Five Surprises We Could See at the 2021 Game Awards

The Game Awards, hosted by industry icon Geoff Keighley, have become one of the most highly anticipated yearly events for the gaming community to the point where it’s nearly eclipsed E3 entirely. While the event highlights the year’s best achievements in video games and rising figures within the gaming community and industry, most keep their eyes on the event for the big announcements and reveals that come between all the awards.

Last year, we got some major reveals of Sephiroth joining Smash Bros., a Perfect Dark remake being in the works at The Initiative, and the release date of Hazelight’s It Takes Two, which is a Game of the Year nominee at this year’s show. Already there are plenty of rumors swirling throughout the internet about a possible Alan Wake sequel and a lot of Sonic news. So, before there are any more cryptic tweets from Keighley, it’s a good time to think about some of the biggest surprises we could see at this year’s Game Awards.

A New Game from Remedy (Alan Wake 2/Control Sequel)

Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind games like Quantum Break, Alan Wake, and Control, has been at the center of a bunch of rumors as to what their next game could be. After Control’s success, Remedy and 505 Games are reportedly continuing their partnership to develop more titles within Control’s universe. Given Control’s strong presence at the 2019 Game Awards, including a Game of the Year nomination, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the next game from Remedy and 505 make an appearance, but there’s actually a better chance that a different Remedy game gets shown.

Although it’s been over a decade since Remedy released Alan Wake, the story-driven thriller co-written by the prolific Sam Lake that made the studio a notable name, there’s good reason to believe that a sequel is about to be revealed. Rumors about Remedy partnering with Epic Games to get an Alan Wake sequel off the ground have been persisting throughout the year and it wouldn’t be that surprising considering the game’s recent resurgence. Not only was the titular character a big part of Control’s final DLC, but there was also a well-received remaster that came out just a few months ago showing that this property still means something to Remedy. Whether it’s Alan Wake 2, some type of Control sequel/spin-off, or a new game entirely, Remedy could have a big presence at this year’s Game Awards.

Sonic Frontiers Officially Revealed…Maybe with a Release Date

After being teased back in May, the latest 3-D Sonic the Hedgehog game from Sonic Team looks like it’s about to dash into the Game Awards with an official reveal. We really haven’t seen or heard much about the upcoming Sonic game aside from some rumors about the game possibly being titled “Sonic Frontiers” and some speculating that it could be more open world. Keighley has also been fueling these rumors on Twitter with some cryptic hints that Sonic information could be dropping at the Game Awards. It looks like we’re about to find out what’s fact or fiction as it’s very likely that we’re going to get a double dose of Sonic at the Game Awards. Along with more info about the next Sonic Movie, which just released an awesome looking poster featuring Tails a few days prior, an official reveal for the next Sonic game maybe with a release date (fingers crossed) could be debuting.

Nintendo Delivers Release Dates for New Kirby and Zelda Games

Nintendo usually doesn’t miss the Game Awards and with no more characters to reveal for Smash Bros., talking about Kirby and the Forgotten Land and the Breath of the Wild sequel seems like a pretty safe bet. Both games have only gotten small trailers and are currently set to release in 2022. Kirby and the Forgotten Lands, the first 3-D Kirby game (I think), currently has a Spring 2022 release window while the BOTW sequel doesn’t have an official name or solid release date yet. If Nintendo’s going to come to the Game Awards with anything, it should be to not only show off more of these two highly anticipated games but give definite release dates for them – or at least in the BOTW sequel’s case, an official name so that we can stop calling it that.

The Next Resident Evil “REmake” Gets Unveiled

Now that Resident Evil: Village has released, it’s very likely that another remake of a classic Resident Evil game is in the works, given the success of Resident Evil 2 and 3. At this point, there are two main candidates that have been at the forefront of remake talk – Resident Evil 4 and Code: Veronica. Honestly, I’d love to see Code: Veronica get a remake treatment since it would fall in line with Capcom’s previous remakes. However, Resident Evil 4 seems like the most likely candidate and if it really is getting remade, this year’s Game Awards is the perfect time and place to do so. Resident Evil 4 has gained a resurgence again with its VR adaptation being a resounding hit, so why not capitalize on that with a big announcement of a remake at Game Awards.

Cloud Chamber’s Bioshock Game is Officially Announced

Cloud Chamber’s Bioshock game is one of the most highly anticipated games in development and recent leaks have made some speculate if an official reveal is right around the corner. Recently, notable industry icon Colin Moriarty revealed some details on the upcoming game on his Sacred Symbols podcast based on leaks from an undisclosed source. Based on Moriarty’s statements, the game is set to take place in an Antarctic city called Borealis during the 1960s and that the game is expected to be released in 2022. If this is true, we could be seeing a trailer drop at Game Awards since other events are very far away and it could be one of those “huge reveals” that Keighley has been teasing.

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