The Possession of Hannah Grace Review: A film so bad it’s no wonder why no one is talking about it

The only nightmare that could be associated with The Possession of Hannah Grace is having to sit through the entire movie as it basically rips off everything from other “exorcism” film we have already seen and tackles them in all the wrong ways.

The film follows as she starts a new job on the graveyard shift at a morgue after getting out of rehab for a drug problem after a bad incident with her as a police officer. However, when the body of a deceased girl, Hannah Grace (Kirby Johnson), things start to go bump in the night. Megan begins to notice people going missing and that Hannah’s body might not be so dead.

Hannah Grace, herself, is really only scary at first glance and pretty much becomes just a snarling and evil monster that we’ve seen plenty of times. PHOTO: Kill the Dead

Right from the beginning, there’s some laughably bad moments and underdeveloped characters that will leave zero impact on any moviegoers. Megan’s whole drug addict plot is so incredibly generic and even how other people react to it is totally weak. Most characters just keep asking if she is okay and even when her AA sponsor finds a bottle of Xanax, she lets her keep it. It’s something that feels incredibly dumb and so unrealistic that it’s almost insulting.

It’s a character trait that’s clearly meant to make Megan seem less generic, but it’s just impossible to feel anything for her with a trait that’s just too hard to develop in a film that’s under ninety minutes. The film thinks that Megan is complex and going through tough times, it’s just unfortunate that it tries to evoke these things in the most basic and uninteresting ways possible.

The other characters are also left to be just side characters that we can see die in mostly off-screen kills that are laughably bad. The film even knows how worthless these characters are that it attempts to have a moment that makes viewers care about them. However, these moments give no impact and people will only be rooting to see them go so that the film will be over quicker.

Mitchel, herself, constantly doesn’t seem like she wants to be on-screen and it’s definitely not because anything scary is happening. PHOTO: HelloGiggles

It can’t even get its horror elements right as all of the kills and scares are incredibly unimpressive and down-right unfair. Hannah Grace’s corpse pretty much becomes boring for the most part and feels like she is barely a part of the film. There’s a lack of tension built up and the jump scares are as basic as you could them. They are about as impressive as just blowing an air horn in someone’s ear and instead of coming off as surprising and unexpected, the film comes off as more easy and unfair.

The film also attempts to be scarier through environmental tricks that are just plain confusing. Generally, the silence and atmosphere of a morgue is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. However, these filmmakers threw all of that out the window and traded that for motion sensor lights that legitimacy don’t belong in a morgue. It clearly seems to be there just to make things seem scary, but ultimately just comes off as confusing and just a service for Mitchell to wave her hands in the air like a complete idiot.

As a whole, The Possession of Hannah Grace is exactly what you don’t want to see in a horror film. It’s not fun, scary, or enjoyable in the slightest and has no real sense on how to entertain its audience. It’s frankly not a surprise that Sony hasn’t been promoting this film as they probably already knew it was doomed from the start. I’d tell you to just not go see it, but you probably wouldn’t have heard of it for good reason anyway.


Watch the Trailer Here:

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