We Are Who We Are: Right Here, Right Now #6 (Episode 6) Review

*This Review Contains Full Spoilers*

On this week’s episode of HBO’s We Are Who We Are, Right Here, Right Now #6, Fraser (Jack Dylan Grazer) gets much closer to Jonathan (Tom Mercier) while Richard (Kid Cudi) tries to get into Cate’s (Jordan Kristine Seamon) head during a hunting trip.

Although things ended on a rough note last week with Richard confronting Cate about her new hair and hanging out with Fraser, this week’s episode gives us some good starting vibes with their friendship. With them gleefully talking about the best ways to die and just hanging out, their friendship continues to grow on you and is incredibly adorable. It’s just so satisfying with how comfortable they are with one another and the sense of support they have for each other. There’s a line that Cate says about Fraser in the episode where she says that she likes him because he “gets her” and it’s what makes it easy to become drawn into their relationship as a viewer. They’re truly friendship goals and the heart of this series. Even better is that Guadagnino utilizes their good vibes to create an homage to one of Fraser’s favorite musicians – Dev Hynes

We get an entire musical sequence devoted to the artist, also known as Blood Orange, as Fraser and Cate lip-sync and dance to his song “Time Will Tell.” The sequence is truly like the most enjoyable and heartwarming fever dream imaginable as their all-white attire and completely white piano just exude this comforting and easy-going vibe that puts you at ease. The choreography is great and Grazer and Seamon make it a total blast to watch. Also, it’s kind of like the show winking at itself as Hynes actually does all of the music for the series. It’s great to see Guadagnino show appreciation for those he works with and go as far to recreate their music videos, which he literally does here, in order to pay homage to them. It speaks to the close-knit nature of this show and is easily one of the coolest moments of the series thus far.

Richard (pictured above) tries to get into Cate’s head on a hunting trip to set her straight. PHOTO: Vulture

All good things must come to an end though since Cate is still grounded and is now heading on a hunting trip with Richard so that he can break down the influence of Fraser and Sarah (Chloe Sevigny). Now, I’ll be honest, this trip doesn’t lead to anything super dramatic, but Richard definitely tries to get in Cate’s head a bit. He questions why she hangs out with Fraser in a very authoritative manner and asks if he’s gay, or really is just looking for confirmation, in a very accusatory way. It’s almost as if he views him and Sarah as a virus that could infect Cate and it speaks to his narrow-minded views and hyper-masculinity. He even tries to make a dent in Sarah training Cate to shoot by showing her his own tricks. Richard’s attempts to get inside Cate’s head and steer her in a direction that fits him, but it doesn’t work.

Not only is he totally unaware of Cate’s desires to be a soldier, but also that she wants to be a male soldier. Sarah is oddly aware though and although she seems helpful in wanting to support Cate’s transition, it comes off a little suspicious. Sarah talks about wanting change within the world and even offers help and support for Cate in the form of some therapy to get a better grasp on her feelings, but there’s just something off about it. Personally, it’s a little hard to get a sense of support from the therapy pamphlet that Sarah gives to Cate, part of this feels like she’s trying to subvert Richard’s power and be the chaotic role she is in her own home, and that devious smile and soundbite that’s thrown in makes her intentions a little more sinister than they seem. Regardless, with Cate looking at videos about testosterone injections, it looks like she’s only more motivated to transition into a male lifestyle.

While Cate is away, Fraser gets more opportunity to play with Jonathan as they go on a “first date” together. Fraser’s crush becomes even bigger as he tries to get Jonathan’s attention with a new book, and it ends up working as the two spend the day together. While Sarah is perfectly cool with these two spending time together as it gives Fraser a good male-figure in his life, Maggie (Alice Braga) understandably finds it a little odd. We already know that Sarah’s behavior is always going to be suspicious and that she always seems like she has some kind of secret agenda and Maggie’s qualms about Fraser hanging out with a thirty year old man are easy to understand as a parent. However, it doesn’t change anything and the two go on a date that contains a lot of flirting and even more questioning of how Jonathan views Fraser.

Caitlin (pictured above) ends up finding support from a surprising person. PHOTO: Wherever I Look

The whole day of them exploring the countryside and hanging out with a bunch of sheep really warms your heart as they just have such a fun and light-hearted dynamic. They’re really like kindred souls that have finally found each other, in a similar vein to Fraser and Cate’s relationship, but then they get to dinner and things start to change. Jonathan has a female friend join them and it definitely changes the mood of the night in the moment and makes you question if Jonathan has the same feelings for Fraser or is even aware of Fraser’s feelings for him. Thankfully, it doesn’t kill the night as it’s salvaged by some fun karaoke with the group singing “I Want it That Way” by The Backstreet Boys and it means a lot to Fraser as he says it was the best day of his life. There were definitely moments where a part of me wanted Fraser to just go for a kiss or make a move just to get clarification on Jonathan, but it’s honestly more meaningful that Fraser values his friendship with Jonathan not to and I kind of like the idea of them being a will they/won’t they relationship that’ll be fun to check in on in the future.

There’s also one other aspect that barrels in in the last few moments that ties back to the 2016 election and the Trump imagery we’ve seen with Richard in the past. Sarah is watching the coverage of the election and Trump’s victory with a face of legitimate concern and it’ll be interesting to see this new shift in power change things within the base going forward. It’s especially horrifying considering how close this next election is and there’s something even worse that seems to happen with a phone call that she receives. Personally, I think that group of untrained soldiers that Craig was a part of has hit some rough waters and it’s about to bite Sarah in the ass.

As Fraser and Cate split up for a weekend, We Are Who We Are continues to push their stories forward in a delightfully heartfelt manner as Fraser and Jonathan’s relationship grows and Cate fights off her dad’s authoritative demands and thinks more about her desires to transition to being male.


Watch the Trailer Here:

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