Swamp Thing: Long Walk Home Review

In this week’s episode of Swamp Thing, Long Walk Home, we get to see Avery’s (Will Patton) madness go deeper as he treks through the swamp, the Conclave’s grip grows tighter on Abby (Crystal Reed) and the rest of Marais, and Alec’s (Andy Bean/Derek Mears) caring of Avery could be his ultimate demise.

We first get to catch up with Avery after Lucille (Jennifer Beals) and Matt (Henderson Wade) left him for dead in the swamp. With his tumultuous past with the swamp, Avery experiences plenty of horrifying visions that, once again, showcase the strong horror vibes Swamp Thing has. From Avery being harassed by an imaginary Lucille that eventually sprout horrifying roots out of her face to seeing his dad being burned alive, Long Walk Home has some intensely scary sights. Things take an even tenser turn, though, when Swamp Thing saves him and the two begin to reconcile about their predicaments. It was only a matter of time before these two crossed paths with each other and boy did it not disappoint. With great performances from Mears and Patton, we get some very tense dialogue between the two and Avery offers up a solution that’s a little hard for Swamp Thing to ignore. Obviously, Avery’s offer to possibly cure Alec with help of Woodrue (Kevin Durand)  is more than likely not going to work, but it could set up for a finale with Woodrue finally taking on his villainous form of Floronic Man. It’s also worth noting that Swamp Thing doesn’t go down without a fight as we see him transform his hand into a spike and actually fight more than he has in the series thus far.

Things aren’t exactly looking so good for Harlan (middle) in Long Walk Home. PHOTO: ScienceFiction.com

We also see that Abby can’t even escape the power of the Conclave and that she probably would’ve gone back to Marais anyway. Even though she seemed sure that leaving Marais was the right choice at the end of the previous episode, Abby’s clearly having second thoughts. She’s still caring for Alec’s safety and worries that all of the evil corrupting the swamp could be fatal for him. There’re more conversations and comforting that comes from Harlan (Leonardo Nam), who we haven’t seen much in the season, but has some great chemistry with Reed to make this episode a little more light-hearted. It’s unsure if we see much more of him considering that he’s now captive to the Conclave, who’s power seems to stretch much farther than the Marais city limits. With Nathan Ellery (Michael Beach), surprising Abby and basically forcing her to return to Marais, the Conclave will likely play a big part in the next episode as we lead up to the finale.

Not much else really happens with Long Walk Home as many characters are pretty much sidelined for these two meaty sections of the episode. It’s a bit of a bummer that there’s no update on David Cassidy/Blue Devil’s (Ian Ziering) condition as I’ve really enjoyed that story thread and even Maria (Virginia Madsen) is left in the dark after now working with the Conclave. We do get more fallout between Lucille and Matt, but it’s just more of the same.

Honestly, Long Walk Home is pretty much just set-up for the events of the final two episodes, but still offers enough juicy moments to create excitement for the tail-end of the season/series. With Swamp Thing finally in Woodrue’s hands and Abby returning to Marais to keep him safe, there’s definitely a wild ride in store that’s going to take viewers to a hopefully worthwhile finale as well as the rise of a worthy foe.



Watch the Trailer Here:

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