HBO’s 30 Coins: Season Finale Review

*This Review Contains Full Spoilers*

On the season finale of HBO’s 30 Coins, Sacrificio (Sacrifice), the final battle between our trio of protagonists and Angelo (Cosimo Fusco) and his coven of followers ensues in the goofiest and wildest episode yet.

The opening to this episode feels like a complete fever dream with all the craziness that occurs. It’s already crazy enough that Father Vergara (Eduard Fernandez) is pulling out guns and arming up Paco (Miguel Angel Silvestre) and Elena (Megan Montaner) to fight Angelo with bullets, but no one is in store for the wild antics this opening offers. The visual of Angel covered in white dust and strange symbols as he taunts Vergara while being shrouded in smoke is definitely fun as he’s like this specter that Vergara simply can’t defeat. What happens afterwards is visually cool and all, but incredibly dumb. Suddenly, there’s this gigantic, demonic monster that bursts out of the ground with a lot of burned souls attached to it and a goofy and ridiculous sequence of the three of them spraying bullets at it. As a whole, the creature doesn’t look bad and the sequence definitely gets you hyped for the rest of the episode, but it’s just plain ridiculous. It doesn’t even play a relevant part of the finale and just kicks off some of the ridiculousness that happens in this episode – specifically with the character logic.

Throughout the episode there’re character moments that just don’t add up or totally break the logic of the characters. Angelo is this all-powerful entity that can summon demons from hell and takeover an entire town with smoke, but he can’t realize or hear that the three of them went down a pretty obvious escape hatch in a building. The tourists that come immediately realize that something is wrong, but just run around town instead just getting back into the van and driving off. Don’t get me wrong, they wouldn’t be able to get out anyway because of black goo keeping everyone inside, but at least make a reasonable attempt to escape.

The fight against Angelo begins in one of the wildest openings in this series. PHOTO: Nightmarish Conjurings

Worst of all is Paco as his unfathomable stupidity causes so many issues. I don’t know if he’s just blinded by love or something, but after what happened with Merche (Macarena Gomez), it’s weird that he’s so hung up on her still. He’s obviously in love with Elena and his act to keep things civil with Merche and see the good in her is tough to believe considering he wanted nothing to do with her last week. His actions basically act as a plot device to get things to happen and it totally takes you out of certain moments. The writing in this episode certainly isn’t the best since it breaks a lot of logic and at times can be totally ridiculous, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to watch.

The entire sequence where Father Vergara performs a ritual that allows him to get a higher vantage point through the eyes of a white dove is pretty entertaining and kind of hilarious with Elena and Paco having to work a pully system to control the dove. There’s a lot of creepy horror visuals with the farm animals being skinned and left all over the village and Angelo being in a room full of skinned animal heads. Angelo’s presence and power are equally built up well with how the episode shows him basically having complete control of the entire village now. It all comes together for a strong final act from Vergara that signifies his redemption and the episode’s title.

The finale showcases future possibilities for another season. PHOTO: HITC

At one point, Angelo talks about a higher up priest coming to the town – which we know means that Santoro (Manolo Solo) is coming to bring all the coins together. Based on what Antonio (Javier Bodalo) says about him coming, it seems like it’s going to be the end of everything, and it almost appears like it is. The visual of Santoro’s cap having all thirty coins in it is definitely daunting and Angelo telling Vergara that he has been acting as Giacomo (Riccardo Frascari) perfectly shows how he’s been a part of his plan the entire time. The final nail in the coffin though is the dagger that goes through Vergara’s heart, but it doesn’t keep him down for long. In his final act of strength and as Santoro and Angelo think that they’ve won, Vergara ends up sacrificing himself by taking Santoro over the railing with him – killing them both. It’s a sad but satisfying end for one of the best characters of this series, although it could be easily reversed, and kicks off some hints at what another season could hold for us.

If Vergara stays dead, then it’s more than likely that Paco and Elena will lead the fight against Merche and her new cohort Lagrange (Francisco Reyes) – who has been the one creating these impenetrable old men to collect the coins. It’s hard to say if this is enough to warrant a second season though. Sure, Elena’s fate is left in the balance with Paco getting her to a hospital and Angelo going back into hiding within New York City, but it’s just not that compelling enough to garner excitement for more. Don’t get me wrong, if another season was to spring up, I’m definitely watching it, but it’s not a direction that’s all that appealing without Vergara.

30 Coins wraps up in a solid and incredibly strange fashion that works in delivering a satisfying end to Vergara’s efforts to stop Angelo’s world dominating plan even with some writing choices that go against the logic of some of its characters. At the very least, it’s a memorable ending to a fresh series that delivered unique horror goods.

Watch the Trailer Here:

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