Invincible: We Need to Talk (Episode 7) Review

On this week’s episode of Invincible, We Need to Talk, everyone is on the hunt for Mark’s (voiced by Steven Yeun) whereabouts as Nolan’s (voiced by J.K. Simmons) actions become known to everyone.

Things between Mark and Amber (voiced by Zazie Beetz) are at an all-time low and not even Mark finally revealing that he is Invincible can save things. The whole moment of Mark revealing to Amber that he’s Invincible is interesting but left me mixed overall. It’s tough to buy that Amber knew the whole time that he was a superhero and if she did, why is she surprised/upset that he didn’t tell her. I get Mark makes it seem like he trusts her more than he really does and needs to do better about being transparent, but it’s odd how Amber is so unwilling to understand Mark’s responsibilities or be open to a real conversation about it. The moment itself is still cool as an unexpected twist on the “superhero reveal” moment but just doesn’t stick the landing and everything with Eve (voiced by Gillian Jacobs) and Mark arguing about being a hero is irrelevant compared to the real meat of this episode.

Invincible-Episode-7 (1)
Mark (left) tries to get advice from Eve (right) about his issues in being a hero. PHOTO: SuperHeroHype

Robot’s (voiced by Zachary Quinto) plans finally come together but it’s not as sinister as it seemed. He has been working with the Mauler Twins (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) in order to give himself a new body since the Robot we’ve been seeing isn’t actually the real Robot. It’s just been controlled by a deformed looking fetus stuck inside a giant machine and Robot has been having the Maulers create a new body with Rex’s (voiced by Jason Mantzoukas) DNA. The process works, although the Robot’s original body dies, and we actually find out why he suddenly wanted this to be and its kind of adorable but also insane.

He apparently wanted Rex’s DNA to create a younger version of him because he develops a crush on Monster Girl (voiced by Grey Griffin) and thought that looking like someone her age and more like Rex would woo her. It’s equal parts adorable and nuts and everyone rightfully questions what the hell is a matter is with – especially since he ended up letting the Mauler Twins get away. Regardless, it’s an interesting turn for that plot thread and it’s satisfying to get a conclusion for it.

However, Robot’s stuff isn’t even the biggest part of what happens since Nolan is finally confronted and things get absolutely nuts. With Debbie (voiced by Sandra Oh) confronting him about the blood on his costume and killing the Guardians, Nolan is on the hunt for Mark to try and tell him the truth – or at least his version of it. Cecil (voiced by Walton Goggins) has been dreading this day for a while and frankly doesn’t have many options to take Nolan down. His attempt to trick him at his own home only leads to his soldiers getting torn to pieces and Donald (Chris Diamantopoulos) pushing the suicide button to deal no damage to Nolan. He attempts to knock him down with a space laser only to have it be utterly destroyed. He even gets Sinclair to turn his dead soldiers into killing machines only for them to fail miserably again.

maxresdefault (30)
Nolan’s (pictured above) actions finally catch up to him and the entire world gets to see him as the monster he really is. PHOTO: YouTube

Frankly, all this does is just show how unstoppable Nolan really is and it makes him inching his way to Mark that much more suspenseful and daunting. Nolan has truly made his turn into a villain and it’s crazy how Cecil is actually shown to be more human than he ever has before. He actually seems scared and kind of saddened that Nolan has become this and question what we’re all wondering – why? Well, the answer to that will have to wait until next week since Nolan is still keeping that a secret. Damn does Cecil try to put Nolan down though. His last-ditch effort before trying to get Mark to turn on his father is to throw out a supped up old enemy of Nolan’s that puts up a good fight and even gets the medias’ attention, but Mark comes in to help him out. The real things that puts Nolan over the edge is the Mauler Twins reviving The Immortal (voiced by Ross Marquand) – who instantly flies to Nolan to kill him. It’s an absolutely brutal fight that sees Nolan rip The Immortal in half with the whole world watching – including Mark. Nolan isn’t going to be able to hide anything anymore and has a lot of explaining to do.

Invincible finally gets around to answering its big questions in a thrilling and satisfying fashion with Robot’s plan finally being revealed and Nolan’s true characters on display for the whole world to see. The sheer brutality and bloodshed it delivers leaves a pit in your stomach for how things will get resolved next week.


Watch the Trailer Here:

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