Syfy’s Chucky: Twice the Grieving, Double the Loss (Episode 7) Review

*This Review Contains Full Spoilers*

Chucky’s (voiced by Brad Dourif) past actions start to break Hackensack’s only hope apart as his secretive plan starts to come together with the past and present colliding.

After both Bree (Lexa Doig) and Detective Evans (Rachelle Casseus) met a brutal end last week, our main Hackensack trio are left defeated and even considering throwing in the towel in stopping Chucky. Amongst more pointless flashbacks to a young Charles (Fiona Dourif) and Tiffany ‘s (Blaise Crocker) rollercoaster relationship and Lexy’s (Alyvia Alyn Lind) atrocious mother (Barbara Alyn Woods) being just the worst politician possible, there’s actually some heart-tugging moments with how Jake (Zackary Arthur) and Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson) are left broken from Chucky’s latest murder spree.

Throughout this season, they’ve watched countless parental figures, and one kid, get cut down by Chucky and its finally started to cut them deep. With his mom gone, Devon is now left an orphan and is heavily considering just leaving Hackensack for good and Jake is left equally devastated by his relationship with Devon and life in Hackensack coming to a close. The clunky dialogue keeps the more emotion character moments from being truly impactful, but Arthur and Arnarson’s performances once again shine with some stronger story writing to make their relationship dissolving sting. Devon’s final podcast directly aimed at supporting Jake is very touching and watching these two pack their things to leave, or in Jake’s case run away, certainly has an emotional punch.

Chucky (right) finally has a killer kid at his side that could play a big role in the series’ chaotic finale. PHOTO: Screen Rant

However, it was obvious that neither were really going to leave just as Chucky’s plan starts to get rolling and they’re going to have a lot to deal with as Chucky gains a predicted ally. Just as I, and likely many others thought, Chucky has gone from wanting to kill Junior (Teo Briones) to now taking him under his wing as he’s finally broken enough to start killing. It was only a matter of time before Junior’s life falling apart would drive him to work with Chucky and it’s interesting how Tiffany ends up playing a role in breaking Junior. It’s a little odd to see the Chucky doll and Tiffany be on the same page since they haven’t been in contact with each other that we’ve known of and Tiffany seems like she has her own plan after falling out with Charles. However, maybe Tiffany is really the one in command as she makes it seem like her and Logan (Devon Sawa) had some kind of affair and she’s got a big army hidden in the shadows.

Regardless, their plan to break Junior totally works and we finally get to see a kid really become Chucky’s apprentice. As expected, Logan was on borrowed time as his grief-stricken binge drinking pretty much made him an easy kill, but I definitely didn’t expect Junior to be the one with blood on his hands. It’s the first time we’ve seen Chucky actually get a non-adult human to really work with him and by the end of this episode you’re left wondering what Chucky or Tiffany’s big plan is really leading towards.

The end reveals that there’s an army of Chucky dolls out there ready to turn Hackensack into a bloodbath. PHOTO: 1428 Elm

With this Chucky doll knowing that Andy (Alex Vincent), who has another minimal showing and leaves Kyle (Christine Elise) behind, is hot on his tail, I guess he wants to use Junior as a bit of protection. Like if Andy comes storming in to kill Chucky, Junior will either be a bodyguard for Chucky and try to kill Andy or possibly put Andy in a tough spot in maybe having to kill Junior as well. It’s quite a dilemma since we see that Andy has arrived at Junior’s house, but it’s nothing compared to what Tiffany has up her sleeve. Devon eventually decides to head to Charles Lee Ray’s childhood home to cut off Chucky but ends up being caught by Nica (also Fiona Dourif) as Charles and we get a pretty grim image that spells doom for Hackensack.

As he’s tied up and looks around, Devon sees a small army of Chucky dolls that all turn their heads meaning that they’re likely all possessed. Franchise creator Don Mancini actually wanted to have a Chucky army for Child’s Play 3 but couldn’t because of budget limitations that are clearly not an issue here. I don’t know if Tiffany is planning to command an army of Chucky dolls to take over Hackensack, but I’m definitely interested to see this all play out in the wild finale that’s been set up. For most of the series, the return of legacy characters hasn’t been all that interesting, but these new revelations in Chucky and Tiffany’s plans certainly make their reappearance feel grander than ever.

Although the Chucky series has struggled to hit incredible highs, its latest episode plants the seeds for a very entertaining finale filled with moral dilemmas now that Chucky as a kid killer by his side and for an army of Chucky doll to be unleashed to take over Hackensack.


Watch the Trailer Here:

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