Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus Review: Invader Zim is back and at his best

Nickelodeon and Netflix have teamed up, once again, to resurrect one of their classic cartoons and continue its story in the form of a film. This time around, the adventures of crazed invading alien that’s hell-bent on making everything perfect for his species to come and conquer Earth – that’s right, Invader Zim is back. Zim was always that sci-fi cartoon that’s wild, deranged, and wacky protagonist made me roll around with laughter as a kid and, as cliché as this phrase is, was a show unlike any other. So when the latest adventure of Zim, titled Enter the Florpus, finally dropped on Netflix, I was more than excited to Enter the Florpus, myself, and see what Zim’s been up to since the series ended back in 2006. In short, they absolutely nailed it.

Enter the Florpus catches viewers up with the ongoing battle between Zim (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz), a narcissistic alien who plans to make his leaders happy by taking over Earth, and Dib (Andy Berman), a kid scientist whose sole goal is to prove to everyone that Zim is an alien. Although, Zim has been gone for quite some time, Dib’s thirst for revenge against Zim still exists and he’s absolutely floored when he sees that he has finally returned. However, things don’t exactly go as planned for either them as Dib has become chair-bound from waiting for Zim to return and Zim is sad when he realizes that his mission to prepare for invasion was pointless. Now the two must regain their purpose while also making sure that the other doesn’t succeed.

Zim (left) is preparing to get back in action. PHOTO: Pintrest

Enter the Florpus is easily one of the funniest and most entertaining movies/TV movies I’ve seen this year. With Zim having insane outbursts, The Almighty Tallests (voiced by Wally Wingert and Kevin McDonald) still hating Zim with every fiber in their tall bodies, and GIR (voiced by Rikki Simons) still has an upbeat energy to him that’s too infectious not to laugh at, it  doesn’t feel that much has changed with the character and that’s not a bad thing at all. Enter the Florpus still contains the spirit, attitude, and excellent humor that made the show great and it’s crazy how much the humor lands. Dib is still trying to prove to his father, Professor Membrane (voiced by Rodger Bumpass), to no avail and Zim still thinks that the Tallests are coming to take over Earth. It’s all hilarious to see and doesn’t feel that a decade has passed in the slightest. Honestly, Enter the Florpus will have viewers laughing through its entire runtime and the amount of authenticity to the show is just heartwarming to see.

The story is actually quite interesting and works as either an end for the series or as a possible revival of the series. Seeing Zim and Dib continue their “war” against one another is incredibly entertaining and the anime opening perfectly catches up fans and clues new viewers in on their on-going battle. There’s a lot of great twists, turns, and callbacks that are fun to see and the realizations that come from Zim and Dib give them great development. Frankly, the opening and ending of Enter the Florpus are legitimately perfect as they offer fans some nice closure for the characters, if it is the end, but doesn’t fully close the door on the possibility for more – also, they are just plain hilarious.

Dib (left) won’t stop until he proves that Zim is an alien. PHOTO: Know Your Meme

The best part, though, must be the animation has the style lends well to the comedy and doesn’t miss a beat in creating an authentic experience. Like Static Cling, the characters maintain their iconic looks with some minor updates and the movement that characters have leads to some hilarious moments. From Professor Membrane sprinting through a crowd at lightning speeds to correct someone to Gaz (voiced by Melissa Fahn) slowly backing away from Dib into the shadows, there’re plenty of moments where viewers will find themselves going back experience their favorite parts repeatedly. Not to mention, the variety of animation in the ending sequence is inventive, hilarious, and an absolute blast and shows how much love and care there was in bringing Zim and Dib back. The returning voice cast is absolutely perfect and are easily the best part of Enter the Florpus. Some strong-eared fans might even recognize the iconic Justin Roiland and those of you that are big Rick and Morty fans, that aren’t aware of Invader Zim, will actually find some strong comedic resemblance here.

Enter the Florpus is truly a can’t miss experience and with it readily available on Netflix, there’s no reason to miss out on it. Invader Zim has always been considered more of a “cult classic,” but Enter the Florpus shows that the series is more of a pure “classic” that deserves more appreciation. Though this could possibly be the last time viewers see Zim and Dib, it’s always great to remember that there’s a perfectly great series that’s worth looking into and Enter the Florpus shows why.



Watch the Trailer Here:

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