The Incredibles 2 Review

The Incredibles are back in a truly valiant return and its long-awaited sequel is an amazingly super adventure that audiences have been waiting for.

The Parr family is back and the film picks up right where their story left off after fighting and defeating Syndrome and returning to normalcy. Superheroes are still illegal, but a wealthy tycoon (Bob Odenkirk) plans to change that with Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) being the first to start saving the public once again. This leave Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) home with Dash (Huck Milner), Violet (Sarah Vowell), and Jack-Jack (Eli Fucile). But with Dash and Violet’s personal troubles and Jack-Jack beginning to get a crazy amount of new powers, Mr. Incredible has plenty on his plate.

The big question many have had since The Incredibles 2 was announced was if it was too late for a direct sequel. Thankfully, the sequel holds up quite well and improves on and updates many things from its predecessor. Putting Elastigirl at the forefront of the action brings some new kinds of action that feel fresh. Certain scenes utilize her powers in new ways and with the addition of the “Elasti-cycle” fans can expect of some great moments.

The same can be said for the rest of the Parr family and everyone’s powers see small additions and updates to make for some great scenes. While Elastigirl is saving the day and meeting some fun and new heroes, Mr. Incredible is hanging at home with the kids and getting into some hilarious hijinks. Audiences will love Mr. Incredible’s dynamic with the kids and get to see some genuinely loving and funny moments throughout the film.


There are plenty of new heroes and new surprises that Incredibles 2 has to offer. PHOTO:


As mentioned before, Elastigirl is out meeting new heroes in the film which is very different from the first film. The original solely focused on the lives of the Parr family and Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson), who also makes a valiant return, but The Incredibles 2 brings in a new set of heroes with incredible personalities and powers of their own. It makes the universe Pixar and director/writer Brad Bird feel a little more full and lets audiences see some exciting new powers on the big-screen.

The film also brings some new, socially relevant themes and ideas that feel modernized and never feel too overwhelming. Being a stay-at-home dad and women being the main provider are just a couple of the major themes Incredibles 2 has to offer. These themes never over-stuff the story or feel forced so audiences will honestly love seeing them paired with this super-powered family. It’s also a great way for kids and younger viewers to see these themes with characters they love.


Don’t make Jack-Jack angry. You wouldn’t like when he’s angry. PHOTO: 


Now, The Incredibles 2 does have one glaring problem that Pixar has been struggling with in all of their latest outing: its villain. The film attempts to have a surprise villain that just never feels like a surprise. Audiences will be able to spot who it is from a mile away and Pixar’s continuous attempts to create great villains has become too formulaic. It’s something that knocks the film down from being a perfect masterpiece to just a solidly great film.

Regardless of this issue, The Incredibles 2 bring the Parr family to new heights and adds some fresh new takes on the characters and super-powers viewers love. It was without a doubt worth the wait and definitely earns the accolade of being truly incredible.



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