Harley Quinn (Season 2): Lovers’ Quarrel

*This Review Contains Full Spoilers*


On this week’s episode of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn, Lovers’ Quarrel, Harley (voiced by Kaley Cuoco) takes action against Dr. Psycho (voiced by Tony Hale) after Ivy (voiced by Lake Bell) falls under his control.

After dealing with the return of Joker (voiced by Alan Tudyk) last week, Harley is faced with a new problem as Ivy is being controlled by Psycho and she’s looking to serve him Harley’s head on a silver platter. Before things take a deadly turn though, Kite-Man (voiced by Matt Oberg) swoops in to save Harley and the two head back to his “Kite-ness of Solitude” to figure things out. It is kind of fun to have these two work together as Kite-Man isn’t aware that Harley and Ivy have been secretly hooking up and Harley now sees him as a doofy rival for Ivy’s love. They do share one common goal in getting Ivy out of Psycho trance and they end up relying on an old friend to help them out – Sy (voiced by Jason Alexander).

Psycho (right) is looking to please Darkseid (left) by giving him Harley’s head. PHOTO: ReleaseHive

It’s quite a surprise to that Sy is still around after he made a heroic sacrifice just a few episodes ago, but it’s certainly not the kind of return you would expect. Remembering that he was immune to Psycho’s control because of something in his head, Harley sees that his robotic eye is still functional and comes with a convenient set of AV cables that they hook up into Kite-Man’s TV to see Sy appear. Apparently, he can now talk to them as sort of a fully functioning AI and help them construct a device that could make them immune to Psycho’s control as well. It’s definitely funny to see him like this and even funnier to see him eventually take control of a mixer to help Kite-Man put stuff together. Just thinking about see him like this in a possible future season leads to so many hilarious possibilities that I hope eventually come true. Either way, Harley doesn’t stick around much longer and ends up taking one of Kite-Man’s trusty kites, which she navigates pretty well with, to basically show what the rest of the episode is.

Frankly, most of this episode is a gigantic on-going fight sequence that basically sees the Justice League, or rather just Superman (voiced by James Wolk), Batman (voiced by Diedrich Bader), and Wonder Woman (voiced by Vanessa Marshall), fight Parademons and Harley’s crew controlled by Psycho. Overall, this whole sequence is about as great as you’d expect as it’s kind of crazy to watch DC’s finest literally tear Parademons limb from limb. The fight also takes some unexpected turns as Clayface (also voiced by Tudyk) takes a legitimately terrifying and towering form, which Harley hilarious criticizes him for since he’s only transformed into weak humans, and King Shark’s (voiced by Ron Funches) bloodlust gets him in a battle with Wonder Woman that leads to him getting some of his teeth knocked out. Ivy is really the most formidable foe though and after Harley’s pleas for Superman to not send Ivy into the Phantom Zone only leads to Ivy’s love pheromones causing some lust to invade the Justice League, Ivy brings her to Psycho for a final encounter.

Meanwhile, Psycho has been ego-stroking like never before and is planning on gaining Darkseid’s (voiced by Michael Ironside) trust by bringing him Harley’s head. Admittedly, Psycho’s desires to rule more than just Earth and prove himself to be a better supervillain than he’s usually given credit for is still kind of lackluster, but he’s much better here. The moment of him uncovering an “embarrassing” memory from King Shark is great, his banter with Riddler and Darkseid is pretty funny, and even Darkseid, one of DC’s most intimidating and serious villains, gets some funny lines that are improved by his dark delivery. Even the way that he’s ultimately defeated is pretty funny by losing focus as Harley attempts the same kind of fairy-tale concept of kissing breaking curses that Kite-Man tries and losing focused because of how aroused he is by the girl on girl action.

Controlled by Psycho, Harley’s crew takes on the Justice League in a fight for the ages. PHOTO: Medium

Where this episode makes a big blunder for me though, is in Harley’s big speech to Ivy about everything that’s happened building towards this moment. Personally, basically saying that everything that’s happened from breaking up with Joker to taking down the Injustice League was essentially meant to lead to this feels like a total cop out and is really unsatisfying. Frankly, the whole Ivy and Harley relationship thread has really lost its steam in the last few episodes because of how sudden it’s come up. It hasn’t been built up as well as it thinks it has and is kind of disappointing with how it’s really trying to get viewers to buy into their relationship. Frankly, I’m still team Kite-Man and Ivy because of how genuinely sweet their relationship is and has become this season rather than how sudden and sort of selfish Harley’s been. Regardless, we do get left on another great cliffhanger with Ivy and Harley’s relationship now being known to everyone thanks to Psycho and we even finally get confirmation that Bane (voiced by James Adomian) is still around.

The penultimate episode of season two sets up an interesting conclusion to the love triangle that’s been forming since the Injustice League was stopped and offers an incredible fight sequence that pretty much makes up most of the episode. While the Harley/Ivy relationship thread hasn’t given me the depth I’ve wanted to see, there’s still some hope that sparks will fly in the finale and give this second season a satisfying conclusion.



Watch the Trailer Here:

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