The Terror: Infamy – My Perfect World Review

On this week’s episode of The Terror: Infamy, My Perfect World, Yuko (Kiki Suzekane) begins to build her own Frankenstein’s monster and Chester (Derek Mio) is still reeling from the news that his parents are actually dead as the camp is plagued by a deadly illness.

The opening of Yuko possessing a doctor to create a reassembled, “normal looking” corpse is perfectly horrifying and nicely sets up her return to the camp. Like the previous episode, Yuko is still searching for Chester as he now knows that she is his actual mother. However, her return to the camp not only adds a deep level of paranoia as everyone deals with a strong illness that spreads throughout the camp, but also causes Major Bowen (C. Thomas Howell) to finally break. Bowen’s run-in with Yuko shows a new “ability” that Yuko apparently can have with the living – infection. So, not only can she possess and utilize the living for whatever she needs, but also can “infect” them and cause them to lose their minds – and that’s exactly what happens to Bowen. I do wish that Yuko’s “power” was explained in situations like this because it seemed random for Yuko to be suddenly able to do this and while I’m sure this could still be explained in a later episode, it’s too random and unexplained to seem like anything other than a plot device for now.

Amy (left) and Ken (right) have a lot on their hands as a illness spreads across the camp. PHOTO: EZTV

Nevertheless, with the camp dealing with a widespread illness, Amy (Miki Ishikawa) and Ken (Christopher Naoki Lee) spring into action to try to get Bowen to get help the Japanese. Clearly, there’s still some friction between Amy and Ken after Amy tampered with Ken’s answers so that he wouldn’t be taken away. The two constantly put pressure on one another to do something with Warren and while Amy chooses to fight with her words, Ken decides to take the fight to Bowen – who’s not exactly all there. Because of his run-in with Yuko, Bowen has become incredibly paranoid about the presence of spirits within the camp and becomes hostile towards the Japanese Americans. This spells certain doom for Ken when he decides to confront Bowen and it leads to a tense confrontation that ends up having fatal consequences for Ken. Ken’s death definitely came as a bit of a surprise and it clearly hits strong for Amy. Although, she is now still forced to work under Bowen after everything that’s happened, Amy has clearly got some tricks up her sleeve to still turn the tables on Bowen. Hey, if it means we get to see more of Howell’s paranoia-stricken performance in the future – I’m all game.

hqdefault (3)
Bowen (pictured above) starts to lose his senses and causes more friction within the camp. PHOTO: YouTube

On Chester’s side of things this episode, Chester is looking to reunite with Luz (Cristina Rodlo) after he’s able to escape soldiers on the way to another camp. Honestly, one of the best things about Infamy has been Chester and Luz’s relationship as it’s been the strongest emotional tentpole of the season. Mio and Rodlo put in great performances, especially in this episode, and how they try to comfort and understand each other’s feelings makes their love for one another genuine. Not to mention, their relationship takes an interesting turn as they attempt to flee to find a better life. Upon leaving, though, Chester finds that he’s not the only child that Yuko had put up for adoption as he discovers that he has a twin. While this is an interesting twist, I can’t help but find myself not liking it for how cliché it feels. It’s such a soap opera twist that just doesn’t mesh with how the story has been going at this point. Perhaps with more time and more explanation, this new plot point could change my mind. Either way, Chester isn’t done with Yuko just yet and with her ready to find him and Luz in New Mexico, things are about to get quite interesting.

The Terror: Infamy continues to up the ante with My Perfect World and give viewers more surprises and stakes to latch onto – even if some of them are currently half-baked. Regardless, the series is clearly setting up a whirlwind of a finale that will hopefully keep viewers heads spinning and present true terror.



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