Harley Quinn (Season 2): Bachelorette Review

*This Review Contains Full Spoilers for Season 2 Episode 9*


On this week’s episode of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn, Bachelorette, Harley (voiced by Kaley Cucuo) takes Ivy (voiced by Lake Bell) on the bachelorette weekend of a lifetime to Themyscira and King Shark’s (voiced by Ron Funches) past aquatic drama comes back to bite him.

Still trying to hide her feelings towards Ivy, Harley once again tries to divert attention by taking Ivy and a strange assortment of gal pals on a bachelorette party weekend to Themyscira – the birthplace of Wonder Woman and home to Amazon warriors. Taking an invisible jet that eventually becomes hilariously blood splattered as birds keep smashing into it, Harley brings along a strange but fun group of girls for the weekend. Tagging along for the trip is a now single Ms. Freeze (voiced by Rachel Dratch), Ivy “old friend” Jennifer (Mary Holland), and an uncaring Catwoman (voiced by Sanaa Lathan). Even though all of them aren’t exactly jazzed about being on this trip, Harley is trying to make the best of it as they head to a Themyscira that’s been transformed into a luxury spa resort by the mysterious Eris (voiced by Jameela Jamil). For those unaware of who Eris is, like myself before this episode, she’s another Wonder Woman villain generally regarded as the goddess of strife and chaos and it’s cool to see more lesser known villains getting their time in the limelight.

maxresdefault (8)
Harley (second from the right) sets up a strange, but wild bachelorette weekend for Ivy (middle) to continue to hide her feelings. PHOTO: YouTube


Upon arriving though, nobody suspects a thing, so Harley attempts to keep everyone in high spirits while covering up her feelings. Admittedly, it’s kind of weird to have sort of another episode do the same thing as the last with Harley still trying to hide her feelings for Ivy, but there’re some steps taken forward and backwards that are very interesting. After a couple nights of drinking and hooking up, Harley finally opens up to Ivy about how she feels and there’s this great sense of vulnerability that’s rarely seen with the character. It’s a genuinely human moment for Harley that viewers can relate to and is very emotionally touching. Even while I’m still rooting on Ivy and Kite-Man (voiced by Matt Oberg), it’s hard to deny my feelings about seeing Ivy and Harley together and it speaks to the strong development they’ve had over these last couple of episodes. Even having another sad ending this episode with Ivy still choosing Kite-Man because of how Harley is always running from things and Harley is left crying one again. It’s great to see a second half arc like this be so emotionally connective and add some rarely seen depth that makes these characters so strong.

Also, watching them party their asses off an Amazonian strip club and take on Eris was a total blast. From Ms. Freeze moving on in her love life and hooking up with Maxie Zeus (voiced by Will Sasso) to Ivy wanting Harley, Catwoman, and herself matching “Cobb Squad” tattoos, a reference that still goes over my head, watching them let loose was a lot of fun. Even seeing Harley freak out on everyone to make Ivy’s weekend the best one possible was hilarious. Things get really good though, when Harley realizes what Eris is up to and decides its time for her and the group to turn the tables on her. Eris has been controlling all of the Amazons to do her bidding in order to make a fortune selling the area to Lex Luthor (voiced by Giancarlo Esposito) – who is great to still see alive. However, when Harley and her gal pals storm into the office, we get a bloody brawl that always great to see and the brutal bat swings that Harley does on Eris are epic as hell. It’s a perfect way to end a villain’s bachelorette party and makes this episode a lot of fun.

maxresdefault (9)
King Shark (pictured above) deals with the love life he ran away from this week. PHOTO: YouTube

Back with the boys, who are celebrating Kite-Man’s bachelor party on a boat, King Shark gets a message from home about that arranged marriage he had mentioned he ran away from and it’s kind of a disappointing sequence. Don’t get me wrong, the “Under the Sea” rip off of marine animals talking about how fun it is to shit wherever they want was absolutely hilarious, Shark telling off his father was great, and even the speech he makes at the end about love is awesome and made better though Funches’ excellent voice work. It’s honestly really cool to see Shark get his own story moment, but it’s disappointing that the other characters couldn’t come along and are stuck on a boat the whole time waiting for him to come back – especially with Frank (voiced by J.B Smoove) returning. Frankly, it feels like there’s a missed opportunity to have everyone come along for the ride and create some comedic moments about being in an undersea kingdom they’re not welcome in. Again, Shark holds things together just fine, but everyone else is completely wasted here and its kind of bummer.

This week’s episode of Harley Quinn is all about love as Ivy’s bachelorette party takes some bloody and heartbreaking turns between her and Harley and King Shark deals with his past love life. Even for its shortcomings, this episode still carries all of the strong momentum this season has had and is likely leading to a big finale in Kite-Man and Ivy’s wedding.



Watch the Trailer Here:

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