Life of the Party Review

Melissa McCarthy’s new college-based comedy, is devoid of laughs and really has no meaning behind it whatsoever. Life of the Party might be an okay venture for some moms, but for most they won’t see much that they enjoyed.

After getting harshly divorced by her overbearing husband, Deanna (Melissa McCarthy) decides to regain her life by going back to school to finish her degree. Oddly enough, she will attend the same school as her daughter (Molly Gordon) and must now adjust to a generation of college students. So with one year left to go, Deanna must make the most of her short college life and make it one to remember.

McCarthy is definitely a strong lead here and steals the show. Too bad that isn’t really a troubling feat as there are no real strong players in Life of the Party. A lot of younger cast is relegated to being dumb tropes whose jokes never really land a good punchline and an older cast who is rarely even felt in the movie.

McCarthy does work will with Maya Rudolph though and the two really create some great banter. This dynamic shows that the two take the material seriously and bring some solid bits that will surely spark laughter in the audience. It’s just unfortunate that these moments will likely be the only moments that audiences will find themselves laughing. Except maybe for movie-going moms, who might relate to some of the humor on-screen. The film also kind of alienates its younger audience, which is odd since the film takes place at a college and has a large cast of younger talent.

Life of the Party has no real meaning to it and people will see that there isn’t much story happening on-screen. Each scene feel more like an unfunny SNL skit rather than a scene that flows smoothly into the next. It really makes the film drag and makes moments that the film isn’t funny feel like an eternity. There is also really nothing to gain from Life of the Party as there is no moral or lesson that can be learned from watching it.

The film feels more like a cash-grab than anything, which is really disappointing since moms deserve something better to see on Mother’s Day weekend. It has lackluster cameos, cringe-worthy musical dance fights, and, yes, even a shameless musical performance. These kinds of moments will have audiences groaning and checking the time rather than paying attention to what’s on-screen.

Being both unfunny and meaningless, Life of the Party barely has any sort of pulse. Outside of McCarthy and Rudolph, the film doesn’t have much going for it and audiences won’t feel like they got much out of it other than money being taken from them.


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