WandaVision: Series Finale Review

*This Review Contains Full Spoilers*

On the series finale of WandaVision, The Series Finale, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Agatha (Kathryn Hahn) go toe to toe as Wanda discovers her greater power within and worlds begin to collide and unravel.

The time has finally arrived for these two powerful witches to finish things and I have to say, it’s a pretty amazing. Agatha continues to prove herself to be one of the best MCU villains with how she’s as much of a mental threat for Wanda as she is magical. Her plan to basically drain Wanda of her magic like she did to the witches that were going to burn her remains simple and adds a lot of good suspense to their fighting. Every magical blast that Wanda angrily throws as Agatha gets absorbed by her and Agatha uses Wanda’s grief and anger to continually bait her. Even when Wanda brings Agatha back to her witch trial to try and turn the tables on her, Agatha turns it right back. Hahn makes Agatha’s power-hungry and maniacal evil an absolute delight as she makes Wanda see the pain she’s caused to Westview’s residents.

Agatha (pictured above) continues to be a dominant force as she looks to take Wanda’s power. PHOTO: Hollywood Reporter

As Agatha and Wanda square off in the town square, Agatha releases everyone from Wanda’s control and they confront her about the spell she’s had them under. It’s an incredibly dark moment as they tell Wanda about how she’s kept them away from loved ones or even trapped them if they didn’t fit into her ideal world. You really feel bad for the Westview residents since their lives and control have been totally stripped from them and the series reminds us that Wanda isn’t exactly a force for good. Don’t get me wrong, she was obviously blinded by grief and didn’t want to see others get hurt, but it’s nice that the series doesn’t let her off the hook so easily.

While this is going on, the Vision (Paul Bettany) vs White Vision (also Bettany) match ensues and has some surprising moments. As we saw last week, Hayward (Josh Stamberg) has used Vision’s body to create a version of his own that’s meant to take out the pink Vision that Wanda has created. The two getting into it ends up being destructive, but incredibly fun to watch and the mental game it turns into leads to a surprising moment. The White Vision tells Vision that his purpose is to destroy “The Vision” – which Vision uses to stop them from fighting and make him realize the contradiction in that purpose. Vision basically uses the Ship of Theseus/axe handle argument, which questions if you replace the handle of an axe is it still that same axe, to make the White Vision stop fighting him.

From there, we get a really wild moment of Vision unlocking “data” in White Vision’s head that basically gives him all of the memories of the real Vision. With White Vision basically leaving after this, we’re left wondering if this means that Vision is sort of back. Admittedly, I’m left a little mixed about this given how perfect the rest of this episode is. This episode really has a great sense of permanency to it, especially with it being titled “The Series Finale,” and this idea that Vision is still out there and could return kind of taints the ideas and impact of this finale.

Vision (right) finds himself dealing with a doppelganger. PHOTO: Marvel

Regardless, the final moments are all around spectacular. We see Monica (Teyonah Parris) turn the tides on the fake Pietro (Evan Peters), who is actually a resident controlled by Agatha hilariously named Ralph Bohner, and pull off an unbelievably awesome moment as we see Hayward’s bullets fly through her in a really cool visual and do absolutely no damage. Tommy (Jett Klyne) and Billy (Julian Hilliard) get to use their powers in a really fun way as they stop all of Hayward’s soldiers. Darcy (Kat Dennings) and Jimmy (Randall Park) even get their moments with Darcy slamming into Hayward’s car to stop him from escaping and Jimmy slyly slipping out of his handcuffs to get the feds involved.

Wanda finally turning the tables on Agatha is what really kicks off this finale’s amazing end. Her taking Agatha’s remarks about knowledge to heart and creating runes of her own to stop Agatha’s abilities was a great turn. The entire sequence of Wanda stripping Agatha of her power is visually stunning and finally gives her a real Scarlet Witch outfit that looks amazing. The colors on it look great and it has a modern flair to it that makes it one of the coolest looking suits in the MCU. Even better is that WandaVision doesn’t just kill of its main villain as Wanda essentially imprisons Agatha as the nosy neighbor she’s been in Westview. It means that we could see Hahn return as Agatha in the future and feels like a more fitting end for Agatha here.

This leads into a finale that really feels like the perfect end for the sitcom family we’ve watched grow throughout this season. As they head home and tuck Tommy and Billy into bed, Wanda and Vision realize that they’re truly on borrowed time since the Hex is closing and will wipe away Vision and the boys when it closes. The final moment of Wanda thanking the boys for choosing her to be their mother is legitimately heartbreaking and you feel the tears flowing when she closes the door. Your heart mends though with how Wanda and Vision’s time together ends as it’s pure love on display. Wanda telling Vision that he’s an embodiment of the soul stone still inside of her and that they will say hi to one another again is undeniably real and a testament to the incredible performance that Olsen has brought since day one of this series. It’s romantically tender, genuinely loving, and remarkably profound compared to other moments in the MCU. It ends this character driven narrative on the perfect mark and sends Wanda forward as the Scarlet Witch in a deeply personal way. Sure, this whole White Vision thing makes Vision disappearing a little less impactful, but it doesn’t take away from how strong and emotional the end is.

Wanda (right) forges a new path for herself as her fantasy comes to an emotional end. PHOTO: Den of Geek

This isn’t the true end though as we get two post-credit scenes that hint at things we could see in both Captain Marvel 2 and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.  The first post-credit scene shows Monica being told by a woman that turns out to be a Skrull that there’s someone interested in meeting her. This is likely Fury since we last saw him up in a Skrull ship and this likely leads to her appearance in Captain Marvel 2. I do wonder though if Monica still has her powers since they were also tied to the Hex and it’s gone now. She probably does, but it’s certainly worth questioning. The last scene shows Wanda in a secluded cabin now that she’s once again kind of seen as a public enemy, but she’s not alone. While one Wanda is shown to be normal, there’s another, much darker looking, Wanda concocting a spell of sorts that lets us hear the voice of the boys calling out to her. Is this a Wanda from a parallel world? It could be and we’ll likely find out when she appears in the next Doctor Strange film.

WandaVision concludes its excellent character driven narrative in a thrilling and emotional fashion that solidifies it as one of the best MCU offerings to date. Olsen, Bettany, and Hahn deliver their strongest performances yet and the finale delivers a great mix of visually stunning fights and heartfelt conclusions that brings the series to a fitting close and reveals some awesome hints for what to expect for the MCU in the near future.

Watch the Trailer Here:

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