HBO’s We Are Who We Are: Right Here, Right Now #5 (Episode 5) Review

*This Review Contains Full Spoilers*

On this week’s episode of HBO’s We Are Who We Are, Right Here, Right Now #5, big changes start to form as Caitlin (Jordan Kristine Seamon) asks Fraser (Jack Dylan Glazer) to her take a big step towards going on a date as Harper, Jenny (Faith Alabi) and Maggie (Alice Braga) begin to get closer, and Richard (Kid Cudi) struggles to maintain power within his family.

So, it seems like I was little incorrect in labeling Caitlin and Fraser as an item, just like everyone else was, as they are definitely just friends here – maybe a little flirty, but just friends. They’re even starting to take actions in seeking their own relationships. Seeing that the girl from the café, Giulla (Nicole Celpan), write back to Harper wanting to go on a date and that Britney (Francesca Scorsese) and Sam (Benjamin L. Taylor III) are now together, Caitlin decides to take a big step towards being Harper. She’s taking gun shooting lessons from Sarah (Chloe Sevigny), which causes even more of a rift between Sarah and Fraser, trying to glue some of her hair on her face to make a mediocre stache, and helping Fraser pee to learn from him – which is kind of weird. However, like Fraser says, if Caitlin thinks that all  she has to do to learn to be a guy is shoot guns, learn how to pee standing up, and have shitty facial hair, she’s not even close to being ready. That’s why these two take the biggest step they can and cut Caitlin’s hair.

Fraser (left) helps Caitlin (right) move forward with being Harper and going on a date with a local girl. PHOTO: IndieWire

Running over to Caitlin’s house to grab Richard’s clippers, there’s this feeling of freedom and empowerment that washes over the entire scenes and it’s hard not be smiling. Fraser shaving off Caitlin’s hair is incredibly gleeful and is a major transition for Caitlin’s character as well as her friendship with Fraser. It’s even better that Caitlin ends up going on the date with Guilla as it gives her another person that she can be herself around and possibly even find support. However, things take a weird turn with Guilla calling her out for being a girl. She’s not mean about it and seems like she doesn’t mind, but the comment doesn’t sit well with Caitlin. It’s likely because she doesn’t want to be labeled as lesbian, since she’s not, and is afraid that she maybe won’t find support from Guilla if she explains her experimentation with gender expression. She has much bigger problems on her hands though as Richard’s wrath is being aimed at her.

With his relationships with his family and sense of control on the base starting to deteriorate, we start to see Richard start to go to drastic measures to keep things “intact” within his family. He still refuses to realize that his relationship with Danny (Spence Moore II) is very distant and slightly hostile and it’s likely going to get worse with Danny exploring his Islamic faith and questioning Jenny about his real father. Honestly, I never even realized that Danny is from a previous relationship that Jenny had or that his name was changed from his Nigerian birthname like Jenny’s was, but it puts the pieces together as to why his relationship with Richard is so strained and why Richard and Jenny’s relationship is getting worse. There’s definitely some tension between the two and Jenny is now finding solace in a new secret relationship with Maggie.

As they show new recruits housing, the Jenny and Maggie have some secretive sex and grow much closer as Jenny opens up about what she’s lost since being with Richard. Jenny and Maggie being together is oddly one of the more comforting moments in this episode since both of their spouses are total shitheads. Sarah is still using Maggie for sexual pleasures rather than real love and Richard attempts to retain his dominance in an awful way. While in their garage, Richard attempts to turn lust into a power move and it’s absolutely horrifying to watch. Jenny cries because of how he uses her real Nigerian name even though he’s made her discard her past and it shows a very dark side to Richard. The real cherry on top of Richard’s building anger is Sarah making him apologize for the fight that broke out in an earlier episode. Richard’s arrogance, desire for dominance, and narrow-minded beliefs are truly the catalyst for his family exploring other feelings and beliefs and it’s unfortunate that he’s going to try to put these things to an end – regardless what it costs.

Maggie (left) and Jenny (right) start to grow closer as their spouses start to feud. PHOTO:

There’s one bright spot for Fraser this episode though as he begins to develop a stronger friendship with Jonathan (Tom Mercier) as they watch movies and talk about books together. It’s actually interesting to see how Jonathan relates to Fraser’s situation and how it bonds them. Both of them live/lived in toxic family situation, they’re both seen as weird to those around them, and they both lived in America before moving to the base. Their time spent in the library recommending books to each other has been incredibly sweet and them sitting together at the movies watching Ouija: Origins of Evil (Flanagan’s always a great choice) is really nice as it shows a much sweeter side to Fraser. He’s obviously nursing a major crush on Jonathan, but it’s hard to tell if Jonathan is doing the same. Jonathan becoming more friendly with Fraser could just be like an older brother relationship or one that stems from Jonathan working under Sarah. Either way, there’s definitely some romantic tension that can’t be ignored and there’s still a possibly that their relationship could bloom into something more.

This week, we see a lot of major steps be taken by Caitlin and her family to explore their personal beliefs and go against Richard’s dominance as Fraser gets closer to Jonathan. Just as it seemed with Craig’s exit last week, big changes are coming and Richard’s attempts to rein in his family are likely going to lead to some household chaos.


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