HBO’s We Are Who We Are: Right Here, Right Now #4 (Episode 4) Review

*This Review Contains Full Spoilers*

On this week’s episode of HBO’s We Are Who We Are, Right Here, Right Now #4, the group comes together for Craig (Corey Knight) as he decides to marry his girlfriend Valentina (Beatrice Barichella) after his deployment is fast-tracked.

With Fraser’s (Jack Dylan Glazer) mom Sarah (Chloe Sevigny) making the choice to have Richard’s (Kid Cudi) group, which Craig is a part of, be deployed even though haven’t been fully trained, Craig has some big decisions to make with his relationship with Valentina. So, with him leaving the next day, he spontaneously decides to propose to her on the bus ride back from a paintball excursion with the group and everyone, expect for Sam (Benjamin L. Taylor II), seems to be on board to throw them the best wedding possible. Honestly, there isn’t a lot story progression this episode since we’re just watching the group help set up Craig and Valentina’s wedding and a night a chaotic night of debauchery. However, we do get a better glimpse of the dynamic of the group – especially with Caitlin (Jordan Kristine Seamon) and Fraser trying to integrate themselves into the group.

The opening paintball sequence shows us that Fraser and Caitlin are trying be more a part of the group, but also that not everyone is on board with this. While Britney (Francesca Scorsese) and, I guess, Craig are cool with Fraser and Caitlin being an item within their friend group, Sam and Caitlin’s brother Danny (Spence Moore II) aren’t a big fan of Fraser. They shoot the shit out of him with paintballs while he’s daydreaming during the game and certainly don’t feel bad about it. I will say that Danny seems a little more accepting of him since he doesn’t just ignore Fraser when he passes him the bag of community chips on the bus like Sam probably would’ve. Sam, however, hates Fraser, tries to ignore him at every instance he can, still mocks him with the name “T-shirt,” and even tells him that he hates him and will never like him in the bathroom after Craig and Valentina’s wedding. It’s definitely got a lot to do with Fraser and Caitlin being more of an item now and they have some growing pains of their own to get through.

The group comes together to help Craig and Valentina get married before he gets deployed. PHOTO: Product Placement Blog

Although the word on the street says that Fraser and Caitlin are together now, they certainly aren’t acting like it. Unlike everyone else, they aren’t really in a romantic mood with one another and are barely talking. Even worse is that everyone is noticing this and not taking their relationship seriously – especially their friend (possibly Valentina’s sister) Sole (Vittoria Bottin). Sole is a big flirt that especially has her eyes on Fraser and he actually ends up giving into her advances at one point when she corners him in a hallway. It looks like Fraser’s lack of love experience is catching up with him and Caitlin is not happy about him kissing Sole back – even though she says she is if he never does anything like that again. It makes sense given that she had to step in between them when Sole tried to make a move on Fraser and that Britney is hooking up with Sam – something I assume is happening to make Caitlin jealous. There’s definitely a bumpy road ahead for their relationship and some levels of trust and understanding that have to be mended.

Even for the mistrust being established and some salty relationships, this episode is a clear picture of not only how open the group is with one another, but also how energetic this young cast really is. It’s hard to say what it is about them, but this group is just so enjoyable and comforting to watch with how they support one another. The second that Craig mentions that him and Valentina are going to get married, the entire group does everything in their power to make it happen and be the best wedding possible. They pool all of their money together, pick out suits and dresses, get all of the booze and the right location for the after-party, and they even keep the drama minimal so that the two can relax. The entire episode gives off these incredibly chill and good-hearted vibes that are super easy to get behind.

While Fraser and Caitlin have transitioned back into the friend group, not everyone is happy about it. PHOTO: Product Placement Blog

The second they reach the after-party house, you can just feel the entire group ready to let loose – even Fraser. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a bit of an introvert, but he’s dancing around with everyone, making food for the group, and even getting the jams going with some David Bowie. It’s a night where the good vibes and alcohol are flowing, and the sexual tension finally comes to a head. There’s been no need to mention it up until now, but We Are Who We Are is a very sexual show – especially in this episode. It makes sense given the carefree nature of the group and it being a coming of age show, but damn is this group sexual as hell. Girls are just walking around topless, Craig and Enrico (Sebastiano Pigazzi) are skinny dipping and Enrico is walking around the house naked, and Danny is literally having sex in the middle of the party on the couch with one of Valentina’s friends. Like I said, it makes sense because of the care-free nature of the group and how comfortable they are with each other. It also makes sense because it’s European-based since nudity is a little more accepted there than in the US, in terms of film and TV, and it’s one of the things that sets it apart from other coming of age stories.

This episode also sparks a major incoming change in both the series and group dynamic with Craig leaving. Honestly, he’s become one of my favorite characters on the show because of how he keeps things together within the group. He’s the respected parental figure within this group and constantly holding them together. Danny especially looks up to him like an older brother and without him being there, there’s now going to be no one to stop any issues within the group. Also, his relationship with Valentina, while minimally shown, always came off as sweet and as the one consistently good thing in the group. With him getting deployed with a group that isn’t fully prepared, the odds aren’t looking good for him and it’s looks like the departure of one of the more good-hearted characters is about to spark some dark times for the group.

This week’s episode acts as a fun and loose cannon calm before the storm as the sudden deployment of Craig, the true glue of the group, creates some momentary solidarity that is likely about to crumble without his presence. Although things have been very supportive and light-hearted thus far with only a minimal amount of drama, it seems like things are about to change within the group dynamic that could fracture them for good.


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