Harley Quinn: You’re a Damn Good Cop Jim Gordon Review

On this week’s episode of Harley Quinn, You’re a Damn Good Cop Jim Gordon, Harley’s (voiced by Kaley Cuoco) still looking to be the next big name in Gotham’s crime circle, so she sets her eyes on robbing Gotham most well-known socialite – Bruce Wayne. However, her attempt to rob Wayne Tower of some its tech backfires and lands her right in the middle of a bit of feud between Commissioner Gordon (voiced by Christopher Meloni) and Batman (voiced by Diedrich Bader).

Ever since the premiere episode, I’ve been anxiously waiting for not only more of Bader’s no-nonsense Batman, but Meloni’s lonely and manic Jim Gordon – and finally both of these wishes came true. First, though, comes more of Harley hoping to get into the Legion of Doom to get back at Joker (voiced by Alan Tudyk) – which is starting to get a little old. The previous episode had Harley triumphantly changed story and seemingly took a huge step forward in getting over Joker – only for her to still be trying to get back at him and show him what she’s worth here. While I understand that Harley proving herself to everyone is her season arc, every time she falls about on this desire after making such a big accomplishment the previous episode it feels like a step backwards and makes the accomplishment not seem as large in scale. This isn’t to say that her accomplishments don’t carry any weight or meaning, but I wish the arc actually carried over better through each rather than feeling like were back to square one. Either way, her insatiable need to stick it to Joker and join the Legion of Doom does create hilarious situations that are just the best – so I’m not complaining too much.

Harley’s (left) crew goes on a heist that lands them between a dysfunctional friendship between Gordon and Batman (right). PHOTO: The Good Men Project

This time around Harley’s looking to up her crew’s game by robbing Gotham’s biggest playboy – Bruce Wayne. With Wayne Towers in their sights, the crew conjures up a hilarious plan that ultimately leads to some unexpected results. From King Shark (voiced by Ron Funches) viciously biting an I.T. guy’s head off in hilarious fashion to hack the security system to Clayface (also voiced by Tudyk) distracting the guard through another over the top performance, the first big heist with the crew is as chaotic and crazy as you’d expect. Even the ending visual of Dr. Psycho riding the invisible bike across the sky had me dying laughing and Ivy (voiced by Lake Bell) essentially having to be the mom of the group made it even better. However, things don’t go as planned when Harley see some heavily restricted tech that’s just too good to resist and ends up leaving someone, or part of someone, behind. This mistake diverges the episode into plots that involve friendship, family, and internet bloggers.

As Harley and Clayface make their escape, Clayface loses his arm attempting to pull off an Indiana Jones move by snatching his hat before a gate completely closes. While a normal person’s dismembered arm wouldn’t do much, Clayface’s arm (voiced by Tom Kenny) becomes its own living being and ends up in the arms of Gotham’s loneliest and most distraught Police Commissioner – Jim Gordon. When we initially see Gordon in this episode, we see that he and Batman aren’t on the best terms. Gordon’s abuse of the Bat Signal and yearn for a personal connection with Batman so he’s not as lonely makes their friendship a little rockier. Fed up with Gordon’s advances, Batman takes away his Bat Signal privileges away in the most parental way possible by folding up the bat in the signal and taking it away from him. With the Dark Knight giving him the cold shoulder, Gordon’s open to a new friendship – which he finds with an unlikely appendage.

Yes, him and Clayface’s arm develop a friendly relationship filled with an incredibly funny montage, Kenny’s incredible voice work that sounds like kid version of Spongebob, and a rescue attempt from Harley that’s even funnier. Meloni and Kenny are literally perfect, and you’ve never seen Gordon as funny as the two develop almost a father/son kind of relationship. Even better, though, is the plan that Harley and her crew develop to get Clayface’s arm back as it totally falls apart the second King Shark walks into Gotham PD. Honestly, everything with King Shark was the best of this episode with how everyone in Gotham PD screams “Shark!” and immediately sends him to Arkham. Down their prime and the barrel of Gordon’s gun, Harley uses the strange device she stole from Wayne Towers that inexplicably lands her in the Batcave. Having a heart to heart with Batman, that includes some hilarious screen-savers of Batman and Gordon at parties, while she hangs precariously over a seemingly bottomless, Harley convinces Batman to rekindle his friendship with Gordon and he does so by putting the bat symbol back on the Bat Signal. The Signal has always been a connecting piece to Batman and Gordon’s relationship, so it’s actually cool to series use it in this way.

Psycho (left) and Ivy (right) go on their own mission to prove that they’re not a thing. PHOTO: Geeks WorldWide

The crew leaving Clayface’s arm behind also creates a side plot for Psycho and Ivy as they track down a mysterious internet blogger that criticizes the group for leaving someone behind and claims that Psycho and Ivy are boning. Since only one of those things is true, the two track down this mysterious blogger only to find that it’s pretty close to home for Psycho. As a matter of fact, the two find that this blogger is actually Psycho’s son Herman (voiced by Mark Whitten) in the home of his angry ex-wife Giganta (voiced by Vanessa Marshall). From hearing about their uneventful sex life to the rough relationship that Psycho and his son have, there’s a lot of great hilarity that ensues that results in a nice heartwarming moment between Psycho and Herman. Not to mention, Herman’s retraction of what he says earlier leads to the group realizing that they still have to get King Shark out of Arkham and we see that he’s already made a dominating presence in the facility.

It’s episodes like this that remind me why I love this series so much. From the hilarity of Gordon developing a friendship with Clayface’s arm to Harley still wondering if Batman’s obsession with bat is a little more sexual than he lets on, the series nails it comedy so well and show the DC universe in a way that fans have never seen before. While easily being one of the funniest episodes of the series thus far, You’re a Damn Good Cop Jim Gordon is also one of Harley Quinn’s best.



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