Night School Review: Hart and Haddish couldn’t even make this movie bearable

Look, I know people won’t like this, but I am not a fan of Kevin Hart. His comedic approach of whining, acting like a child, and basically reminding us that he is short, for laughs, is really lazy to me and it only makes him standout in a bad way. So seeing that Night School was on the horizon, I could only dread that I would have to go see it. Unfortunately, my nightmares became a quick reality as Night School is literally terrible and takes Tiffany Haddish down with it.

But, I guess she did do herself too many favors in this movie either as no one is really funny. There are a couple laughs, but honestly this movie is just overtly boring and just relies on Hart and Haddish basically playing themselves. Hart does his typical whining routine and even starts yelling at other characters to stop talking so he could get the spotlight while Haddish just yells at and is sarcastically sassy on-screen. Night School is almost an exact showing as to why these two just can’t themselves to slide by.

This man clearly has no shame and is only in this to have a joke that reminds us that he is short. PHOTO:

The rest of the cast is just full of typical tropes and stereotypes that become very old, very quick. There basically a ton of characters who are either fitting into some kind of high school stereotype or characters that making racial impressions or fitting into some stereotype of their own race. Either way, it becomes very annoying and many will find them groaning much more than laughing.

The premise of Hart’s character, Teddy, also falls flat after a while. It’s not really the kind of story that can last for a whole film and the film constantly extends itself to reach an appropriate run-time with really boring montages that gloss over anything interesting. Honestly, it’s probably just to give a reason for the lame, dream-like sequences they have to exist.

Night School is also just plain lazily made as the film and audio editing can be atrocious at times. It constantly has trouble with having audio and camera cuts staying together when moving between different characters. It reminded me a lot of editing from the 60s, but at least then they didn’t have computers to edit film so there really is no excuse for Night School.

There’s even a dumb dance sequence because I guess every mediocre comedy needs to have one. PHOTO: EW

Worst of all, this movie touches on certain issues, like ADHD and teaching children with special needs, but only for laughs. It has moments to talk about it, but it never fleshes any of it out and just goes back to telling jokes like these issues don’t matter. Honestly, not every movie that comes out needs to attach itself to some kind of social theme, for no reason, to get audiences to care what going on. As long as it has interesting characters and a solid story, audiences will still care and Night School should have realized this.

If this movie doesn’t show that Kevin Hart needs to change things up, I don’t know what will. This whole routine that he brings to every movie he is in is seriously getting old and he needs to find better material to be a part of. Frankly, if there is even a small teachable moment that Night School can bring, it is that some people on this production might need to head back to film school.


Check out the trailer here:

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