The Terror: Infamy – Come and Get Me Review

On the penultimate episode of The Terror: Infamy, Come and Get Me, the series has a nice rebound with the Nakayamas coming together to stop Yuko (Kiki Suzekane) from fulfilling her plan as Luz (Cristina Rodlo) and Chester (Derek Mio) are about to have their baby.

While things seemingly looked better for the Japanese Americans as they were officially allowed to leave the internment camps and return home, they find that their home is no more. Personally, the cutting back and forth between Chester and those back at the camp was starting to get old because of how they weren’t really connecting, so it’s refreshing to seem them come together here. With no reason no to go see Chester when he calls for help and some unresolved feelings, Henry (Shingo Usami) and Asako (Naoko Mori) reunite with Chester and Luz to help keep Yuko away before their baby is born.

Chester (pictured above) and his family must reconcile their differences to keep their baby safe. PHOTO: Den of Geek

Throughout the episode, Henry and Chester aren’t really on speaking terms and are solely focused on keeping the baby away from Yuko’s grasp. However, there’s a nice heart to heart the two have that felt very satisfying to see. Obviously, the two deeply care for one another, but are just struggling with the truth that they really aren’t father and son. It’s a conflict that thankfully begins to get resolved here as they face Yuko as a real threat. The boards on the walls and the fact they have to use a special code, really shows how much of a formidable foe Yuko has become and how desperate the group is to keep the baby safe. It’s nice to see the show finally attempt to add some kind of limitation to Yuko’s supernatural ability with her only being able to speak in one dialect and the idea of her possessing anyone does create a great sense of paranoia throughout the episode.

Come and Get Me also does a great job building tension and leaving viewers in the dark for long enough to create some constant surprises. Everything after the baby being born constantly leaves viewers on edge and keeps you questioning how this will all end. The entire time when the baby isn’t showing any emotion, I found myself on pins and needles with what the outcome of the situation would be and I like that Yuko’s plans seem obvious at first but take even twists and turns to always keep viewers interested. I’ll say that the reveal of Asako taking Yuko away from Henry and basically taking the life she would’ve had is a little overdone to me because I feel like the show has just had too many twists that it’s barely surprising anymore, however the moment, itself, is great as it allows Asako to break from her quiet mold. Regardless, the final confrontation of this that leaves Yuko possessing Luz is a perfect way to lead into the finale.

The Terror: Infamy nicely rebounds with Come and Get Me right before it’s finale and sets it up perfectly. With mentions of the atomic bomb and Yuko utilizing Luz to create her perfect world, it looks like we’re in for a strong end to this great season.



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