AMC’s Soulmates: Break on Through (Episode 5) Review

*This Review Contains Full Spoilers*

On this week’s episode of AMC’s Soulmates, Break on Through, takes us to a unique part of the Soulmates world that showcases the religious thoughts that stem from scientific discovery.

Like last week, Break on Through doesn’t necessarily tell a story that directly ties to someone using the test and having their relationship or views about love challenged, but rather one about someone’s life changing because of the test’s existence. While we’ve seen plenty of people meet their matches, there’s one question this episode tries to answer – what happens to those who never meet them? What happens when they match with someone and they’re dead? With the test seemingly only matching people with one, and only one, soulmate, the news of them matching carries the sad news that they’ll never meet them and that’s exactly where we find this episode’s main character – Kurt (Charlie Heaton).

After losing his soulmate, Kurt (right) finds sanctuary in a strange religious group. PHOTO: Medium

Upset and previously suicidal over learning that his soulmate Heather (Charlotte Spencer) had died in a car accident, Kurt has been attending meetings with other people whose soulmates have died. It’s actually a very fascinating concept as it really showcases the impact of the soulmate test. It’s amazing how someone can become so important and impactful in your life in just an instant and that’s exactly what’s happened when Kurt found out about Heather. Kurt is literally distraught about Heather – looking back at her social media and being broken up about never being able to meet her. Even though his family, mainly his father, is asking him to move on, he’s really struggling and ultimately what makes him so susceptible to those looking to use his desires for love for their own benefits.

Another aspect that’s been pretty absent, until now, within the Soulmates world has been a debate between religion and science. Since the main element is the test is the “soul particle” that’s discovered by science, it’s no surprise to see some people see it as an obstacle and falsehood in God’s own divine power. However, Kurt ends up finding support from a religious group that actually helps those burned by the test meet their deceased matches. It’s a unique element for the series that’s initially interesting as an example of how misguided people can find sanctuary in religion and how false prophets can take advantage of susceptible and emotionally vulnerable people. The episode’s version of this false religious group definitely feels like a suicide cult and their obvious “signs of faith” build up a daunting end. However, all this episode has is cool concepts and initially interesting ideas as everything else in the episode is pretty bland.

As Kurt becomes more ingrained into the group, he notices some strange “signs of faith” that make him worried about his fate. PHOTO: AMC

Kurt’s story and the relationship that grows between him and another soulmate widow named Martha (Malin Akerman) really doesn’t hit the emotional heights that other relationships in previous episodes have. They’re basically meant to act as slow growing rebels against the cult’s views and grow out of their feelings for their deceased soulmates, but it just comes off weak and doesn’t lead to anything special. Heaton and Akerman give strong performances, especially in delving into their respective character’s grief, but they just don’t have a strong story to back them up. The episode isn’t as thrilling or surprising either as it’s obvious that things are going to take a bad turn and the end of the episode is just not that impactful. Even the cult isn’t all that special as they do a lot of preaching and shady actions that are both typical and uneventful.

This week’s episode continues to delve into unique areas and aspects of the Soulmates world, especially with religion, death, and mourning, but can’t capitalize on its cool ideas to create a strong showing for the series before its season finale.


Watch the Trailer Here:

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