The Terror: Infamy – Gaman Review

On this week’s episode of The Terror: Infamy, Gaman, we see how the group is adjusting to life in the new camp, Yuko (Kiki Sukezane) sets her sights on Hideo (Eiji Inoue), and Chester (Derek Mio) tries to understand the evil that surrounds him.

Right away, this episode shows how segregated and gated the Japanese community is within the internment camp. Not only are they forced to grow their own food and build structures within the camp, but they have to do it under the watchful eye of judging soldiers, watchtower spotlights, and a new leader of the camp, Major Bowen (C. Thomas Howell). As said in the episode, the leader of the camps is pretty much always a jerk and there’s definitely some hinting at that from the way he sees Amy (Miki Ishikawa) and views the importance of the Japanese. It’ll be interesting to see the kind of role Bowen will play for the rest of the season and it’s nice to have an actor like Howell be a part of the show as he’s just great in general.

Chester takes action against his captors in Gaman. PHOTO: Syfy

With Henry (Shingo Usami), Yamato (George Takei), and Hideo also reuniting with the group, we also get to see how their separation has affected them. Henry legitimately looks like the walking dead and the image of his frost-bitten feet is just harrowing. This experience has clearly left its mark on Henry and Yamato’s mention of the “bakemono” to Chester shows that the confidence and charisma they had has turned into absolute paranoia.

The change has definitely affected Chester and Luz (Cristina Rodlo) the most as their pregnancy and relationship makes them quite the oddity in the camp. With Luz being called a “whore” behind her back and Chester’s family not exactly showing compassion for their relationship, this is a less than ideal world for them to welcome their child to. Thankfully, Chester and Luz’s relationship is easily one of the most positive elements of the show as their care for one another is just great to watch. Mio and Rodlo’s performances have been great throughout the series thus far and that trend continues here. Not to mention, the scene of them dancing before Chester leaves for the army both mirrors a dream that Asako (Naoko Mori) has about her and Henry and is a touching moment that shows how much they care for one another. Obviously, Chester leaving for the army is a little sad, especially with Asako having to take a clump of his hair so that if he dies, they have something to cremate, and is made worse with Yuko’s new obsession with their baby. Could there be a Rosemary’s Baby situation on our hands? It definitely seems like it and with what happens to Hideo in this episode, you don’t want Yuko to have her sights set on you.

The women are left to themselves after Henry is still reeling from his isolation and Chester leaves for the army. PHOTO: Signal Horizon

Yuko also makes a stronger impression this time with her possessing Hideo and then taking gruesome revenge against him. The moment of Hideo being possessed by Yuko is easily one of the most frightening of the show as he shows incredible strength in fending off the soldiers and immense anger when unknowingly choking Toshiro (Alex Shimizu). It’s a moment that shows how much power Yuko truly has and it’s only made clearer when a possessed soldier creepily leads a blind Hideo to the woods for a fatal end. The visceral image of Yuko biting and ripping out Hideo’s tongue so that he can choke on his own blood is incredibly visceral and shows that the show is finally delving into more of its horror roots. It’s a gruesome end for Hideo and clearly the start of Yuko showing her demonic colors as the preview for the next episode show that Yuko might start to look a little different. It’s also worth mention that I really enjoy how the phrase “A Sparrow in a Swallow’s Nest” is constantly coming up through the episodes as it’s a great analogy for what’s happening. It’s a strong theme that resonates with everything both real and supernatural that’s happening and is what makes this season such a thrilling watch.

Gaman shows that things are starting to pick up with The Terror: Infamy and that the show is starting to hit its horror strides. With Yuko starting to have a stranglehold on the community and things only about to heat up as we follow Chester into WWII, there’s only more terrors to uncover as the rest of the season unfolds.



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