Harley Quinn: L.O.D.R.S.V.P. Review

On this week’s episode of Harley Quinn, L.O.D.R.S.V.P., Harley (voiced by Kaley Cucuo) gets the opportunity to fulfill her dream of being accepted into the Legion of Doom and Dr. Psycho (voiced by Tony Hale) helps Sy (voiced by Jason Alexander) deal with a secret from his past.

Yes, the time has finally come for Harley to get her shot to join the Legion of Doom, but only after her and the crew pull off a heist stealing from the heroic king of the seven seas – Aquaman (voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos). Looking to take some precious treasures from an Atlantean Museum, the only thing they nab is the attention of Justice League top aquatic hero. When Clayface (voiced by Alan Tudyk) impersonates Aquaman to distract Atlantean guards, I thought it was funny how over-dramatic it was. However, it was even funnier when the actual Aquaman shows up and his impression isn’t actually that far off. The cocky and slightly theatrical attitude of the aquatic hero is perfect and the way everyone barely respects him just feels so right. They don’t even see him as much of a threat and it makes sense since Harley’s always got Poison Ivy (voiced by Lake Bell) waiting in the wings to help out. The second she appears; she wraps up this confrontation with Aquaman and the crew escapes with ease.

Harley (middle) and her crew cross paths with Aquaman (left) this week. PHOTO: DC Universe

Upon their return, Harley finds that her and her crew have been invited to the Legion of Doom’s prospective members party and she’s hyped AF. Ivy has some reservations about this sudden invite and doesn’t even recognize herself as a full-time member of Harley’s crew, but decides to tag along to support Harley’s endeavors. Arriving at the L.O.D. headquarters, Harley and the crew are amazed by the perks that come with being in the legion – including kryptonite infused cars that can fly, a giant water tank with a human diver perfect for King Shark (voiced by Ron Funches), and even an improv night for Clayface to show his stuff. Ivy still isn’t impressed, though, and is suspicious of the legion’s leader, the legendary Lex Luthor (voiced by Giancarlo Esposito), and his intentions in inviting them so suddenly. Her suspicions prove to be warranted as Lex tells her that they’re only interested in her to join the legion and not Harley.

Although this kind of plot conflict has been seen before, it’s a refreshing addition here that finally adds the kind of interesting conflicts and consequence this series needed. Ivy’s always been by Harley’s side and supporting her in joining the legion, so it puts her in a tough spot that’s interesting to see unfold amongst all the hilarity that occurs between it all. From Kite Man (voiced by Matt Oberg) consoling Bane (voiced by James Adomian) after he drops his food and half-heartedly threatens to blow it up to King Shark telling off other fish in the giant tank, this is definitely our biggest glimpse into the hilariously strange DC villain underworld yet. Things become even better when Aquaman crashes the party to seek revenge against Ivy for making him look bad before. His entrance sparks a huge brawl that not only lets us see him beat up a couple of DC’s worst, but also Kite Man attempt to spring into heroic action only to be foiled by an unexpected crosswind. There’s even a very funny confrontation between Aquaman and his rival Black Manta (voiced by Phil LaMarr) and the dialogue between them is perfect.

Harley is able to stop Aquaman and show her skills by making him accidently break open the tank full of fish causing him to go into a frenzy to save all of his aquatic friends. In doing so, he also gives a snarky remark to Harley when she tells him to just put them in pool water, like it doesn’t matter, that had me in stitches. Unlike most times, though, where this big feat still leads to Harley still being rejected by the legion – that’s not actually what happens here. In a truly surprising moment, Harley’s accepted in even though Ivy didn’t seem to accept Lex’s deal. It’s a really interesting moment that carries some strong weight to it because of the rift it creates between Harley and Ivy and Harley gets a surprise when she sees that the Joker (also voiced by Tudyk) is waiting for her. I get the feeling there’s some ulterior motive, either from Lex or Joker, behind this and I’m really interested to see how this plays out over the rest of the season.

Things take a surprising turn with Harley’s acceptance into the Legion of Doom, but it looks their something else going on behind the scenes. PHOTO: SuperHeroHype

While everyone else is hanging out with the Legion of Doom, Psycho is stuck at home because of the whole calling Wonder Woman a c**t thing. However, he’s got his own little side-mission to go on as he discovers that Sy has been harboring in his sister in the basement of their hideout – and that she’s an octopus monster. This side-plot is actually really solid as it doesn’t overshadow the importance of the main story but is equally entertaining. The whole story of what happened to Sy’s sister is perfectly odd, the entire sequence of Psycho connecting with Sy’s sister to say how she feels is perfectly funny, and the end result is perfectly gruesome. It’s a winning combination that feels right at home with the series and was just a blast to watch.

This week’s episode marks the strongest point in the series thus far as it not only builds new ramifications and conflicts that feel meaningful, but also includes some absolutely hilarious moments. From a hilarious battle with Aquaman to some surprising moments surrounding the Legion of Doom, this episode really has it all. It’s great to see the series finally hit all the marks I’ve been waiting for it to hit and hopefully the series can continue this momentum to make a stellar second half of this season.



Watch the Trailer Here:

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