Blockers Review

Blockers brings some raunchy and fun comedy to the big screen while having an unlikely yet talented cast be relatable and incredibly entertaining.

Blockers follows the story of a group of teenage girls (Kathryn Newton, Geraldine Viswanathan, Gideon Aldon) who are trying to make their prom night a little more special by all of them losing their virginity that night. The plan seems to start to go off without a hitch until their parents (Leslie Mann, John Cena, Ike Barinholtz) find out about their pact and decide to put a stop to it. This leads to hilarious hijinks and some self-discoveries about sex that will make this a night for everyone to remember.

At first glance, many might not think the cast can effectively work together to bring funny moments. But the cast really brings their “A-game” for Blockers and has some of the best dynamics that many have seen in the past. Cena is especially great and feels natural for the material and viewers will feel his dedication to the role. There is also a perfect balance between its adult and teenage characters so everyone gets into the comedic spotlight.

The film also has unique messages about sex and choice that are quite interesting. Unlike other film with similar ideas (American Pie or Sex Drive), Blockers has more “free will” ideas and has more conversations than debates between characters on the subject. There are moments, however, that the film becomes a tad preachy and might make viewers feel like the film is talking at them.

Blockers also does some great comedic gags that are varied and are always “upping the ante.” It has some great physical gags that are well executed, thanks to the great dynamic between Cena and Barinholtz, as well as some gross-out moments that will make fans of films like Jackass feel right at home. The film’s only comedic weakness is that jokes are constantly layered over one another and many jokes might be missed or feel shoehorned in.

Blockers is really an unexpected hit. It has some fresh ideas on a constantly brought up topic, a really fun cast, and is absolutely hilarious.


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