Rick and Morty Season 4 Premiere Review

*BUUURP* Rick and Morty is back bitches. After it’s long hibernation with creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon working on a deal with Adult Swim to continue Rick and Morty’s adventures, as well as make some hilariously fun VR games, the series finally returns with a killer premiere, Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Repeat, full of death, inter-dimensional travel, of course, some great callbacks.

When we last saw Rick and Morty, they had just had a major run-in with The President of the United States and Beth (voiced by Sarah Clarke) and Jerry (voiced by Chris Parnell) rekindling their relationship to keep the family together, so what better way to kick things off than with a family meal. Oddly enough, things haven’t changed to much as Summer (voiced by Spencer Grammer) is still looking for the latest trends to make her popular, Morty (voiced by Roiland) is still obsessed with Jessica (voiced by Kari Wahlgren), and Rick (also voiced by Roiland) is still dragging Morty along on wacky adventures – although, Beth makes him ask Morty if he’s okay with going now, much to Rick’s annoyance. As always, though, Morty’s cool with it and the two go to retrieve death crystals, a mineral that allows those that touch it to see all the ways they will die based on the choices they make.

The season premiere is all about Morty’s (left) attempts to control death and messing it all up in the process. PHOTO: IMDB

Like any great Rick and Morty adventure, this singular item set off a whole mess of trouble when Morty decides to use one of the crystals in order to guarantee that he dies together with Jessica when they’re older and it ends up getting Rick killed. After that, the episode mostly focuses on Morty trying to control his death and it not only leads to Morty to become an Akira-styled psychopath, but also an interesting message about not worrying about death. Seeing Morty attempt to find the right path to Jessica is hilarious as he’s both constantly led to paths that seem to take him away from her more than bring him closer as well as being harassed by a holographic Rick that just wants him create a new Rick clone to bring him back. Things even go to ridiculous lengths with Morty essentially becoming a psychic god and destroying the army that attempts to stop him.

Morty trying to ensure a future with Jessica also leads to some great callbacks and great banter with hologram Rick. It was cool to see Morty utilize an army of Mr. Meeseeks, who is always a treat to see, and there’s even a reference to Roiland’s latest game, Trover Saves the Universe, that can be spotted when a newscast shows Morty going full-on Akira. Even with Rick being dead, for the most part, his hologram version is just as great. The second he came and pretended to be a ghost ready to avenge Rick’s death, I knew this was going to be great. Every time Morty completely disregards all of his suggestions is great and the turn he has towards the end of the episode is fantastic.

It’s also nice to have Morty go on a solo adventure for most of the episode as it allows for him to learn a valuable lesson about life and death that translates well for viewers. Sure, we’ve seen the message of not to worry about death and just focus on living before, but Rick and Morty presents a new way to show it in a much more effective way. Seeing Morty try to do everything he can to change his future to be with Jessica and realizing that it’s pointless and that he could’ve had things if he simply changed it himself is great. Not to mention, it’s perfectly ended with a post-credit scene that was incredibly funny and Morty’s reaction made it even better. There’s definitely a lesson to be learned with the Season 4 premiere, but like Rick says, “I’m not going to try to figure it out too much.”

In order for Rick (right) to get back to his own dimension, we must escape death, familiar faces, and fascism. PHOTO: IMDB

Speaking of Rick, even with him dying right at the beginning, he still manages to find a way to steal the show. With his cloning protocol sending him to different dimensions, we are introduced to new Ricks in hilarious fashion – and ones that are oddly obsessed with fascism. From Shrimp Rick to Teddy Bear Rick, Rick dies and repeats through each world and even deals with a Fascist Morty. What made me laugh through Rick’s jumping through different versions of himself was how done with it he slowly became. From going on an adventure with Fascist Morty in space just to have them both die to killing himself immediately when he realizes the teddy bear world he’s in is also fascist, it was easily the best part of the premiere. Even when he gets to the world with Wasp Rick, he’ll just accept the fascist agenda, that there thankfully isn’t, just to get home. However, Wasp Rick is awesome and the scene of him and his family slowly devouring a caterpillar version of Mr. Goldenfold was perfectly grotesque and totally hilarious – something that’s just so Rick and Morty. It all leads to final fight sequence that’s short and sweet and Rick and Morty resemble a rant that Rick makes in the first episode of the series – until Summer ruins it and the Season 4 premiere.

Regardless what Rick thinks, though, not even Summer could ruin the absolute blast the Season 4 premiere of Rick and Morty is as it makes the long wait totally worth it. Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Repeat is a perfect season opener that contains everything fans would want from their two favorite inter-dimensional travelers and it only makes me excited for what’s to come.



Watch the Trailer Here:

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