Harley Quinn (Season 2): There’s No Place to Go But Down Review

*This Review Contains Full Spoilers for Episode 7 of Season 2*

On this week’s episode of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn, There’s No Place to Go But Down, Harley (voiced by Kaley Cucuo) and Ivy (voiced by Lake Bell) are stuck in Bane’s (voiced by James Adomian) Pit after a disastrous trial and Batgirl (voiced by Briana Cucuo) attempts to make Gordon (voiced by Christopher Meloni) a damn good cop again.

After being caught by Two-Face (voiced by Andrew Daly), these two are put through the ringer as they are charged with the murder of The Penguin in one of the most hilarious trials ever witnessed. Obviously, Two-Face assumes his role as the opposing attorney, but the judge and Harley and Ivy’s defense come completely out of left field and it’s perfect. Who else but Bane would take his place as an unbiased judge, which hilariously disappoints Two-Face, and even comes dressed for the part. Even better though is that Harley and Ivy are forced to rely on Man-Bat, who doesn’t speak a lick of English and is more properly dressed than ever before. It’s kangaroo court at its finest and the chaos that ensues at Man-Bat shrieks and Two-Face tips the odds in his favor. In the end, since Ivy won’t let Harley take the fall alone, they both get sentence to life in Bane’s Pit.

Harley and Ivy (pictured above) must escape Bane’s pit this week. PHOTO: The Illuminerdi

Just as Bane was born in a large, seemingly bottomless pit, he now traps all that oppose him in one, but instead looks to rehabilitate them by showing them the lighter side of themselves. Killer Croc (voiced by Matt Oberg) has now taken up painting and the stab-happy Victor Zsasz (voiced by Brad Morris) has found some zen and is much calmer than usual. It’s actually funny how Bane has turned this dark moment in his life into an opportunity to help other villains. He even refers to Arkham being for the criminally insane and his pit being for the capable. It’s an interesting environment for both Bane to control and for Harley and Ivy to escape from since there’s no plant life in sight. However, the opportunity for a talent show that comedian George Lopez is helicoptering in for, gives them ideas on how they could escape.

Harley comes up with a plan that utilizes her best talents – telling shitty jokes that piss people off and starting a riot. However, things become a little derailed when Bane throws her into solitary for not making her bed, which is really funny, everything falls on Ivy’s shoulders. Personally, when the talent show comes up, there’s a missed opportunity to see some of Batman’s iconic villains doing things like close-up magic and other middle school talents. However, Ivy delivers a routine that initially fails, but ultimately works because of how personal she gets about joking about her struggles and wins the crowd over and starts a pretty radical riot that makes Harley proud. Everything ends sort of how Bane’s story began as everyone begins to rise from the pit and Ivy even sees a vine to help her and Harley get out. There’s also a moment where Harley seems like she’s going to sacrifice herself when Bane grips on to keep them from leaving, but it results in what you’d expect – Ivy saves her at the last second and Bane falls into the fires below. Frankly, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Bane can once again find his way out of the pit in the near future, but we’re left on a little cliffhanger with Ivy and Harley romantically kissing, kicking off the budding romance that’s been subtly building in the back of everyone’s minds.

While Harley and Ivy are dealing with Bane, Batgirl and Gordon start to work on their crime-fighting relationship and confront the elephant in the room – which is Gordon’s drinking problem. After a run-in with the Ratcatcher (also voiced by Adomian), who is also Two-Face’s gun runner, Barbara looks to acknowledge and put an end to her dad’s drinking problem. Obviously, things don’t go well at first with him belligerently shoving her thoughts aside and throwing a pity party for himself as Two-Face still reign supreme in the GCPD building. However, the emergence of Two-Face ruining another Gordon family dinner actually creates a great transformation for Gordon and a strong reconnection for him and Barbara.

Barbara (right) must confront her father’s drinking issues and make him confident enough to return to a life of stopping crime. PHOTO: The Illuminerdi

After it seems like all is lost when Two-Face corners Gordon and is ready to gun him down, Batgirl swoops in to save his ass and ends up revealing her identity to Gordon after Two-Face leaves exclaiming that he thought he only needed two goons to get the job done. It’s a pretty solid reveal that makes Gordon change his ways and after fun montage of him and Barbara getting rid of all the alcohol and having a father-daughter moment, he’s ready to clean himself up and take back the GCPD. The entire sequence of Gordon gunning down all of the Two-Face’s goons is incredible and is a totally new look for the character that’s pretty damn amazing. I especially loved how it ended with him locking Two-Face up as it was a gratifying and satisfying moment that shows that Gordon is back and is once again a damn good cop.

The latest episode of Harley Quinn thankfully doesn’t represent its title as it shows that the only place this series is going is up with some hilarious moments in Bane’s prison and Gordon sobering up to prove he’s a damn good cop. It also presents some romantic tension with Ivy and Harley that’ll be interesting to see unfold in the next few episodes and see how Two-Face can reclaim his power in Gotham.



Watch the Trailer Here:

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