Rick and Morty: Rattlestar Ricklactica Review

On the mid-season finale of Rick and Morty, Rattlestar Ricklactica, Morty’s (voiced by Justin Roiland) inability to listen to Rick (also voiced by Roiland) lands them in hot water with snakes and Jerry’s (voiced by Chris Parnell) inability to listen to Rick and tell Beth (voiced by Sarah Chalke) about his failure leads to him having a miserable high-flying adventure.

At first, Rick and Morty seem to be on another typical Rick and Morty adventure, but then Rick blows a tire in space, which is apparently possible, and things take an unexpected turn. The second that Morty is floating out in space thinking that everything will be fine, even though Rick tells him to get back in the ship, there’s a curiosity that immediately start burrowing into you mind of how Morty’s going to mess this up – and sure enough something goes wrong. Honestly, this is probably one of the top five ways an adventure has started for me because it’s just so simple and hilarious with a snake slithering its way towards Morty in space and biting him. Seeing the snake in its own space suit made me instantly laugh and Rick screaming at Morty to get back on the ship made it all the better. Not to mention, it kicks off a plot that’s all too perfect for Rick and Morty and a great spoof on Terminator.

Morty’s (pictured above) inability to listen to Rick and watch his back lands them in situation with snakes. PHOTO: IndieWire

Feeling bad that the snake died after biting him and seeing that its purpose was to find other intelligent life for its planet full of civilized snakes, Morty decides to do what he feels is right. Without the assistance of Rick, because he’ll just tell him that his plan is stupid, Morty gets another snake from the pet store, steals Rick’s ship, and sends the snake back to the snake world so that it’s civilization that thrive knowing that there’s something else out there. First of all, the entire sequence of Morty getting bit while trying to get the snake in the spacesuit was hilarious and is followed by one of the best sequences in the entire series in my opinion. I couldn’t stop laughing at how we get to see the entire process of the snake being brought back to civilization. The fact that they can only hiss makes it all the better when they hold a press conference and the snakes have to take a snake professor from his class to help the snake scientists find the right frequency to talk to the snake Morty sent. If that’s not the most Rick and Morty thing ever, I don’t know what is. Not to mention, in true Rick and Morty fashion it basically ends up breaking the space-time continuum.

With the snakes discovering that there’s more out there than just themselves, they began to develop new technologies that ultimately leads to commit snake genocide through time. From attempts to assassinate Snake Hitler to stopping the assassination of Snake Abraham Lincoln, Morty’s act of kindness causes a whole lot of hell to be unleashed. The absolute bloodbath that ensues is absolute insanity as the Sanchez family, minus Jerry, is forced to fend off an onslaught of snakes traveling through time to stop the other snakes that want to kill Morty. There’re are even some robotic snakes made that look like T-800 from Terminator and even the way the killing cycle continues forever is great riff on the franchise.

In some ways, this episode feels reminiscent to Rick Potion No. 9 in terms of the amount of destruction it causes and the chaos that ensures. Thankfully, though, Rick and Morty don’t have to find another universe to live in, but they do have to put a stop thing. One encounter with themselves, hilariously pitiful looking snake costumes, and plenty of notches up on the chaos scale later, and Rick and Morty basically messes things up worse enough to get things back in order by getting Shleemypants (voiced by Keegan Michael-Key), yes the multi-dimensional cop that harassed the group back in A Rickle in Time, to clean things up. Although, Key isn’t joined by Jordan Peele this time, just the fact that he came back is great and that he takes another cop with him to beat up a caveman snake to close the loop. Their journey ends with continuing the cycle and picking up where the next Morty would make the same mistake and Rick hilariously punching him in the face.

Jerry (pictured above) ends up on a strange adventure of his own when he doesn’t listen to Rick. PHOTO: The Joker on the Sofa

The episode also finally delivers a solid Jerry side-plot with him messing up something cool that Rick gives him like he always does. In order to help him put up the Christmas lights, Rick gives Jerry the ability to jump higher by making his body weightless and adding more weight to his shoes so that he can stay on the ground. As usual, attempting to show off his new jumping ability, Jerry loses a shoe and is sent flying through the air and unable to reach the ground again until the effects ware off. With every attempt to keep his feet on the ground and keep Beth out of the loop on what happened to him, it’s only more hilarious to see Jerry literally do everything in his power just not to look like an idiot. From getting kicked out of a bar to causing a plane crash, there’s plenty of great moments that make for a hilarious Jerry adventure. Jerry’s high-flying adventure is not just funny, though, as it actually connects very well to Morty as it stems from both of them not listening to Rick. It’s pretty rare when we see Jerry and Morty have true “like father, like son” moments and it’s nice for the series to find something both meaningful and hilarious for the rest of the Sanchez family to do.

It’s episodes like Rattlestar Ricklactica that make me wonder how the hell Roiland, Harmon, and the rest of their crew come up with things like this, but also makes me love them even more. Right in time for the show to take another hiatus, Rick and Morty offers up a snake-filled mid-season finale that gives fans a present right in time for Christmas. While it’s unclear when the series will return, Rick and Morty makes you already want them to come back.



Watch the Trailer Here:

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