Replicas Review: A film so bad that it’s amazing to see

Keanu Reeves’ new trip into sci-fi, Replicas, is undoubtedly terrible and probably one of the worst movies he has ever been in. However, it’s also so laughably bad that it’s almost amazing to see.

Right of the bat, you can see the wheels coming off as the film’s uninspired and down-right awful CGI is incredibly apparent. The second the robot that Reeves’ Will Foster is trying to transfer the memory of a dead solider into begins to move, the choppy movement and awful looks had me struggling to not burst out with laughter. Especially when it came back later in the film, the animation and movement is so noticeably terrible that I question how someone didn’t question why it looked so bad.

maxresdefault (1)
This robot provides some of the worst CGI I’ve seen in a long-time. PHOTO: YouTube

Once that is out of the way, viewers will only be left with some awful acting from Reeves, Thomas Middleditch, and basically the rest of the cast as well as some truly terrible story writing. Will Foster is undoubtedly a terrible person and the film makes no effort in giving us a reason to care about him.

Rather than having viewers see him as a caring father who is trying to bring his family back after a terrible accident, the film displays Foster as a crazed scientist who basically uses his family’s death to finish his experiments. Once they show him immediately using his family for his experiment rather than respectfully burying them, choosing who he is going to bring back by picking names out of a hat, and taking over their social media and texts so that people wouldn’t catch on that their gone, you will never want to see Foster succeed.

Reeves doesn’t make anything better either as his performance will cause way more laughter and it’s impossible to take him seriously. Every line feels incredibly over the top and comes off crazier than the last. Reeves’ crazed performance only made it tougher and tougher to side with Foster and only made him come off like a devious villain rather than a sympathetic hero that viewers can side with. Middleditch, who plays Reeves’ right-hand man, also adds to the pitifulness of Replicas with a performance that only highlight’s his characters ability to be just as unlikable as Foster and deliver jokes that fall completely flat. The only “okay” performance that comes out of Replicas is from Alice Eve as Foster’s wife as when she is revitalized as a clone of Foster’s dead wife, she does create disturbed feelings from her performance.

While clearly unintentional, Reeves provides a hilariously over the top performances that will have viewers laughing. PHOTO: Brief Take

However, nothing is as bad as Replicas story as it constantly changes and loses sight on what it is. Things seem pretty typical, for sci-fi, at first with Foster wanting to bring his family back to life through cloning and him struggling to keep everything together. Things change, though, a government conspiracy plot enters in the final act and the film basically goes off the rails from there. The sequences that follow are hilariously bad with government agents following the family through tracking devices that leads to a finale that’s laughably bad. It literally gets so ridiculous that the robot from the beginning of the film has more closure than any of the human characters.

Now, even though Replicas is truly a terrible film, I couldn’t help but somehow also love all of it at the same time. Everything about it is a mess, from the unlikable characters to the stunningly bad performances to the awful story, yet it was so amazing to see. Replicas being a film that’s so bad that its good is the only redemption that viewers will find in it and probably the only reason that anyone will watch it once it’s out of theaters.


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  1. This film is SO bad that is actually sets a new low bar for “the worst Keanu Reeves acting performance yet” .
    While watching it I couldn’t believe someone has actually released such a thing thinking it was any good. ANY good.
    Just terrible A to Z.


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