Deadpool 2 Review

Back with a boatload of references and Meta comedy, Deadpool 2 does not disappoint and is an incredibly hilarious ride. It touches on emotions that viewers didn’t think was possible and improves on everything that was loved from the original.

Following an intense tragedy, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is now on a new mission to save a young mutant (Julian Dennison) from being hunted down by a mysterious mercenary from the future named Cable (Josh Brolin). But he can’t do it alone and must recruit a group of young heroes to not only stop Cable, but, as said by him, carry the franchise for 10+ years. With an intense arsenal of weapons, self-aware jokes, and sexual innuendos, the “merc with a mouth” is set to be in the most dangerous and comedic adventure of his immortal life.

There is an undeniable charm to Reynolds performance as Deadpool and those who weren’t sure how they felt about him will undoubtedly love him. He is excellent at showcasing the anti-heroes childlike humor and the mature feelings that many can relate to. He also has the ability to work with anyone and knows how to give good banter to every character in the film.

This goes for Brolin, especially, who has great chemistry with Reynolds and shows that he is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Although not as funny, Brolin shows Cable strength and motivation perfectly and many will want to see him return for more epic team-ups with Deadpool.

The real show stealer, though, has to go Zazie Beetz’ Domino as she truly defines the word “badass.” Her powers offer some great cinematic moments that put even the toughest foes in their place. She offers a truly charismatic personality and offers great banter with Reynolds. She shows that Domino belongs fighting alongside Deadpool and might even want her to go on her own adventures on the big screen.

The only real issues come from Dennison’s performance and a few sound mixing problems. Dennison’s character is often times unlikable and has jokes that really fall flat. This causes the film to stop dead in its tracks. There are also some sound mixing issues that causes lines to be missed or for viewers to stop and wonder what the characters were saying.

Deadpool 2 is just filled to the brim with references and cameos for a wide array of ages. There plenty for those who love classic films from the 80s and 90s as well as some more recent references that younger audiences will love. It keeps audiences laughing throughout and viewers will still finding themselves laughing about their favorite part hours after watching it. This goes especially for the post-credit scenes that give the best kinds of fan-service.

The sequel’s greatest strengths, however, come from the film’s ability to effectively use music and to be actually sad from time to time. It’s easy for a film to string a couple jokes together and be an okay comedy, but Deadpool 2 actually finds a way hit viewers’ hearts with the emotional impact that isn’t felt in many superhero movies. These moments will make viewers care about the “merc with a mouth” more than ever before. Not to mention, the film also uses a great selection of songs that capture the moment perfectly and set the tone for many of the wonderful action sequences throughout the film. It’s probably the first movie, in a generation of movies that use songs like this, to rival Guardians of the Galaxy.

Reynolds, Brolin, and especially Beetz make Deadpool 2 a film that will not disappoint. It is incredibly funny and carries cameos, songs, action scenes, and some of the crudest comedy that viewers will never forget. It is truly a worthy sequel.



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