Harley Quinn: The Line Review

On this week’s episode of Harley Quinn, The Line, the Queen of Fables (voiced by Wanda Sykes) is released from her tax code containment and joins up with Harley (voiced by Kaley Cuoco) to steal a strange weather machine as Poison Ivy (voiced by Lake Bell) keeps a new relationship under wraps.

Based on past previews I had seen; I knew that the Queen would eventually escape her imprisonment somehow and that moment has finally come as she’s set free by Zatanna by order of the court. Well, free isn’t exactly the best word as the second she’s freed she’s sent right to Arkham – but that’s not going to stop Harley. Forging a strong friendship and respect for the Queen, Harley doesn’t waste a second in busting her out and having her come onto the team to help them steal a strange weather device. The device has always seemed to evade the grasp of the Legion of Doom because of the high security it’s under, but with the help of the Queen, the crew’s odds of stealing just got better. With a book of versatile fable characters at her disposal, the Queen is unafraid of unleashing a fable of horrors – even if it might cross some moral lines.

The Queen of Fables (right) is freed from her tax code containment and ready to wreak havoc on Gotham. PHOTO: DC Universe

Yes, even bad guys have some morality in the crimes they commit – or at least Harley does. Even for the chaotic nature of Harley, she still doesn’t find the need to slaughter innocent people that aren’t in her way. The same can’t be said for the Queen, though, as she shows that her shades are much darker. From summoning Humpty Dumpty at the request of King Shark (voiced by Ron Funches) only to horrifyingly crack him in half for eggs, which was darkly hilarious and made priceless with King Shark’s reaction, to taking things too far by slaughtering an entire family reunion, Ivy’s right when she says when the Queen is a REALLY bad person – not just a “bad guy.” Syke’s give the Queen an edge that I really dug and seeing Harley explore her feelings like this was very interesting. Harley’s always been shown to just be a chaotic nutjob in past iterations, so it was really cool to see the show explore the methods to her madness and what her moral limitations are. Either way, the Queen is simply too much for the crew and Harley gives her the boot.

Pressing on without her, but with a mercenary version of one of Cinderella’s mice friends, the crew gets to stealing the strange weather device. However, they don’t expect to see the Queen waiting for them to steal the device for herself – but she’s not alone. After the Queen slaughtered an entire family reunion, Harley noticed that one survivor remained, but assumed that it was just a young girl that wouldn’t cause any harm – she was wrong. Rather, the person she let go free is a man hungry for revenge against the Queen and one of DC’s more obscure heroes – Praxis (voiced by Phil LaMarr). In case you’re unaware of who Praxis is, because I surely didn’t, he’s actually a little different than his usual form. Rather than being a telepath who stops serial killers, this iteration is more like a pissed off Static Shock ready to enact vengeance for his family. It’s always cool to see the show shed more light on the more obscure part of DC and Praxis’ overly heroic attitude was actually pretty funny – although it helps when you have a veteran voice actor like LaMarr behind the scenes.


Regardless, in Batman-like fashion, Harley finds a way for things to go her way by tricking Praxis into aiming his rage at the Queen but slipping a portable force-field watch onto her and taking him down with his own power. With no real reason to stay and fight, the Queen leaves but vows that this wouldn’t be last time we would see her. In darkly comedic fashion, she also follows her own rules of “ending the bloodline” by stabbing Praxis through the throat with her staff as he gives a triumphant hero speech. While it’s sad to see him go so suddenly, it’s done in such a quick, vicious, and perfectly anti-climactic fashion that’s it’s impossible not to laugh. Even more hilarious is how heisting the weather machine ends up being for nothing as King Shark and the crew are unable to hack into the machine before it self-destructs. Normally an ending like this would make things seem kind of pointless, but there’s something about it that feels right at home with the series and was a hilarious way for things to end.

Even more hilarious is the side-plot in this episode that follows Ivy as she gets involved in a romantic relationship with a high-flying, suave, and stylish criminal mastermind – *whispers softly* Kite Man (voiced by Matt Oberg). Ever since his debut in the second episode, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the strong return of this goofy D-lister villain and his return did not disappoint. Apparently, the two have been secretly dating in the background and Ivy is feeling a little insecure about it. She’s wrapped up in embarrassment and clothes in being seen with Kite Man and she’s pretty much only interested in being with him in the darkness of a movie theater. However, when they attempt to go to one of the top restaurants in Gotham, Kite Man not only gets hilariously cut off by The Riddler (voiced by Jim Rash), but also becomes aware that Ivy is embarrassed to be around him.

Kite Man makes a triumphant return and looks to be sticking around a little longer thanks to his relationship with Ivy. PHOTO: Twitter

I really love that the series is dedicating some arcs and time to its characters outside of Harley and especially for Ivy since she’s been there right from the very beginning. Her relationship with Kite Man is full of that sweet awkwardness that I really like and her bringing a nine so that he can make his apartment number 69 is the perfect kind of apology gift and was really funny. Ivy’s been such a strong character on the series thus far, in big part to the show’s great writing and Bell’s excellent performance, and I hope to see her story grow even more in the show’s future – as well as her relationship with Kite Man. Not to mention, the more Kite Man the better because he’s one of the most surprising and strongest comedic parts of the series.

Harley Quinn continues its strong momentum as it explores Harley’s morality and sheds some light on Ivy’s relationship with Kite Man – all in a perfect, darkly comedic fashion. With next weeks episode seemingly having Harley and her crew interact with members of the Legion of Doom, the possibilities are endless for who’s going to be popping up next.



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