Swamp Thing Series Finale Review

Different fanbases can go through tough times when their content just isn’t given the respect it deserves and no fanbase has had a tougher time than those that have followed Swamp Thing. Ironically, it’s not because of any that these has offered as it has been series filled with strong elements of horror, great performances, and well-built suspense, but simply because it was cancelled after the first episode. Though the fanbase has tried to spark a sense of change for the series with #SaveSwampThing flooding across social media, the end is here and it’s time to see if the season, and unfortunately the series, finale of Swamp Thing could deliver something that would fans fighting to see more in the future. Well, it does, but just for all of the wrong reasons as I can’t help but feel like the series finale, titled Loose Ends, tied up all the wrong ones.

Frankly, the finale lacked any sort of sense of satisfying conclusions or any pay-off to the build up for certain characters. I mean, we just had Daniel Cassidy (Ian Ziering) finally transform into the Blue Devil and possibly fight alongside or against Swamp Thing for an epic finale, just to have him drive out of Marais? We have Woodrue (Kevin Durand) attempt to cure Caroline (Selena Anduze) after she overdoses on her medication and start to transform into the Floronic Man, just to have him be taken away by the cops and transform in a post-credit scene that, at this moment, isn’t going anywhere. The stuff with Woodrue is fine on its own, it’s just that these were the moments that were building to something better. Having Swamp Thing (Derek Mears) just fight members of the Conclave didn’t feel special at all because he’s been fighting guys with guns throughout most of the series. The Conclave always felt like a second or third season villain for the series so for the final fight to be against them and for Swamp Thing to yell to Nathan Ellery (Michael Beach) to spread the word are moments that are underwhelming.

Woodrue is looking to do everything he can to save Caroline in Loose Ends. PHOTO: Toy News International

Even the loose ends we did get with the battle between Lucille (Jennifer Beals) and Avery (Will Patton) ending in Lucille’s demise and Maria (Virginia Madsen) being stuck in asylum were just felt like filler. Going to see Maria at the asylum didn’t add anything to the episode, except for one solid moment of horror with hands springing out of the walls to grab Maria. This thread felt like it ended just fine in the last episode, so it just felt like unnecessary filler. Even the final confrontation between Avery and Lucille was a bit lackluster and was one of the threads that took too much focus away from what was happening with Swamp Thing. While it was interesting to see Avery take revenge on Lucille, it still feels underwhelming because this isn’t going to go anywhere, and he’ll likely never get his comeuppance for his actions.

Obviously after Matt (Henderson Wade) got into an accident, we were clearly going to catch up with him, but he’s mostly incapacitated for the finale and his fate is just left up to the post-credit scene. Personally, if a second season ever did happen, I assume the finale’s post-credit scene will just be a dream sequence anyway as Matt is a little too important in the comics to leave to that kind of fate.

In the finale, Swamp Thing must deal with his discovery about Alec and fight off the Conclave. PHOTO: Gizmodo

Now, while I have had plenty of problems with the finale, it’s still another solid episode for the series. Seeing Swamp Thing in action is great and the brutal amounts of gore in the fight sequence against the Conclave was epic. It was also nice to see how he utilizes The Green for camouflage and as horrifying weaponry. Even the talk that Alec (Andy Bean) has with Swamp Thing about moving on from the realization that he’s not actually Alec is great and a great endcap for Swamp Thing’s journey this season. There’re also some solid final words between Abby (Crystal Reed) and Swamp Thing are pretty touching, but I can’t help but feel like Abby was kind of useless in this episode. All she does is stop Woodrue and then oddly act surprised when she sees what he’s doing, even though it was pretty obvious from the last episode.

Loose Ends really just shows that Swamp Thing was cut short too soon and instead of thinking of how truly great this season was, this finale just makes me think of what could’ve been. As just another episode of Swamp Thing, this episode is solid, but as a finale Loose Ends falls short of giving fans the satisfying ends they deserved. Frankly, I think Warner Bros. and DC just didn’t know what they had, and Swamp Thing will be a major regret of theirs for quite some time. In the end, I’m still going to be boasting #SaveSwampThing because it’s a series that has more than earned more – it’s just unfortunate that I’ll also be throwing a #SwampThingDeservesBetter alongside of it.



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