Syfy’s Chucky: Give Me Something Good to Eat (Episode 2) Review

*This Review Does Contains Spoilers*

Last week’s premiere of Syfy’s new Chucky series re-introduced us to the iconic killer doll as he meets a new kid and while it was more of a return to form in its slow approach, this week’s Halloween-set episode, “Give Me Something Good to Eat,” gives us more of Chucky’s best.

Although Jake (Zackary Arthur) isn’t the same kind of young child that Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif) is used to manipulating, it’s really interesting how Chucky changes his approach to getting Jake on his side. He brings up his gender-fluid child Glen/Glenda, who we haven’t seen since Seed of Chucky, to make himself seem more accepting to Jake who faces more teasing and homophobia for his crush on Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson). Really, this whole episode is Chucky trying to convince Jake to join forces with him and based on what happens with Jake, Chucky might get his wish.

Chucky (left) goes back to his manipulating ways to create some kid killers. PHOTO:

Even though we know that Jake had nothing to do with his dad’s death, everyone else isn’t so sure after the family maid Annie (Erica Wood) is murdered. To be honest, it’s a little forced that anyone would think Jake killed Alice just because he found her since the time of death would give him an alibi. Regardless, Jake’s still viewed as the Hackensack weirdo and gets some pretty rough rebuke from certain people. Bree (Lexa Doig) basically talks about abandoning him because he might be too crazy and Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) does one of the cruelest Halloween “pranks” I’ve ever seen. Her dressing up like Jacob’s deceased father and imitating him getting electrocuted is absolutely devastating and you really start to understand maybe why Chucky’s offer to kill Lexy sounds more and more enticing. Now, obviously Lexy’s act and Bree’s comments stem from the things that Chucky said during that talent show, but it’s brutal and makes Lexy pretty irredeemable.

Honestly, I wish the other characters outside of Jake and Chucky had a little more to them. Devon’s podcast being an introductory voiceover that describes Halloween in Hackensack is great, but he’s just a thinly developed love interest at this point and nothing more. Lexy and Junior’s (Teo Briones) parent troubles aren’t enough to make them likeable – especially Lexy after this episode. Everyone else just fades into the background and Bree’s secret will hopefully be around the corner. Also, when are we going to get to the other legacy characters coming back? Like I said last week, there’s a lot of canon this series is going to have to explain and with Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) only appearing at that garage sale and Alex Vincent as Andy calling on the phone, it feels like there’s this whole other part to the series still missing.

There’s still a lot this series has to answer, but the wait is still worth it since we get a lot more Chucky walking around doing stuff. He gets another really great kill by pushing Alice into the dishwater full of knives and it really feels like a classic Chucky kill. The first-person stalking perspective is nice and it’s a kill that looks like a believable accident so he can get away with it scot-free. It’s the only kill he gets in the episode, but it’s not from a lack of trying.

Jake (left) could be willing to join Chucky’s crusade after Lexy pulls a cruel trick on him. PHOTO: Syfy

He gets to pull out a horrifying old trick from his youth that we see in the opening and his swing and miss stabs at Lexy when her and Junior are making out on a bed certainly leave you on edge. Never has someone wearing a Hello Kitty mask been so mischievous. Chucky’s definitely going for some sweet kills but comes to no avail. He does, however, get closer to Lexy’s sister Caroline (Carina Battrick) and is definitely trying to butter her up for when Jake doesn’t work out for him. Also, Chucky plays video games in this sequence and gets a slap on the wrist from Caroline about swearing – which is hilarious. It does look like Chucky could be starting to convince Jake to join his killer side though and it would be crazy if he did. It would be such a subversion of how we usually see this dynamic go and that match shot of Chucky and Jake’s reflections in knives is awesome. I don’t think Jake’s collusion would go all the way, but it would be different to see him debate about it a bit.

Chucky brings its titular killer out for some tricks and bloody treats with a fun Halloween episode that starts to get the wheels turning in Jake’s head about Chucky’s offer to join him on his path of destruction.


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