Harley Quinn: So You Need a Crew? Review

On this week’s episode of Harley Quinn, So You Need a Crew?, Harley (voiced by Kaley Cuoco) decides it’s time to make a crew of her own and starts to see the obstacles she’ll face as a female villain on the rise.

After having another heist of hers be thwarted by Joker (voiced by Alan Tudyk), Harley comes to the realization that she’s missing a key ingredient to be a new force to be reckoned with in Gotham – her own crew. Thus, with Poison Ivy (voiced by Lake Bell) denying her offer, she sets out to find the baddest baddies to join her in her crusade to take over Gotham and get a highway named after her – starting with a villain whose losing his luster. While he’s done just fine being on his own and even taking on the likes of Wonder Woman (voiced by Vanessa Marshall), the short-tempered telepath Dr. Psycho (voiced by Tony Hale) finds himself in hot water after calling Wonder Woman a c**t. First off, I did find it funny how this is the first episode to actually censor words, as well as other things that we’ll get into later, and everything that it leads to is hilarious. Hale perfectly gives the villain a dark edge to him that makes him perfect for the show’s unfiltered adult humor.

Harley’s starting to stretch herself thin without anyone by her side, so she decides it’s time to make her crew. PHOTO: Medium

The idea of Dr. Psycho having to basically go on a televised apology tour is incredibly funny and it leads to him being a perfect candidate for Harley to team up with. However, this doesn’t happen right away as Harley is still scrutinized and ignored by everyone she goes to for help. Hell, even Kite Man (Matt Oberg) returns just to make Harley look bad with him recruiting goons just from walking into the bar. Also, it’s funny to me that a small relationship might be forming between him and Ivy as she asks Harley if he said anything about her. From looking for the next best goons at a villain talent agency to picking up baddie’s at seedy bar, there’s only one person/god for Harley to turn to for help – and it’s unbelievable to me that this even happened. While he’s rarely ever used in comics and the Batman: Arkham series loved to tease him but never doing anything him, Harley Quinn doesn’t fall into this trap and utilizes Batman villain Maxie Zeus (voiced by Will Sasso) to great effect.

As a motivational speaker, Zeus’ narcissistic and overly masculine attitude makes him the perfect kind of person for Harley to turn to, before he just makes sexual advances on her, as well as the perfect person for Ivy to hilariously derail his big speech. It’s absolutely hilarious for the censors to come in not just for when he flashes his junk to Harley, but also for all of his statues because he’s so insecure that he’s had his junk etched in to all the artwork at his house – so there’s just censors everywhere. It’s a hilarious addition that’s great to see because of how rarely he’s used, but it’s also great because how it shows the tough road that Harley faces in becoming a top-tier villain because she’s a woman. This is also shown when Ivy introduces Harley to the Queen of Fables (voiced by Wanda Sykes), a female baddie that was once powerful until the heroes came and trapped her into a book.


Maxie Zeus (pictured above) makes his appearance in this episode to hilarious effect. PHOTO: EZTV

While the image of the Queen being a chain-smoking book and one of her gingerbread army being taken off the streets to work in a tax office is hilarious, the empowerment messaging does come off a little botched. It’s good the series implore some strong messaging about the scrutiny female villains face, but the Queen’s story doesn’t quite work as well because it’s directed as how the heroes viewed her not the villains. As of right now, it’s only the villains that are shutting Harley down because she’s a female villain, not the heroes, so the Queen’s story isn’t as relatable. If her story was about how the villains turned on her because they felt threatened by her, the story could’ve been more relatable to Harley and made a bigger impact on the message of her fable. Either way, this still works in motivating Harley to not only get other villains that are seen to be as low and unworthy as her but get some revenge on Maxie Zeus.

With Psycho getting removed from the Legion of Doom through a funny news conference, he softly accepts to join Harley’s crew and they are also joined by another iconic Batman villain that’s rarely used – Clayface (also voiced by Tudyk). For those that don’t know Clayface, he was once an actor named Karlo Basil who was accidently transformed into a clay monster that has the ability to change into any person. While Clayface has just been using this ability to pose as a hot southern bartender, he believes that he can be of greater service under Harley’s leadership and he definitely proves his work when the team goes to get some revenge on Maxie Zeus. Personally, I’ve always loved Clayface and even felt that he’s a suicide squad member waiting to happen, so seeing him get more of a overly theatrical performance here is great and it’s great to see Tudyk take on this kind of role since he’s a veteran voice actor.


Reluctantly, Dr. Psycho (right) decides to join Harley’s ranks. PHOTO: Den of Geek

The trio taking on Zeus is absolutely hilarious with Psycho being done with Clayface’s theatrical nonsense as he poses as Zeus’ illegitimate son so Harley and Psycho can sneak in to steal the gold medals Zeus stole from the Olympics. It’s funny to see Clayface change on the spot in order to match how Zeus describes the features from his supposed mother – which Zeus eventually figures out that he’s lying when things get stretched too far. It all leads to a fun fight scene with Psycho helping out Clayface get away from Zeus’ wrath and defeating him to tell the world that Harley and her crew aren’t to be taken lightly. The episode ends on a perfect note with Harley getting her wish of forcing Gotham to name a highway after her and I’m really excited to see more of Psycho and Clayface throughout the rest of the season – as well as see who else will join Harley’s ranks.

Harley Quinn continues to offer more hilarity with Harley adding Dr. Psycho and Clayface to her crew and taking on the almighty Maxie Zeus in a crazy and wildly hilarious fashion that only she knows how to bring. While some of the messaging about female empowerment is a little botched here, Harley’s journey to be top villain is still awesome to see unfold and definitely has its stengths. It’s only a matter of time until we see who else is going to join the crew as next week’s episode already makes me excited as it looks like Harley is going to start some beef with a particular boy wonder.



Watch the Trailer Here:


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