Harley Quinn (Season 2): Trapped Review

*This Review Contains Spoilers for Episode 3 – Trapped*


On this week’s episode of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn, Trapped, Harley (voiced by Kaley Cucuo) and Ivy (voiced by Lake Bell) rely on the help of Catwoman (voiced by Sanaa Lathan) to get the edge on Mr. Freeze (voiced by Alfred Molina) while the rest of the crew deals with the devious mind of The Riddler (voiced by Jim Rash).

With Mr. Freeze being next on Harley’s vengeance list, her and her crew struggle to get through the thick ice walls that keep Freeze safe with their explosives. However, thanks to the help of two gossip guards, they get a tip about a small-time criminal in new New Gotham making a big-name for himself by stealing some of Gotham’s most wanted tech – Dr. Trap (voiced by Alan Tudyk).

Trap is easily one of DC’s lesser known villains and outside of him having some iconic items of other iconic villains, like Deathstroke and Egghead, he doesn’t make much of an impression here. Frankly, I’m a little tired of this series overusing Tudyk’s voice, even if it works, and Trap is such a minor obstacle you almost forget that he’s there. However, the way his voice lingers in the background that displays his almost sexual arousal towards his traps is really funny at times and he has a very cool and simple design. There is certainly enough of him here to make an impression and hope that he can maybe do something bigger in the future, but for now, he’s not all that important.

This week Harley (left) and Ivy (middle) enlist the help of fellow Gotham City Siren Catwoman (right). PHOTO: SuperHeroHype

What’s really important in this episode is that its really all about Ivy as she has an identity crisis after Harley enlists the help of Catwoman to steal Firefly’s flamethrower from Dr. Trap. With no Batman (voiced by Diedrich Bader) to keep her at bay or anyone else to hold her back, Catwoman is the cool, calm, and independent woman that Ivy once was and currently strives to be. Seeing Ivy not so secretly fawn over Catwoman and try to get her to like her is a very different look for the usually cynical and serious Ivy. Thus, we get to see an Ivy that’s not exactly comfortable with herself and it leads to some interesting conversations between her and Lathan’s dope depiction of Catwoman – as well as some tough talks with Harley and her boo Kite-Man (voiced by Matt Oberg).

While Harley is just focused on getting Firefly’s flamethrower and reluctantly helping Kite-Man get a ring to pop the question to Ivy again, Ivy is more focused on catching up with Catwoman after their last job ended badly for her. Harley can see through Catwoman’s self-interests and dominating personality because she has her goals in mind – kill the Injustice League and dominate new New Gotham. However, Ivy’s goals aren’t so clear anymore with her constantly helping out Harley, kicking it with Kite-Man, and not taking the time to avenge the environment. Through her conversations with a selfish and self-centered Catwoman, Ivy begins to doubt herself and everything around her and question whether she needs to get her priorities in check.

It’s an interesting arc that works in fleshing out someone other than Harley and is made even stronger when Ivy snaps at Harley and Kite-Man after Catwoman bails on them. While Ivy sees her escape as a good moment of her putting her interests first, Harley sees it for the coward and total bitch move that it really is and Ivy squabbles with them for holding her back. This conflict is admittedly short-lived, but still ends in a satisfying fashion with her coming to realize her strengths through a heart-to-heart with Harley. The scene of Harley and Ivy hashing things out over gruesomely killing ACE Chemical workers with toxic waste embodies all the elements of this series – heart, hilarity, and horror.

Harley (left) has to deal with a trap loving villain in order to get the edge on Mr. Freeze. PHOTO: Ready Steady Cut

We even get more of Kite-Man this episode, but I do question whether things are going to fast with the relationships he’s building. It’s kind of odd to me how everyone treats him like he has this big presence since he’s been absent for most of the series – especially this season thus far. While his mission of getting a ring to propose to Ivy again only leading to him being continuously hurt by traps and rejection is pretty funny, Harley’s belief that he isn’t good enough for Ivy is kind of weak. It’s a conflict that’s wrapped up pretty quick and feels like it comes out of nowhere. Regardless, if there’s anything to be said about Kite-Man and Ivy’s relationship in this episode, it’s that it’s thankfully still intact and hopefully with them possibly making things official we’ll be seeing Kite-Man becoming more of a regular.

There’s also another side-plot with Dr. Psycho (voiced by Tony Hale) struggling to keep the Riddler in his hamster wheel trap that’s actually much better than last week. The battle of wits between the two is great and feels authentic to the characters with Riddler simply acknowledging that he can just escape when he wants. Not to mention, the peanut gallery comments from everyone else, including Frank (voiced by J.B. Smoove) making a great return, add to the hilarity and madness that ensues between Psycho and Riddler’s rivalry.

Offering Ivy some very welcomed growth and calling in fellow Gotham Siren Catwoman, Harley Quinn take a quick and satisfying detour in taking down the Injustice League. Even though it presents some issues in how it’s trying to make its more occasionally appearing characters seem like they’ve been there the whole time, i.e. Kite-Man, it does set-up more opportunity for something more in the future that I’m all for seeing unfold.



Watch the Trailer Here:

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