Disney’s 2018 Summer: Is your nostalgia their perfect cash grab?

With the constant acquisitions of new properties, Disney has slowly moved out of just creating animated classics and has now ventured into more live-action adventures on the big screen. Marvel, Star Wars, and live-action adaptations have become huge heavy hitters for Disney. This especially true for this summer as Disney is releasing seven more big-budget films for the rest of 2018.

But does all of this sound too good to be true and should fans be worried about their favorite film being squandered by an “out of the blue” sequel or remake? Is Disney using its fan’s nostalgia for a quick cash-grab rather than to please fans? Nevertheless, Disney presses on and it is worth taking a cautious look at four films Disney has this summer coming to a theater near you and a gaming project that are possibly preying on fan nostalgia.

Han’s solo adventure leads to lukewarm response

Not including Harrison Ford, who many long-time see as the iconic bounty-hunter Han Solo, seemed to be a strong issue for many as the character’s origin film under-performed and underwhelmed many movie-goers this past weekend. Some even saw it as a decline for the franchise and are starting to feel fatigued by Star Wars in general.

Long-time Star Wars fan Mike Rooney shared similar feelings after seeing the film this past weekend. “I honestly hope Disney doesn’t make another Solo movie,” said Rooney, “It definitely affected my views for the future.”


Solo might have bummed fans out, but many are still hopeful for other origin films like Boba Fett, Darth Maul, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. PHOTO: MovieWeb


But Rooney, like many other fans, has hope for the franchise and believes that Disney can still redeem the franchise with future spin-offs and sequels.

“I’m excited to see what Disney puts out in the future, but the company needs to remember not to taint legendary material,” said Rooney, “I’d rather see them take old things and put a 2018-19 spin on it.”

The Incredibles are back but a little late

Back in 2004, Pixar created a unique superhero story that captured everyone’s attention and made fans want a sequel. But one never came, that is until now as Disney is releasing The Incredibles 2 in just a couple weeks.

However, is it too late for a sequel and do fans still care about the series the same? Long-time fan Haley Andrulewich does have some worries with the film’s plot not taking place 15 years later as well.

“I do feel they are very late as far as a sequel goes,” said Andrulewich, “I’m not sure they can fully satisfy me because how late they are with this movie.”


Some things just never change. PHOTO: kinopoisk.ru


Another fan, James Stokem, also gave his thoughts on why it might be too late for The Incredibles 2.

“Similar to Toy Story, I would have liked the sequel to include aging as a part of the plot or incorporated such as seeing Jack Jack, Dash, and Violet as teenagers or adults,” said Stokem.

Christopher Robin returns fans to 100 Acre Woods

Similar to the 1991 classic Hook, Christopher Robin brings Winnie the Pooh fans back to the Hundred Acre Wood to follow an older Christopher Robin, played by Ewan McGregor, as he rediscovers his childhood. Now when this was announced, it was met with extremely skeptical views as many weren’t sure that the source material could work as live-action.


Pooh and Friends are getting ready to return this summer. PHOTO: Entertainment Weekly


However, there are those that are quite optimistic from what has been shown thus far from the movie and childhood fan, Hayley van Hoek, even shared a sense of nostalgia when she described her feelings from watching recent trailers.

“The second I heard that little voice say, ‘What to do, indeed,’ and saw Pooh peeking over the bench at Christopher Robin, something in me felt lighter. I kind of had tears rolling down my cheeks,” said van Hoek.

“A few days later I watched the original movie and went through my photo album from when I first went to Disney in 2000 and had breakfast with Pooh. I was so excited to meet him and Piglet and Tigger that I drew them pictures to give to them. Pooh used to make me that happy”

Does Mary Poppins still have some magic left?

Now those who thought it was a long wait for a sequel to The Incredibles had their jaws hit the floor when it was announced that Emily Blunt would play Mary Poppins in a sequel that comes later this year and about 54 years later. However, unlike The Incredibles, this sequel does follow the iconic characters after they have grown up and carries it long wait into the plot.


download (2)
Will Emily Blunt be able bring Mary Poppins back in a satisfying and fresh way? Only fans can decide. PHOTO: geektyrant.com


This film is a part of Disney’s long line of live-action sequels and remakes that it plans to do throughout the next decade or so. But it’s been a long time since Poppins fly down from the sky with her trusty parasail and break out into fun musical numbers. There’s no doubt that those who enjoyed the original will flock to theaters to see her return, but it has yet to be seen if Poppins can entertain a whole new generation of moviegoers.

Yep, they’re on your gaming console too.

No, you can’t even avoid Disney on your gaming consoles either as Kingdom Hearts 3, the company’s extremely popular J-RPG series, is slated for a release this fall. The series is iconic for its Disney themed worlds, summons, characters, and plot with iconic franchises constantly making cameos throughout the city. It’s a Disney fans biggest dream and players are often brought together with their favorite characters


Kingdom Hearts 3 will feature new worlds based on iconic films like Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Tangled, Big Hero 6, and more. PHOTO Kingdom Hearts Insider


But has the series become popular just for the nostalgia? Hardcore fan, Paolo Trinidad, doesn’t fully think this, but when asked about the important of nostalgia to the series, he said, “I think it plays a factor.”

“Without the Disney characters, it would seem like a more action based Final Fantasy game,” said Trinidad.

It’s too soon to tell whether or not these films, along with other films like Wreck it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, will satisfy fans enough to make their favorites not feel like cash grabs.

But with Solo having a disappointing box-office weekend and meeting with mediocre feelings from fans, it seems like fans want a little more than just fan-service from their favorite franchises.

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