Early Man Review

While claymation may be prehistoric for some, Nick Park’s Early Man shows that it can still be a fun and refreshing experience for moviegoers.

Set at the dawn of time, Early Man follows the journey of Dug (Eddie Redmayne), a caveman of the Stone Age, who lives with his tribe in a safe valley until they are run out by Lord Nooth (Tom Hiddleston) into the dangerous badlands. Nooth is part of a tribe that is well into the Bronze Age, as they have discovered the mineral and created armor and weapons, and is very proud of his tribe’s creation of the game Football (or soccer as many Americans would call it). But Dug wants to get his valley back so he challenges Nooth’s tribe to a game of soccer to see who is truly superior: The Stone Age or the Bronze Age?

While Early definitely has moments that everyone will love, many of the references and jokes refer to soccer culture. So if viewers aren’t much aware of anything to do with soccer they might not get the jokes. However, for viewers that are soccer fanatics, they will find Early Man to be an enjoyable homage to the sport.

The performances are also humorous and light-hearted making the characters feel relatable and attention grabbing. With each line, audiences will want more from each character and understand their motivations a little more. Not to mention that audiences will love Hognob (Nick Park), Dug’s animal sidekick, as he steals the show.

Where Early Man falls a little flat is that the plot feels rushed and audiences probably won’t feel that it is super memorable compared to other animated features of the last couple of years. Some of the humor might also feel more centered towards kids so adult moviegoers might not find themselves laughing at the film.

Regardless, kids, as well as adults who are kids at heart, will love Early Man and be excited to see something on-screen that don’t get to see very often. It’s a film that presents fun and heartwarming moments through an animation style that enhances its characters’ personalities.


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