I Feel Pretty Review

I Feel Pretty uses a pretty well-put together cast to tell a funny story with real topics and a strong message. Even if the message comes off too strong at times.

After hitting her head, the usually hesitant Renee (Amy Schumer) becomes incredibly confident and sees herself as absolutely gorgeous for the first time in her life. With this new found confidence, she begins to work her way up at a top make-up corporation, run by Avery Le Claire (Michelle Williams), and finds a new guy (Rory Scovel). But as she gains more confidence, she begins to lose what she used to be and now must question where this new found “look” is worth what she could lose.

Schumer pulls out a true stand-out performance in I Feel Pretty and shows her talents at being a leading lady. She manages to be both confident and vulnerable, making her character feel extremely relatable and enjoyable to watch. Schumer also has a great dynamic with her entire cast and riffs offs each of them in a unique way.
However, she does get upstaged from time to time and loses some steam from moments when she isn’t feeling center stage.

I Feel Pretty uses a traditionally used concept of having its protagonist become a new person to them and everyone else, like Shallow Hal and 17 Again. But instead of having a cheesy actor switch or computer-generated face, it relies heavily on Schumer’s ability to portray a more “over the top” reaction to feeling a new change. This actually makes I Feel Pretty unique and will have audiences take the film, as well as Schumer, a little more seriously.

The film also carries a strong message about women’s empowerment and inner beauty, but can come off quite strong at times. Instead of going for a subtle approach and letting audiences have moments to think about what scenes and moments mean to them, I Feel Pretty constantly tries to shove its message right in its viewers faces.

While the message might be good, the approach might make audiences not care for it or push it away to avoid feeling suffocated by it. It also might make the message mixed for some audiences and viewers could come away not really thinking much of what the film is trying to say.

Overall, I Feel Pretty delivers a strong message (sometimes too strong) and showcases Schumer’s likable personality without feeling too cheesy. It’s both entertaining and enjoyable.

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