WandaVision: All-New Halloween Spectacular (Episode 6) Review

*This Review Contains Full Spoilers*

On this week’s episode of WandaVision, All-New Halloween Spooktacular, Halloween finally rolls around Westview to deliver some big surprises and shake-ups that have some major implications for everyone outside of the Hex.

The series now makes its way into the 90s with the entire look and feel of the episode capturing the cynical and slightly aggressive feel of Malcolm in the Middle. Right from the home video like opening and the style of the opening credit font, anyone who has seen this gem of a sitcom knows what they’re in for. There’s even a hilariously dark yogurt commercial with gross looking Claymation that feels so perfect for that era. It’s honestly the perfect show for WandaVision to pay homage to in the moment since things are a little tense in the Maximoff household.

It’s Halloween in Westview and we see our favorite characters dress as their comic book counterparts. PHOTO: Observer

Vision (Paul Bettany) is a little distant with Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) since confronting her about what she’s been doing with him and the people of Westview and since arriving, Pierto/Quicksilver (Evan Peters) has been bumming it on their couch as the family’s irresponsible and lazy uncle figure. Even Wanda seems a little on edge with how she talks to the kids about their horseplay and Vision about not being around for trick or treating. Tommy (Jett Klyne) and Billy (Julian Hilliard) are still just as adorable as ever, although there’s a little too much fourth wall breaking with them, and they go through big changes without growing any older.

They’re powers have finally come in with Tommy inheriting his uncle’s speed ability and Billy having  some magical abilities akin to his mother. With their mischievous uncle Quicksilver, they do get into some fun, short-lived shenanigans that make the night pretty hectic for the neighborhood watch. Speaking of the neighborhood watch, Vision lies about going on patrol with them and is actually searching for answers in the outskirts of Westview. What he finds is somewhat creepy as it seems like people who reach the outer areas of the Hex become a little lost from Wanda’s control. They’re either stuck in a loop or become entranced in a vacant state like how Vision finds Agnes (Kathryn Hahn). Agnes has been a big question mark to me this whole time. She’s seemed like she knows more or has a more prominent role than the other Westview residents, but it doesn’t seem like she’s anything special. Vision removes Wanda’s control on Agnes to show that she’s just another former Westview resident trapped under Wanda’s spell. It could all be an act, but it seems a tad unlikely. Once she’s out of her trance, Agnes begins to remind Vision that he’s an Avenger and that he’s supposed to be dead which sets him off to do the unthinkable.

While Vision is off making discoveries of his own, Wanda and Pietro do some catching up. There’s definitely something strange about having Quicksilver back and not in the form that many MCU fans remember him as. As Darcy (Kat Dennings) exclaimed last week, he’s been recast as a younger version of himself. It’s nice that Peter’s being recast as Quicksilver isn’t just easy fan service and actually plays an important role in his conversations with Wanda. The conversations they have about their lives and Wanda’s grief are really interesting. All of the events we’ve been seeing surrounding Wanda’s grief about losing Pietro and Vision is what’s made this series so perfectly character driven. We’re really getting deeper insights into her grief and it’s great how this series continues to explore her own personal struggles after everything she’s lost. She even sees flashes of Quicksilver being dead like Vision and we’re likely heading closer and closer to all of these emotions boiling over. It all leads to the most pivotal moment in the entire episode.

Vision (pictured above) take a walk to the outer edges of Westview to make big discoveries. PHOTO: IndieWire

Before we get to that though, there’s a lot that happens outside the Hex with Monica (Teyonah Parris), Woo (Randall Park), and Darcy as they’re kicked out of Hayward’s (Josh Stamberg) little club. There’s a great divide in thought that happens when Monica confronts Hayward about wanting to kill Wanda to end all of this. It’s almost like Hayward has turned in General Ross with how he talks about how dangerous superheroes are and calling Monica soft for her connection to Captain Marvel. Ever since the Snap and the Avengers initially losing to Thanos, a lot seems to have changed with the mentality of SWORD and Hayward’s got it out for the superheroes. He eventually kicks the three of them out of the base, which obviously doesn’t work since they come right back to get some information. However, nothing too big comes up since Wanda makes Westview a little bigger after attempts Vision walks out of the Hex. With the Hex basically tearing Vision apart after he walks out, Wanda decides to save him by expanding the Hex and swallowing up nearly everyone in range. Of the important characters we only really see Darcy get swallowed up and other SWORD agents get turned into clowns and other circus freaks fitting for the circus tent that pops up. It’s a big change and one that shows how powerful and possibly dangerous Wanda could get in order to keep this world of her alive.

WandaVision delivers a Malcolm in the Middle-styled Halloween special that sees our MCU leads dress as their comic book counterparts and dig deeper into Wanda’s grief and Vision’s curiosity before expanding on things in an unexpected way.


Watch the Trailer Here:

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