with full confidence that Broly delivers exactly what Dragon Ball fans wants to see and more as well as something for casual moviegoers.

The film begins with not only an origin story for Broly, but also shows his connection to Vegeta and Goku by given a bit of background for them as well. This story choice is something that I find to be one of the film’s strongest attributes as it benefits both long-time fans and newcomers. It’s the perfect length and goes into just enough detail for fans to feel like they are getting a little more depth and nostalgia without it feeling like too much of a boring re-tread and gives newcomers a chance to understand these characters.

The film has some endearing moments that give viewers a little more clarity on Goku, Vegeta, and Broly, but also their families and their origins as well, like Goku’s parents (as shown above). PHOTO: ComicBook.com

Broly’s story of revenge and his resurgence actually feels very reminiscent to other stories of outcasts who have been secretly shunned by their people returning to exact their revenge, similar to films like Black Panther and Creed II. It’s actually an interesting motivation, though, and there’s actually a moment where he breaks from his cold interior that’s shaped by his father and shows his more emotional side. It’s a great way to develop his character and show that he’s something more than just a powerful fighter.

Now, I’m not super caught up with the Dragon Ball Super continuity so I can’t really speak to how the film fits into canon, however, there are some nice nods to other iterations of characters and past storylines that fans will recognize. There’re even some slightly self-aware jokes that are made by the nefarious Frieza about his other forms and some callbacks to other important moments from the series.

Broly truly shows that he is a worthy foe for Goku and Vegeta and that he has a special kind of untapped power. PHOTO: Polygon

Honestly, what surprises me the most about the film was how genuinely charming and absolutely hilarious Goku and the rest of the crew was throughout the film. Goku really brings a sense of joy and fun to the film from the moment he graces the screen and him and Vegeta have great banter that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. The entire sequence of Vegeta feeling embarrassed about performing the fusion dance with Goku had me cracking up and really showcases how versatile the series is. The film also does an excellent job bringing Goku’s love of fighting and heroic personality to forefront of the film’s ending.

Now, let’s be real, anyone going to a Dragon Ball movie especially wants to see the insane fight sequences that break reality and make Superman’s fights look like a pillow fight and I can confidently say that Broly gives viewers what they desire. The entire third act is basically one continuous fight that doesn’t really get old. It’s incredibly colorful and seeing on the big screen made each punch feel even more powerful than usual. There’re also some moments that help drive the story, making it much more than just a punch-fest.

The film has an incredible color palette and every color feels perfectly distinct to a character. PHOTO: Tumblr

Frankly, the only flaw that stood out to me with Broly came from the film’s intrusive score. There are times where the score can feel a little too over-powering in scenes that it doesn’t need to be. Sometimes the score will become extremely prevalent in scenes that are more of small discussions rather than big fight scenes and it became a little distracting at times.

Either way, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is a film that’s perfect for anyone and captures what makes this series so great. It has plenty of charm, amazing visuals, and story points that will satisfy loyal fans and make newcomers feel welcomed. It’s obviously a little early to say, but it’s well deserving to say that Broly is easily my favorite film of year thus far.



Watch the Trailer Here:



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