Rick and Morty (Season 5): Rickdependence Spray Review

On this week’s episode of Rick and Morty, Rickdependence Spray, Morty’s (voiced by Justin Roiland) horniness ends up creating an apocalyptic event – surprise, surprise.

Oh Morty, just when it seems like you’re moving forward as a confident leader and even getting in serious relationships, your immature horniness rears its ugly head when seeing a machine that jerks horses off to get their sperm. The second Beth (voiced by Sarah Chalke) explains what the machine is, it’s obvious that all Morty wants to do is stick his dick in it. Honestly, this episode feels like a reversion to classic, always screwing up Morty in a fun way as this choice immediately gets thrown in his face when Rick uses a vat of what he thinks is horse semen for an experiment and ends up creating something much more horrifying. Rick’s (also voiced by Roiland) experiment to deal with the underground cannibal horse beings known as Churds ends up turning Morty’s sperm into giant alien monsters that seek to destroy anything and everything.

Morty’s (left) horniness puts the world in jeopardy – of course. PHOTO: Collider

Even for such a weird and overly strange plot, which isn’t too uncommon in this series, there are actually some interesting story threads about masturbation shame that lead to some really funny moments. With Morty being ashamed of what happened, every slight mention or innuendo about dicks and sperm makes him quiver. Yes, it’s basically an excuse for the series to make a bunch of dick jokes, but it’s pretty great. The President (voiced by Keith David) gets to make a glorious return to deliver some really funny lines and put Morty on edge by talking about how he never lies. The moment of Morty shooting a sperm monster in a cage because he “had a gun” was hilarious and after seeing Morty be as large and in charge as he’s been, it’s really funny to see him backed on his heels.

There’s also an interesting thread to this story of men not listening or giving credit to Beth and Summer (voiced by Spencer Grammar) for their opinions because of the situation. It’s actually kind of funny how the mindset of this episode just slam right into the depths of immaturity as the Grand Canyon is basically referred to as America’s vagina because it’s a giant hole. Even when Summer provides a reasonable plan to use one of her eggs to attract the sperm monsters, the President and his followers just steal the idea. Jerry (voiced by Chris Parnell) is honestly more respected in the room just pouring the water. That line Beth has about Summer “finally becoming a woman” because the men are just totally ignoring her was the definition of sad but true. It’s basically a culmination of men thinking they know all because the situation is about sperm and sex.

The shots at insecure masculinity aren’t done there as the episode basically includes and makes fun of masculine film stereotypes that would generally be seen in action flicks. From over-confident army guys who think their muscles and combat skill will make them decimate this unknown enemy to one calm and cool-looking warrior that constantly impress Rick and Morty, there’s a lot of Michael Bay vibes that come from these characters. It’s even funnier how Rick and Morty see through their hyper-masculinity and make bets on who’s dying first.

This episode goes to some strange places and has plenty of dick jokes to spare. PHOTO:

This thread even continues into a sort of “B-plot” that develops when Rick and Morty meet the Churds and a past love of his who is of course the princess of the Churds – Princess Ponietta (voiced by Christina Ricci). As per usual, this is the part of the episode where things get weird, and they get even weirder when Ponietta shows that she’s pregnant with Rick’s kid. Now, normally this kind of thing would be a big deal and it is for a moment, however Rick dodges a bullet with the kid immediately being able to go on its own and him not having to be tied down by this relationship. There are definitely some vibes of it that show how the male characters in this episode get off easy, including the President having this all happen and not have to do much to deal with it. Also, it’s just fun to watch since the Churds help deal with all the sperm monsters and Rick tap a “that was easy” button at the end was just perfect. Oh, and the post-credit scene is pretty great since we get to see the incest baby that’s formed when one of Morty’s sperm that he names Sticky goes into Summer’s giant-sized egg to create a weird looking baby that’s launched into space. It’s weird, but so is a lot of this episode.

After having Morty come off like a capable and caring lead, this week’s episode sees him slip back into his horny ways and be punished for it in one of the strangest episodes in a while, but also the funniest of the season thus far.


Watch the Trailer Here:

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