Harley Quinn: Harley Quinn Highway Review

On this week’s episode of Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn Highway, Harley (voiced by Kaley Cuoco) gets the gang back together to bust Ivy (voiced by Lake Bell) out of Scarecrow’s (voiced by Rahul Kohil) lab.

Although Scarecrow might have Ivy strapped to a surgery table and his goons think she’s unable to do anything without any plants around her, she shouldn’t be underestimated. The second she gets her chance she stabs, shoots, and spews her views about the 2nd Amendment – which I totally jive with. After making mincemeat of Scarecrow’s goons, Ivy’s anxiously on the hunt for a quick escape but only finds herself knocked out again by Scarecrow. When she wakes up, she finds that Scarecrow is using her blood to create a “vegan” fear toxin that will work on Ivy and all of the plant-life in Gotham to create a new kind of environmental disaster. I have to say, I’m a little disappointed that it is just Scarecrow trying to make a new toxin. Although Legion of Doom labeled recycling can suggests that there could be more involved with Ivy’s kidnapping, it just being Scarecrow feels random and is a strange reveal considering that Lex (voiced by Giancarlo Esposito) and Joker (voiced by Alan Tudyk) have much stronger motivations against her.

Ivy (pictured above) proves herself to be more than capable of taking out goons without any plants to help her. PHOTO: Den of Geek

Regardless, Ivy’s in trouble, so it’s time for Harley to get the crew back together and make amends for selling them out. We first catch up with Clayface (also voiced by Tudyk) who has now become a goon for The Riddler (voiced by Jim Rash) and is hilariously messing up his latest plan. While televising a riddle to the people of Gotham that he’s hidden a bomb in a secret location, Clayface is trying to give him acting tips and totally ruining his evil monologue. It’s perfect scene that shows Clayface’s overly theatrical personality and the way that Riddler begrudgingly gives the answer to his riddle and cuts the camera feeds is hilarious. He’s more than happy to give him back to Harley when she comes looking him to help her out. When she goes to find Psycho (voiced by Tony Hale) and King Shark (voiced by Ron Funches) she find them trapped in middle of someone’s affair as Psycho posing a fortune teller that spills the beans on a man’s affair and Shark is helping his mistress with her tech issues. Eventually they all reconvene at their abandoned mall hideout and aren’t too keen on helping Harley even after she apologizes.

The trio really only decide to help out Harley, when Frank (voiced by J.B. Smoove) just gets to the points and tell them that Ivy’s in trouble. So, the entire crew and Sy (voiced by Jason Alexander), who didn’t even know that the crew had broken up, pile into a van and make their way to where Ivy is being held. With Sy at the wheel, things get pretty reckless and Clayface even pukes up clay – which absorbs back into him and totally disgusts King Shark. Upon arriving, the crew tricks the guards by making it seem like they’re there to deliver pretzel wrapped wieners and the glee and excitement the guards have over is perfectly ridiculous. Even better is the scene that follows as they steal goon uniforms and have one of the best crew walk-up shots I’ve ever seen. From Sy, wheelchair and all, being crudely stuffed into a suit to Psycho’s arms being to short so his sleeves flail like a little kid, it’s just perfect.



Once inside, the crew finds Ivy still affected by Scarecrow’s new toxin, so Psycho decides that they should delve into Ivy’s mind to see what’s going wrong – which I wasn’t a huge fan of. I don’t know if I just have too high of expectation for what a trip into a villain’s mind would be like, but this and the trip into Harley’s back in episode five are just very underwhelming. Other than Frank as a Cheshire Cat of sorts inside Ivy’s wonderland and Psycho throwing Clayface into a demonic woodchipper “knowing” that he’d be okay, the rest of it is pretty generic and forgettable. All that we really get out of this is that Ivy has shitty parents, she thinks about Kite-Man (voiced by Matt Oberg), and that Harley is her biggest fear – which is the most important thing. While everyone is messing around in Harley’s brain, Sy is keeping watch but falling asleep on the job and buttons that alert all of the guards. However, as everyone returns to reality, we all get to see that Sy is more than capable of dismembering and destroying some goons with his swiss-army wheelchair. The shocked reactions from everyone seeing how Sy painted the room red with blood and guts says it all and this episode is probably the goriest of the entire series.

Sy becomes even more useful when he reveals that he can transform into a weaponized car. It’s a gruesome, gory, ridiculous, and absolutely incredible moment and it finally feels like Sy can hold his own. With a new vehicle, the crew embarks on an incredibly fun car chase sequence as they attempt to stop Scarecrow from spreading his fear toxin while riding on the Harley Quinn Highway. Yes, it’s that highway Harley got named for herself a while back and she even got to design it herself – which is about as crazy as you think it would be.

Harley and her crew go on a wild ride this week. PHOTO: DC Universe

The highway is essentially a mix between the craziest roller-coaster ever with plenty of loop de loops and corkscrews and Mario Kart with a starting line and rocket launcher power-ups along the way. It’s an incredibly fun sequence with Ivy using any plant-life she can find to make all of the trucks crash. Even the moments of Ivy talking about why Harley’s the nightmare in her head and Harley apologizing in between all of the action are solid. Although a quick side-note, I don’t understand how Kite-Man is just absent in all of this. It seemed like their relationship becoming official was pretty big, so it’s kind of weird that he’s just absent between all of this and wouldn’t show up to save his girl. Regardless, Scarecrow still gets one truck of toxin into a major water supply and creates an army of demonic plants that wreak gruesome havoc across Gotham. The episode ends a great cliffhanger of the crew watching Gotham be destroyed and Scarecrow being dead – although I highly doubt that second one.

Harley Quinn Highway continues to hit the same strides as usual, with a few missteps, but leaves viewers on a great cliffhanger that I’m anxious to the result of. From the ways this episode amps up the gore and the wild antics as they navigate Harley wacky and wild highway, we’re set up for a strong final two episodes of a spectacular first season.



Watch the Trailer Here:

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