HBO’s The Undoing: The Missing (Episode 2) Review

*This Review Contains Full Spoilers*

On this week’s episode of HBO’s The Undoing, The Missing, Grace (Nicole Kidman) begins to unravels as she continues to learn horrifying secrets about Jonathan (Hugh Grant) while she is unable to reach him and is forced to face some harsh truths.

It’s amazing what we learn about Jonathan without him even being there and what we learn is incredibly shocking. Honestly, the truth bombs and possibilities that are dropped in this episode are absolutely mind-blowing and it’s thrilling from start to finish. So, it turns out that the appearance of Elena (Matilida De Angelis) wasn’t by chance as she’s has quite a connection to Jonathan’s work as a child oncologist. While Miguel (Edan Alexander) was one of Jonathan’s patients, he and Elena got very close and apparently had an affair that culminated in Jonathan helping Miguel get into the same school as Henry (Noah Jupe) as well as their relationship taking a bad turn. It apparently got so bad that Jonathan was actually fired from his position three months prior to where we are now and got into a fight with Elena at the school fundraiser. Now, Jonathan looks like the prime suspect and it’s actually making Grace look like a silent accomplice.

Grace (middle) begins to learn of Jonathan’s secrets and that her perfect life is a lie. PHOTO: TVLine

However, it’s hard to completely pin everything on him since there’s plenty of suspicious characters we come across in this episode. Although he seems worried overall about Grace possibly facing the brunt of the blame for this case, Grace’s father Franklin (Donald Sutherland) feels like he could be a bigger player in this whole thing – especially with him not wanting Grace to go to the police. Grace’s friend Sylvia (Lily Rabe) opens up about her involvement in helping Jonathan with his work allegations, but she could know more than she’s letting on. She’s even more suspicious to me with how her and her friends weren’t exactly accepting of Elena when she initially joined the group. Hell, I’m even a little suspicious of Henry just because of how much he questions everything and wants information. All in all, there’re no real clear answers and it’s what makes this show just get into your head and question everything.

The only real safe space, aside from Grace for now, is with the series’ two main detectives – O’Rourke (Michael Devine) and Mendoza (Edgar Ramirez). While O’Rourke is more of the good cop of the pair, Mendoza may not be the “bad” cop but he’s certainly more aggressive and outwardly suspicious of Grace. Regardless how much Grace wants to escape Mendoza’s presence, which is made dominating and daunting by Ramirez’s really great performance, it’s seems impossible to escape his accusatory gaze. However, even after they get a warrant to search Grace and Jonathan’s home and Mendoza puts Grace through the wringer during the interrogation, there’s a part of him that believes she’s innocent and that this new information about Jonathan is completely new to her.

Mendoza (pictured above) is an aggressive force looking for answers with his eyes especially on Jonathan and Grace. PHOTO: Stylist

Honestly, it seems like Grace is really unaware of all of this and Kidman’s great performance here really showcases how Grace is being slowly torn apart by the realization that the “perfect life” she had was a big lie. From learning about Jonathan’s affair from the police to garnering unwanted attention from the school because of Jonathan becoming the prime suspect, Grace is really put in a compromising position. Not only can she not give information to the police about Jonathan’s whereabouts or what he’s possibly done, but she’s catching a lot of the blame and guilt for something she’s not directly involved in. Throughout this whole ordeal, Grace is slowly breaking down as she’s not finding clear answers in trusted places and is becoming more involved in this case than she ever thought she would. It’s truly devastating to watch and is made even more dire when Jonathan returns after her and Henry go to Franklin’s beach house to get away from everything. While Jonathan admits to the affair with Elena, he says that he didn’t murder her. It’s tough to say if he’s telling the truth right now, Grace sure doesn’t believe it, but things are definitely about to heat up as Grace calls the police on him.

The Undoing ramps things up as Grace catches the brunt of everyone’s accusations and Jonathan’s suspicious connection to Elena and it’s a flawless showcasing of the great performances and thrills that can come from this series. With the police honing in on Jonathan and Grace becoming more aware that her perfect life is really in shambles, it’s really a tossup as to where things are heading and who’s really behind it all.

Watch the Trailer Here:

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