Harley Quinn (Season 2): Inner (Para) Demons Review

*This Review Contains Full Spoilers for Episode 8*


On this week’s episode of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn, Inner (Para) Demons, Gordon (voiced by Christopher Meloni) is looking to take out Harley (voiced by Kaley Cucuo) in order to be a part of the United States again as Harley attempts to cover up for her pent-up feelings about kissing Ivy (voiced by Lake Bell).

With the Injustice League seemingly gone, for now, a much more sober Gordon is looking put Gotham back on the map of the United States. The guitar solo montage of him getting himself ready to call the President (voiced by Andrew Daly) is great and once he gets ahold of him things get even more hilarious. From Gordon getting his wish of being called “Gordo” by the President to Gordon talking about being an expert about anal polyps, even though he’s sober Gordon is still comedic gold. Although he claims he’s done all the work, which was mostly done by Harley, in making Gotham a safer place again, The President tasks Gordon with eliminating all major supervillain threats – including Harley. So, rallying the troops, gearing up with arsenal of destruction, and hyping up the citizens of Gotham, Gordon is ready to take Harley down.

Harley (left) is looking to take her villainy to new height to cover up her hurt feelings about Ivy. PHOTO: MEAWW

However, not everyone is on board with Gordon’s plans and his daughter Barbara/Batgirl (voiced by Briana Cucuo) is looking to at least let Harley know that her father is coming for her because she sees her as a force for good. It’s actually really interesting to see Harley been seen as a force for good by Batgirl and even Clayface (voiced by Alan Tudyk) and King Shark (voiced by Ron Funches). Honestly, when they list out everything she’s done lately with taking out the Joker and The Injustice League, they’re kind of right. However, with Harley and Ivy still working out the awkward kinks of their kiss at the end of the last episode, she uses this opportunity to divert her feelings from feeling weird about Ivy to wanting to become a new evil force in Gotham.

It’s actually funny how Dr. Psycho (voiced by Tony Hale) is totally on-board for Harley finally going full on evil and he’s has a plan for how Harley can get her own army. First, Psycho takes them to a show where they see someone doing an escape artist act who I thought was an Iron Man reference/joke at first, but is actually just a DC superhero named Mister Miracle (also voiced by Daly) who just happens to look a lot like him. Regardless, the point of them being there is actually to take Miracle’s Mother Box – a legendary device that sends the wielder to be before DC’s darkest and most dominating villain, Darkseid (voiced by Michael Ironside). While Harley sneak off on her own to get the box, Psycho attempts to deliver a plan that ends up being hilariously pointless anyway, but offers a great sequence of animation and hilarity as Clayface attempts to deliver a possibly BAFTA winning performance of a drunk. Psycho slapping him in the face had me laughing like crazy. Like I said though, Harley’s more than capable of getting the Mother Box on her own and with one swing off her bat, Miracle is out and they’re off to talk to Darkseid.

Darkseid (left) makes his first appearance in the series and he’s truly the dominating force you’d expect him to be. PHOTO: Flipboard

Arriving to Darkseid’s war-torn planet of Apokolips, they meet the incredibly intimidating foe as he grossly crushes the skull of a traitor without remorse. Upon arriving and asking Darkseid to be able to control his ravenous and destructive army of Parademons, the group learns that Psycho has actually been here before but was unable to gain Darkseid’s respect because he wouldn’t face his current disciple – Granny Goodness (voiced by Jessica Walter). While her name might sound sweet, she’s far from and poses a strong physical threat that Harley is going to have to overcome in order to burn Gotham to the ground. The fight sequence is pretty rad and takes a hilarious turn when Psycho, driven by his desires to see Harley go full evil, and takes control of a passed out Harley in order to kill Granny Goodness. In the end, the group wins Darkseid’s respects, gains a powerful staff to lead the Parademons and look god-like in doing so, and is ready to bring hell to Gotham.

While all of this is going on, Ivy is taking more steps in her relationship with Kite-Man (voiced by Matt Oberg) by meeting his high-class, surprisingly super-powered parents. At first, Ivy hits it off with them by getting rid of people that took the both they wanted, but then quickly realizes how they don’t value Kite-Man because he doesn’t have any superpowers. They’re really only interested in their marriage because it boasts the probability of their child having superpowers and restoring their lineage. Ivy isn’t about this though and we get a very touching moment where Ivy tells off his parents and shows why she loves Kite-Man so much. It’s a great step forward in their relationship since Kite-Man has been more forward about his love for Ivy than she has and I like how the series is making up for lost time in their relationship and creating some good moments for them this season.

Harley (middle) takes a god-like form when she gains control of Darkseid’s Parademon army. PHOTO: SuperHeroHype

Eventually, Harley returns to wreak havoc and Gordon says he not backing down, so we get one of the most brutal sequences of the series since killer trees turn Gotham City Park into a bloodbath. The Parademons are absolutely ruthless in decapitating and turning the streets red and it’s gloriously gory to watch it unfold. Just as Gordon seems to be at the end of his rope, Ivy comes in to talk Harley down and we get one of sadder parts of her story thus far. Giving in to what Ivy says about whether or not this destruction and villainy is what she really wants and offering power to Gordon after snapping her staff controlling, Harley is about to tell Ivy how she feels – only for her to not go through with it when Ivy talks about how much she loves Kite-Man as he goes to take a picture of Parademon dry-humping a taco truck. Even though I’m all aboard the Kite-Man and Ivy romance train, it’s actually very sad how Harley is yet again unable to find happiness and is the first time that I cared if her and Ivy are going to be together. Not to mention, Psycho quits the team due to Harley lack of evil initiative, so everything is really in shambles right now.

This week’s episode of Harley Quinn sparks some big changes coming to this second half of the season. Harley’s still going through some personal growth as she wrestles with her feelings towards Ivy and one of DC biggest baddies makes an appearance to ignite some apokolyptic carnage.



Watch the Trailer Here:

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